Download Internet Download Manager With Crack Version [2023]

When downloading files from the internet, of course, you want to download them quickly. One of the tools to help download music, video, application, or other data files is Internet Download Manager.

For those of you who often download files from the internet, you must already know the IDM tools. Internet Download Manager is a tool that makes it easy for users to download large amounts of files.

If you are interested in using it too, keep watching this article because we will discuss starting from its function and how it works. Come on!

Download Internet Download Manager With Crack Version

What is Internet Download Manager?

Internet Download Manager or IDM is software that can assist users in downloading files from the internet. However, you need to remember that IDM is only available on Windows operating systems with many types of web browsers that you can use.

With IDM, you can download files faster than usual. Besides being faster and more efficient, IDM is an application that allows you to pause and restore downloads when the internet connection is lost.

If the internet turns on again, then IDM will continue exactly when it was before it died. So, you don’t need to repeat the download from the beginning.

With all these conveniences, you can get it for free. But you can only use it for 30 days or on a trial basis. If more than that, you have to pay according to the price.

Before entering how to use it, find out more about some of the functions of IDM.

Functions and Advantages of Internet Download Manager

Here are some of the functions of IDM that you can get.

#1. Fast and flexible downloading

as previously explained, this software makes you download files faster. IDM is also flexible because it can immediately resume downloads after the connection is down.

#2. Powerful download system

IDM uses a unique algorithm so that it can receive internet data quickly. With dynamic and innovative file segmentation technology, IDM can download as fast as possible.

#3. Supports all types of browsers

There are many types of the best browsers supported by IDM. Some of them like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and others.

#4. Download multiple files at once

with IDM, you can download multiple files at once. If you pass a link, you only need to block all the links and then select Download. After that, the files will be downloaded together.

#5. Scheduling feature

IDM has an interesting feature, which is that it can schedule downloads. You can connect to the internet at the specified time, then download the files you want, disconnect, then shut down the computer. Apart from that you can create multiple download queues.

#6. Category downloads

IDM can group files by category. For example, still being downloaded, finished or something else. Then you can also add other types of categories.

#7. Customizable user interface

Finally, the appearance of the user interface in IDM can be adjusted according to user preferences, from icon styles to dark or light themes.

Those are some of the functions of Internet Download Manager that you can get. After knowing the function, just go to how to install IDM on the computer.

How to Download Free IDM?

Actually, Internet Download Manager is paid software, but this time you will try to download IDM for free. Here are the steps.

  1. Visit the official Internet Download Manager website then select the Download menu.
  2. After that the display appears as follows, click on Download Internet Download Manager. Then wait until the download process is complete.
  3. How to Download Free IDMIf so, double-click on the application file.
  4. How to Download Free IDM 1After that a screen appears to start the installation then click Next.
  5. How to Download Free IDM 2Then follow the steps and click Next until it’s finished until the finished page appears as below.
  6. How to Download Free IDM 3Done, until here you have successfully installed IDM on the computer. If it’s installed then how can I start using IDM to download files? Here’s an explanation of how to use it.

How to Use and Register IDM?

If IDM has been installed, now is the time to use and make settings on the browser. Here are the steps.

  1. Open the browser that you will use, for example here Chrome.
  2. Then later information will appear that IDM has been successfully installed on Google Chrome.
  3. How to Use and Register IDMThen click on the top right corner of the Extensions menu. Then click on the Pin section so that the IDM logo can be seen and used automatically.
  4. How to Use and Register IDM 1Then you just have to try to download the file. To find the file to download, click on the download link.
  5. Then IDM will automatically appear and select Start Download to start downloading. After that, the download process appears as follows.
  6. How to Use and Register IDM 2Then you just need to wait until the process is complete.

How easy is it to use Internet Download Manager? When your trial period of 30 days is over. Then start using the paid version.

To buy an official license, you need to transact on the official IDM website or buy at several official resellers in India. If you have purchased it, then all you have to do is enter the serial number and you can use it immediately.

Download IDM Full Crack Latest Version 2023

Crack Internet Download Manager Requirments

  • Windows 98/me Fully Support.
  • Windows XP, Windows XP3 All Versions of XP.
  • Windows 7 All Versions are supported.
  • Windows Vista Fully Support.
  • Windows 8 All Version and 8.1 All Version is Supported.
  • Windows 10 All Version support.
  • Windows 11 All Version support.

Download the Latest IDM Full Crack

What’s new in IDM full crack version 6.41 Build 14

(Released: Jun 21, 2023)

  • Improved download engine
  • Fixed problems with downloading from several sites
  • Optimized sorting of the list of downloads with a large number of items
  • Fixed bugs

How to Install IDM? Full Crack 2023


  1. Download IDM full version free for Windows link is in the above
  2. Disable antivirus and windows defender on the computer
  3. Next, extract the file with  the latest Winrar
  4. Run setup.exe
  5. You must close the application if it is open, don’t forget to exit the tray icon
  6. Copy file patch.exe the
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager
  7. Open patch.exe for Activation, click the Patch button
  8. Enjoy for free!

How to Speed Up Downloads on the Latest IDM?


It is undeniable that downloading with IDM is fast, but surely you expect faster. That is right? If you want to follow this method more.

  1. Download and install the ‘IDM Optimizer software.
  2. Open the software directly, then click ‘Maximize Now!’.
  3. Restart your IDM, it’s done. Enjoy downloading speeding!

5 Reasons to Choose IDM Compared to Other Download Managers

TechMint can’t deny, that besides IDM there are also other download managers. But even so, TechMint still recommends IDM. Well, why is that so, what advantages do you have?

#1. Really Increases Download Speed, Not Hoax

Unlike other download managers, who generally claim to increase download speeds many times. But frankly, it’s an average hoax. Only IDM really does it by optimizing the internet path.

#2. Can Be Left Sleepless

Downloading large files is easy when done with IDM. Because you can stay asleep, really sleep. Once it’s finished, IDM can automatically shut down your computer. Very practical isn’t it?

#3. How to use an easy, integrated variety of browsers

Supports various types of popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and others. So that once you download it, as usual, it will be immediately transferred to IDM. Well integrated and easy to use.

#4. The Pause and Resume Process Does Not Damage Files

As Jaka explained before, you can pause and resume whenever you want. IDM will always make sure your download results are perfect, not broken, and certainly without the need to download again.

#5. Can Limit Download Speed

Sometimes while downloading you also want to while on Youtube. To be able to watch Youtube smoothly, just limit internet users to download. Then you will be able to download while Youtube smoothly.

5 Best Download Manager Applications Besides IDM

The only disadvantage if you download Internet Download Manager, must be paid. If you want a free internet download manager, here are the options …

#1. Free Download Manager (Recommendation)

It is the most recommended because it has features similar to IDM without hoaxes. But the difference is that the increase in download speeds made by this software is not as optimal as IDM’s.

#2. FlashGet

Claiming can increase download speeds by up to 500%, but of course, that’s not true. But the name is looking for free, this one application is still okay how to use as an alternative to IDM. But still, don’t expect much.

#3. EagleGet

This one application does not increase download speed, but this application makes the download process easier and neater. Simply drag-and-drop, the download process can take place.

#4. Folx

If you are an Apple Mac user, then you can use this one application. Has a function that is more or less the same as IDM, even the appearance is similar. But the good news, this application is free.

Download Folx

#5. Download Accelerator Plus

If in appearance, this application tends to be less. But if you talk about speed optimization, you could say it’s in the same class as IDM. Make it worth considering using this one application.

Download Accelerator Plus

Interested in Using IDM?

Now you know what IDM is. Internet Download Manager is an application that makes it easy for users to get the files they need.

You don’t need to worry anymore with large file sizes of up to hundreds of GB. Because with IDM you can download it quickly.

How, interested in using IDM? If so, immediately install and use the trial version on your laptop right now. Good luck!

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