Download Manok Na Pula Mod Apk v6.5 [Unlimited Money and Dask]

Indeed there is – there is just a level of creativity in game developers nowadays, which they know very well about the development of the number of mobile devices game players.

This time there is an exciting game that is different from other games called Manok Na Pula Mod Apk.

If all this time the activity of fighting cocks is a prohibited activity, then this does not make the lovers despair.

Download Manok Na Pula Mod Apk [Unlimited Money and Dask]

Because currently there is a game called Manok Na Pula Mod Apk where the essence of this game is to make the pet chicken a champion in the fighting ring.

This game is very interesting and very different from most games today, this is because it’s not just a chicken fight, but the chickens in this game have unique skills with cool and charming animation effects.

Interested in this game? let’s discuss together – together.

About Manok Na Pula Mod Apk

About Manok Na Pula Mod Apk

Manok Na Pula Mod Apk is a game that has fighting gameplay between roosters, this game is quite unique considering that chickens are animals that are often shown as brave animals.

Advances in technology today have indeed made game developers able to further devote their creativity or what is in their heads.

The result of their best creativity is Manok Na Pula Mod Apk, where this game has very creative ideas.

The gameplay of Manok Na Pula Mod Apk is that you have to choose a chicken to then use it against another player’s chicken.

Not just any chicken, but the chickens here have a unique appearance and skills.

There are so many types of chickens to choose from, and each of these chickens also has its own advantages and disadvantages, for example, a chicken with a kyubi-like appearance that has high attack damage or a chicken with a Saitama-like appearance.

Cockfighting itself is a popular activity and is considered a tradition in some countries, especially in Asian countries, but sometimes this long-standing tradition is polluted by irresponsible people.

As a result of their actions, some countries in Asia have also banned this activity, but because they already have many fans, they are looking for other means where they can still see these activities.

Well, luckily now there is the game Manok Na Pula Mod Apk which can be a means to let go of longing for these activities.

This game is indeed an action game like most other games, but the object characters chosen are super cool chickens.

This game can be played offline or online with other players, they can also raise the level of the chickens they have so that their attack power and endurance are much more increased. Players can also buy high-level chickens so they can win even easier.

We highly recommend the Manok Na Pula Mod Apk game to install and play with friends, that’s because if you have installed and played this game then you will be amazed by the appearance of the existing chickens and also the uniqueness of their skills and attack animations.

Features and Benefits of Manok Na Pula Mod Apk

Features and Benefits of Manok Na Pula Mod Apk

As information, the Manok Na Pula Mod Apk game that we discussed this time is a modified game that will have advantages and interesting features in it.

These features will be much different from the original version where in the original version players have lots of boring limitations.

For this reason, so that players can get a better experience when playing it, the features that we will present below are very mandatory to implement. What are these interesting features? please see the review below.

1. Unlimited Money

The first feature that players can get when playing the Manok Na Pula Mod Apk game is unlimited money, where the money you have will never run out. With this advantage, players can buy various game items that are sold in the shop.

Money in this game is useful for buying many needs or items such as skins, and chickens, or increasing the skill statistics of the chickens that you have. You can get money in this game when you win matches against other chickens.

However, it should also be noted that in order to collect a lot of money in Manok Na Pula, players must win many matches over a long period of time.

But if you play Manok Na Pula Mod Apk, then you don’t need to do that because money will never run out.

2. Unlock All Characters

There are many choices of characters to choose from in this game, the chicken characters in this game are very unique with various themes in their appearance.

Not only different in terms of appearance but the skills and strengths of each character are also different.

The themes applied by the developers are very creative, ranging from chickens with the appearance of kyubi, Saitama, Goku, squid games, chickens without feathers, mothers, stone skins, princes, and Poenik to chickens like babies. All types of chicken can be selected without the need to buy it first.

Of the many types of chickens, there are several types of chickens that are rare and very expensive if bought using money.

In the original version, players can buy money by top-up but have to give up losing real money. But in this version, you can play all types of chickens.

3. Unlimited Dask

There is one item that must be collected besides money or money, that item is dask. Dask is an important item that is useful for speeding up the process of hatching chicken eggs. The chicken egg contains a new chicken character that you may not have yet.

In the original version, each player will be given an egg that must be hatched to get a new character.

To be able to incubate these eggs, dask powder is needed, the hatching level will increase every time the player gives dask to the egg.

Fortunately, players who use Manok Na Pula Mod Apk don’t have to bother collecting dask for a long time, and have to win lots of tiring battles. So they can immediately hatch eggs because they have an unlimited number of dasks.

4. Max Level 999+

Don’t be surprised by the advantages of this one, because players can become fighters with the highest abilities among other players. When playing the Manok Na Pula Mod Apk game, the level of each chicken you have is maximum.

Each chicken has statistical abilities that must be increased such as attack power, HP amount, critical change, and also defense.

Where each of these skills must be upgraded to the highest level so that when fighting the chickens that are owned it becomes much more intense.

In the original version of the game, to increase the level of skill statistics above, you have to pay a certain amount of money, but here players don’t have to do that because every chicken character in the game has been upgraded to the maximum level.

5. Unlimited Dragon Eyes

The eye is the most important part of the fighting cock, where the eye must be protected and must not be attacked. If the chicken that is used for fighting is hit by an attack at the location of the eye, then you can be sure that the chicken will lose easily.

Fortunately, in Manok Na Pula Mod Apk there is an unlimited dragon eye feature, which allows players to have immunity to critical attacks in the eye area.

In general, other players who will become opponents will often direct their skills to the eye area and that is very dangerous because you will immediately lose.

7. Various Battle Locations

There are many interesting locations that can be used as fighting areas for the chickens in this game, these locations have very unique views and are different from each other, this will make the game more exciting and not boring.

Players themselves can choose these various locations manually to apply. Locations that can be selected in Manok Na Pula Mod Apk, for example, are snowy locations, deserts, rice fields, beaches, villages, roadsides, and many other locations.

8. Free

The last advantage that we also have to convey is that this game is free to play. Even though it offers many features and advantages, mod application developers don’t set prices to download and play it.

Even in the original version, this game charges a fee when players want to buy money or dask with real money.

However, in the modified version, players can save more because there is nothing to buy with real money.

Download Manok Na Pula Mod Apk V6.5 (Unlimited Money & Dask)

Download Manok Na Pula Mod Apk V6.5 (Unlimited Money & Dask)

So, we’ve come to the end of the discussion where you can now decide whether you want to download this game or not.

We ourselves recommend this game to play because it has fun gameplay and is different from most other games.

Until now, Manok Na Pula Mod Apk itself has been downloaded by millions of people, especially from countries in Asia, because cockfighting is an original activity that is considered an exciting local culture.

If interested please click the link below.

Name Manok Na Pula Mod Apk
Application Size 78MB
Version Latest V6.5 2023
Os Android 6.0+
Price Free
Download links Here

Now that’s the download link that can be used to download this cool game, please invite other friends to play Manok Na Pula Mod Apk together.

Don’t forget to use chickens with the most unique characters so they can look different from other players.

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