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About Liquid VPN, For most internet users, they still don’t know more about what a VPN is, even though most internet users may have heard of it.

But the main thing is that knowing the VPN is important, especially for anyone who is always connected to the internet every day and moreover the internet is used as part of his work.

VPN (Virtual Private Network), as the name implies that it is a private or special network in the form of virtual, this VPN is a secure network that can protect users from data leaks while being connected to the internet.

And to avoid this, it is highly recommended for those of you who are always actively using the internet network to use VPN and one of the VPN services that you can trust to use is Liquid VPN.


Is it only about security that is obtained by using a VPN?

The answer is of course not, because there are still many interesting and useful things that you can get from using this Liquid VPN service, though indeed the most important reason for using VPN is to protect unwanted users from internet crimes.

In this article, I will explain the various advantages and benefits that you can get from using VPN services from LiquidVPN.

Liquid VPN?

Liquid VPN is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that was created as a solution for users to improve security and protect user privacy when connected to the internet network.

This LiquidVPN will automatically do a key check every 30 minutes between you and the server to ensure that you remain on a secure network.


LiquidVPN was founded in 2013 by Dave Cox who has more than 15 years of experience making this service a service that has guaranty quality.

Currently, LiquidVPN has more than 40 servers spread across 13 different regions around the world with 2,168 public IPs and is known as the fastest VPN service on the internet because of LiquidVPN

All its servers run on Dedicated Servers with 1 or 10 Gbps network connections and they will continue to strive to maintain by creating a basic set of requirements for privacy, net neutrality, usage policies, hardware, redundancy, traffic, peering, and bandwidth that must always meet standards.

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Benefits of Using VPN and Liquid VPN Features

By using VPN you will get various benefits, as I have often mention above that the important benefit of VPN is to make the network safer.

Because VPN is a virtual network and to use LiquidVPN you only need to install software on your device, then You can use this LiquidVPN service in various internet-connected places such as Wi-Fi internet networks at airports, city parks, cafes, etc.

Safely without worrying about your data information being tapped because all information you send will be safe and encrypted. And you are free to transfer data, log in to personal accounts through the public internet network.

LiquidVPN features

Not only that, download lovers don’t need to worry because using this LiquidVPN you will use Torrenting software or applications like BitTorrent.

And for Youtube connoisseurs or TV streaming like Netflix, Hulu, kudu, and others who feel that the program displayed is limited because the program displayed varies from country to country.

Then by using LiquidVPN you can change the IP according to the country where the TV show you want to see then the event will easily be displayed for you.

Benefit of using Liquid VPN copy

Here are the Excellent Features that You Can Get With LiquidVPN:

3 Open VPN Tunnel Topology

LiquidVPN always tries to innovate to satisfy customers, they provide users with 3 different VPN topology tunnels for OpenVPN connections. Use the topology that best suits your application.


LiquidVPN supports OpenVPN, L2TP / IPsec, and SSTP VPN Tunnel. SSTP uses AES and will allow users to protect by a firewall that is very strong and hard to penetrate.

L2TP uses AES and is great for mobile devices. OpenVPN is recommend for all other uses. OpenVPN uses AES-256-CBC w / SHA2.

Liquid VPN Client

LiquidVPN clients are available for various platforms. This is a user-friendly VPN client software with full features that is easy to use and as a user who has ever used a VPN, it will immediately be familiar with the LiquidVPN software.

Connect to our VPN server using OpenVPN, SSTP, and L2TP. And for desktop clients, it will have Liquid Lock.

There are no Restrictions on the Use of P2P

LiquidVPN never limits you, unlike other VPN providers that provide limits for download speeds, server fees that are switching or protocol restrictions.

LiquidVPN does not block ports (except 25) and gives you the freedom to use P2P optimized on non VPN servers to run BitTorrent.

Zero DNS Log

Our competition sends your questions to 3rd party DNS services. Leave open questions for manipulation. Liquid DNS is a LiquidVPN service encrypt zero SMART DNS logging.

Sensor free, and open restrictions on content and DNS-based attacks with personal services without the DNS log for LiquidVPN users.

VPN Performance Optimized

LiquidVPN is an engineer from the ground up for extreme VPN performance. LiquidVPN provides users with high-speed bandwidth and high-level encryption.

This VPN will regularly and gradually replace old hardware and add new servers to ensure VPN connections run quickly and smoothly with encryption standards that always follow.

Global Network VPN

LiquidVPN offers a growing number of VPN server locations throughout the USA, Europe, and Asia.

LiquidVPN’s VPN network is growing rapidly to keep up with the latest trends in technology.

LiquidVPN keeps users per server ratio lower than other VPN services and is more interested in increasing excess for most users per server.

With LiquidVPN there is always extra bandwidth available for your chosen location.

24X7X365 Support

The LiquidVPN support team will always be available to help you in 24x7x365. You can contact their team via email or ticket for more difficult problems.

They are also available for remote desktop support (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android).

If you need more difficult technical assistance, they will return to solving your problem in a short time.

Shared IP VPN Topology

Many LiquidVPN users share 1 public IP address to increase their anonymity and security online.

While in share users our VPN IP topology is protected from malicious traffic with a sophisticated NAT firewall.

IP VPN Topology Modulation

Every time your browser loads videos, HTML, images, scripts or not a number of other actions for one page load your public IP, then IP will seamlessly modulate (change).


LiquidVPN not only supports one OS but supports a variety of OSes such as Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android.

So smartphone users with Android OS can also install LiquidOS and internet access through your mobile device is also safe.

Dynamic IP VPN Topology

Users with LiquidVPN dynamic VPN IP topology users, then randomly assign their own public IP addresses that will change every time they connect to the server.

A dynamic IP address has more advantages than LiquidVPN’s other topologies when it comes to things like media playing games and streaming.

Complaints and Misuse of Transparency

You can see all complaints from DMCA notifications and requests received and how does LiquidVPN respond? You can see these reports clearly openly.

Smart Streaming Content

By simply connecting to the LiquidVPN server, you will be able to see various kinds of content from various other countries that are limit by your country, and you are free from any restrictions after using LiquidVPN.

Zero Log Policy

LiquidVPN clearly writes in section 42 paragraph IV which says that they do not keep a log of users and there is nothing to hide.

It is important for users to believe that they guarantee the security of user data information.

High-Level VPN Security

LiquidVPN takes user security seriously. Liquid provides real 10Gbps and counteracts DDoS attacks at a higher level to protect the server and the ability to take your privacy to the next level with Liquid Lock.

There will be no DNS leak, WebRTC leak, disconnect leak or Ipv6 leak. They always increase security over time.

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Price of LiquidVPN


LiquidVPN is a paid service and provides a trial period of 7 days.

You can try first to find out some of the advantages of using the LiquidVPN service and buy after satisfy, you also get a 30-day money guarantee in full.

Indeed, to get a guarantee of security and enjoy the many advanced features when using the internet network we must be willing to spend a little money rather than regret in the future because of losing our important data information.

To avoid data leakage, try not to use a free VPN service because something free will certainly get very minimal features and the potential for stored logs will be even greater and that is a danger for you, besides the free VPN speed is also under the standard.

As you can see in the picture above that LiquidVPN is offered with 3 different packages, namely:

  • Sidekick ($ 7.00 / mo): 2 Supported Devices, Unlimited Bandwidth, 11 Available Countries, 500 Available IP Addresses.
  • Road Warrior ($ 10.00 / mo): 4 Supported Devices, Unlimited Bandwidth, 11 Available Countries, 2000 Available IP Addresses.
  • Ultimate ($ 18.00 / mo): 8 Supported Devices, Unlimited Bandwidth, 11 Available Countries, 2000 Available IP Addresses.

And please see more details about the price and a more detailed description of the features via the link below.


And that’s a complete review of the LiquidVPN VPN service that you need to try, don’t hesitate to spend your money if security is important to you.

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