How to Make Unlimited Facebook Accounts without Phone Number

The ease in communicating using Facebook is one of the factors that makes Facebook become a popular social media in the Indian community.

The Facebook Play Store is currently downloaded by 314.6 million Indians.

Make Unlimited Facebook Accounts Without Phone Number

The ease of making a Facebook account is also one of the factors because we can create a new Facebook account using only one email to create unlimited new Facebook accounts.

For business people on Facebook or spammer, this trick is very useful for making unlimited new Facebook accounts.

To make it you need a blogger account, for how to make it, please search on Google.

A blogger account has an e-mail that can receive messages from other e-mails, meaning that we can use blogger e-mail to register a new Facebook account without the need to verify the telephone number.

If the above method still doesn’t work, you can use the second method by verifying your Facebook account using temporary mail.

With temporary mail, we can verify the account without needing a telephone number, how to make it is very easy, namely by writing the name of the email only, which later we will use the email as a verification email.

How to Make Unlimited Facebook Accounts with Blogger Emails

After all the above materials have been prepared, the next step is setting the settings on the blogger account so that the blog functions as an email account only.

To make thousands of new Facebook accounts quickly you need to create as many blogger accounts as possible.

Here are the setup steps for a blogger account to function as an email account only, make sure you don’t skip or add the steps below:

1. Create a Blogger Email Account

All we have to do first is to create a blog that is not indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Geevv.

Because this blog account will only be used as an email.

On the blogger dashboard, select the Settings Menu and then select Basic, then click edit.

facebook account

Then in Privacy, select No in both options. Then click Save Changes.

blogger email account

On the Basic menu, scroll down then on the Blog Readers menu, click Edit. Then change it from Public to Private – Especially the blog author. Then click Save Changes.

facebbook account with blogger

On the Email menu. Enter the name that will be used as the Email name to register with Facebook in the option Publish the entry using Email.

Then select Save email as a draft entry. Then select Save settings when done.

blogger email settings

If the creation of blogger e-mail has been completed, the next is to create a new Facebook account as usual by using the e-mail that you created earlier.

2. Register a New Facebook Account

Create a facebook account, as usual, namely by filling in the column name, password, date of birth, gender and email using the blogger email that was created earlier.

Register a New Facebook Account

Then in the account verification process, you are instructed to fill in the verification code. Please see the verification code on the Blogger Post menu.

There will be a message containing a verification code from Facebook.

Enter the verification code on Facebook. Then the new facebook account has been completed.

3. Make thousands of new Facebook accounts easily and quickly

For how to make thousands of new Facebook accounts, you can simply change the name of the Email in Blogger settings.

The method is in the Settings menu, select Email. Then on the menu to publish entries using email, change the name of the blogger email account as you like.

Here TechMint only adds numbers to facilitate the making of the next email. When done, click Save settings and Email is ready to be used to create a new Facebook account.

To create a Facebook account as much as possible you need to make 1 new user in the browser so that it is not detected spam by Facebook or you should use an anti session on a new Facebook account so that it is not easily banned by Facebook by using how to create an anti session facebook account/anti banned.

How to Make Unlimited Facebook Accounts with Temporary Mail

To make a lot of Facebook accounts we can use Temporary Mail so we don’t need to use a telephone number to register Facebook. Check out the following review and make sure not to skip any of the steps:

1. Make a Temporary Email

To make a temporary email, please open this link, then enter the name of the email that will be used as your Facebook verification email.

Make Temporary Email

2. Register for Facebook using the Incognito Browser or Private Window Tab.

How to click settings on the Google Chrome / Mozilla Browser, then select New Private Window.

This method is done to avoid detection of Facebook spam, so we can create a Facebook account without fear of being spam from Facebook.

Register facebook as usual by entering the account’s identity, then fill in the email (temporary email) that you created earlier.

Register facebook
If Facebook wants a verification code, enter Temp-Mail then press Refresh on the menu, then enter the verification code that was received in the email.
You can also directly press the “Confirm Your Account” option in the Temp-email and your Facebook account can already be used.
Confirm Your Account temp email
The following are the results of the Facebook account that was successfully registered using a temporary email
Facebook account that was successfully registered
If you want to make as many FB accounts as possible please repeat the steps from the beginning and make sure you use the new Private Window Tab.
If you are detected by Facebook spam you can change devices such as Smartphone, Laptop / PC.


Thus the article about How to Make Unlimited New Facebook Accounts Easily and Quickly without the need to create a new Email and without verification of phone numbers.
By using this trick and server hopes to help you to register FB without verifying the phone number and you should use it wisely, don’t use it to create hoax spreader accounts or accounts that are against each other.

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