All About Internet Download Manager (IDM)


Internet Download Manager is the best download manager software for PCs and laptops.

This Software has been proven and trusted to be able to speed up the process of downloading on the internet.

One of the other excellent features can pause and resume the download process. Let’s install!

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Full-featured Internet Download Manager software

1. Speed up or optimize download speed

A mainstay feature, which promises you high speed when downloading through the full version IDM. Unlike downloading via a browser, the speed is generally limited, if you pass IDM the speed is unlimited.

2. Can pause and resume when downloading

When you have something and want to stop downloading for a while, it can be done at any time via the pause button. If you want to download again, just click resume. This will not damage the downloaded file.

3. Prevent corrupt download results

Once the download results are complete, IDM will check again. If there are blocks of files that are left that have the potential to damage the file, then IDM will know and download the remaining blocks.

4. Tidy up downloaded files by type

All the results of your download can be seen neatly at IDM. Divided from date, type, size and others according to needs. Make your file arrangement much more neat and clear.


How to speed up downloads on the latest IDM


It is undeniable that downloading with IDM is fast, but surely you expect faster. That is right? If you want to follow this method more.

  • Download and install the ‘IDM Optimizer software.
  • Open the software directly, then click ‘Maximize Now!’.
  • Restart your IDM, it’s done. Enjoy downloading speeding!

Click here to download IDM Optimizer

5 Reasons to Choose IDM Compared to Other Download Managers

TechMint can’t deny, that besides IDM there are also other download managers. But even so, TechMint still recommends IDM. Well, why is that so, what advantages do you have?

1. Really Increases Download Speed, Not Hoax

Unlike other download managers, who generally claim to increase download speeds many times. But frankly, it’s an average hoax. Only IDM really does it by optimizing the internet path.

2. Can Be Left Sleepless

Downloading large files is easy when done with IDM. Because you can stay asleep, really sleep. Once it’s finished, IDM can automatically shut down your computer. Very practical isn’t it?

3. How to use an easy, integrated variety of browsers

Supports various types of popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and others. So that once you download, as usual, it will be immediately transferred to IDM. Well integrated and easy to use.

4. The Pause and Resume Process Does Not Damage Files

As Jaka explained before, you can pause and resume whenever you want. IDM will always make sure your download results are perfect, not broken, and certainly without the need to download again.

5. Can Limit Download Speed

Sometimes while downloading you also want to while on Youtube. To be able to watch Youtube smoothly, just limit internet users to download. Then you will be able to download while Youtube smoothly.

5 Best Download Manager Applications Besides IDM

The only disadvantage if you download Internet Download Manager, must be paid. If you want a free internet download manager, here are the options …

1. Free Download Manager (Recommendation)

It is the most recommended because it has features similar to IDM without hoaxes. But the difference is that the increase in download speeds made by this software is not as optimal as IDM’s.

Click here to download Free Download Manager

2. FlashGet

Claiming can increase download speeds by up to 500%, but of course, that’s not true. But the name is looking for free, this one application is still okay how to use an alternative to IDM. But still, don’t expect much.

Click here to download Flash

3. EagleGet

This one application does not increase download speed, but this application makes the download process easier and neater. Simply drag-and-drop, the download process can take place.

Click here to download EagleGet

4. Folx

If you are an Apple Mac user, then you can use this one application. Has a function that is more or less the same as IDM, even the appearance is similar. But the good news, this application is free.

Click here to download Folx

5. Download Accelerator Plus

If in appearance, this application tends to be less. But if you talk about speed optimization, you could say it’s in the same class as IDM. Make it worth considering using this one application.

Click here to Download Accelerator Plus

Like this Internet Download Manager software? If you like it, TechTanker feels that it’s good.

Thank you.


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