10+ Best Instagram Analytics Tools You Must Try in 2024

Instagram is one of the most potential marketing media today. To run the right Instagram marketing campaign, we must be able to measure the effectiveness of the content posted.

In this case, Instagram Analytic tools can help us assess the performance of content on Instagram.

For those of you who are confused about finding the best Instagram Analytics tool, don’t worry.

Best Instagram Analytics Tools You Must Try

We’ve compiled our recommendations for the best Instagram Analytics tools for 2024.

What is Instagram Analytics

The Instagram analytics tool is a tool for assessing the overall performance of your Instagram content and profile.

In other words, this tool can track various metrics and present them as data that supports user needs.

Whether Instagram analytics is free or paid, this tool has several benefits, namely:

Know the target audience

Instagram analytics tools allow you to find out specific data such as location, gender, age to language. You can use this data to find out your target audience and decide what content is right to post.

Save time and resources

For those of you who are confused about what to do when running Instagram marketing, the Instagram Analytics tool will help you. The resulting various analyzes will minimize errors and save time in developing your Instagram.

Evaluation of marketing strategy

With the help of the Instagram Analytics tool, you can see your Instagram progress over a certain period of time. Generally, this tool will tell you what needs to be improved or maintained. That way, you can make the right adjustments so that your Instagram has a good performance.

Please note, personal Instagram users must change their profile to Instagram Business in order to access Instagram’s business features. This includes Instagram Insights, Instagram’s built-in analytics tool.

However, given the limitations of Instagram Insights metrics, you can use the available Instagram analytics tools. Some of them are even free.

Recommended 10 Best Instagram Analytics Tools

The following are recommendations for the best Instagram analytics tools that will support your performance.

1. Squarelovin


It’s not easy to get a free Instagram Analytics tool that provides full features like Squarelovin.

Squarelovin is a free Instagram analytics that provides almost all the information needed to analyze your Instagram performance.

This Instagram Analytics tool provides instant monthly analysis of your content and account growth, and can categorize content history by year, month, day, or even hour!

For more details, Squarelovin’s monthly analysis shows the following.

First, the section on lots of photos you posted in the last month, the most used filters and hashtags, an overview of the six most recent posts, ten most engaged people (who liked and commented on your posts)

Second, it displays the total number of comments / likes you posted in the last month, the average comment / like

Third, displays the growth of followers over the past month

All the insights that Squarelovin provides make it easier for you to drive better engagement. Starting from insights on things that are interesting and liked by followers, recommendations for the best and worst times to post, to recommendations for the best hashtags.

Pros: Free for Basic

Disadvantages: Monthly analysis is only done one month after use


  • Basic: free
  • Influencers: $9.90 / month
  • Business: $14.90 / month

2. Pixlee


Pixlee is an Instagram Analytics tool used by Levi’s, Kenneth Cole, Sonos, and various other brands. Pixlee provides various features that can monitor the performance of Instagram accounts.

Pixlee has weekly reports that can be shared with your entire marketing team. This includes hashtag statistics and tracking, follower growth, and the data needed to identify the most interesting posts.

This tool also analyzes metrics to find out how to drive more engagement on your account.

For more details, there are several features from Pixlee which are quite interesting. For example, monitoring posts about your brand. This Instagram Analytics feature helps you keep in touch with conversations that involve your brand for a certain period of time. You can see what others are posting, identify your best content, and plan your strategy for the next few weeks based on user behavior.

Then, there are the top fan posts. This widget displays the top photos and videos posted by followers related to your brand.

Then, there are also Top Brands Influencers. This report identifies what influencers are saying about your brand

Unfortunately, Pixlee is priced quite expensive. However, Pixlee provides a free demo for those of you who want to try using this tool.

Pros: Easy integration of settings

Disadvantages: Subscription prices are quite expensive


  • Free Demo
  • $399.00 / month

3. Crowdfire


Crowdfire Instagram Analytics lets you schedule post times, view post-performance, and track your brand mentions.

This Instagram Analytics tool also curates content related to your business from all corners of the internet. Crowdfire will send you recommended articles and images from other websites, helping you develop your Instagram marketing strategy.

Crowdfire provides a detailed view of your Instagram performance in a timeframe that you can choose. Like 90 days, 30 days, 7 days, or yesterday. You can also customize the time within 90 days.

This Instagram Analytics product allows you to choose the metrics you want to compare, including posts, likes, profile views, followers, comments, to text message clicks.

Actually, Crowdfire can display your Instagram data with friendly visuals. This makes it easier for those of you who are not familiar with statistics.

However, because it handles multiple pieces of information at once, Crowdfire’s display can appear confusing and cluttered. It will take time for users to get used to the interface of this tool.

Pros: Features recommendations for developing strategies

Disadvantages: Display is confusing and full


  • Trial mode: free
  • Pluses: $7.48 / month
  • Premium: $37.48 / month
  • VIP: $74.98 / month

4. Minter.io


This Instagram Analytics tool provides clear and in-depth analytics. You will get data from various data needed in developing your Instagram marketing strategy.

For example, Minter.io can identify the best photo and video filters for your audience. This identification makes it easier for you to filter your future posts.

Minter.io also lets you track mentions of your brand in post descriptions or comments on social media. With the integration of various platforms on Minter.io, you can immediately respond to feedback about your brand directly.

One of the excellent features of Minter.io is the ability to export data in PDF, XLS or .pptx format. Furthermore, this tool provides the option of scheduling the export of various metrics in the date range you want. After the export is complete, the data is automatically sent to your email.

Minter.io starts at $9 per month. The good news is, Minter.io provides a 14-day free trial for those of you who want to try this tool.

Pros: Ability to export data to PDF, XLS, .pptx,

Disadvantages: The data export process is sometimes slow


  • 14-day free trial
  • Silver: $9 / month
  • Gold: $19 / month
  • Platinum: $39 / month

5. Iconosquare


Iconosquare provides advanced insights to optimize your overall social media strategy. This Instagram Analytics tool includes a content calendar to plan and schedule your Instagram content, including options to tag other accounts and add locations.

Iconosquare’s Community Analytics tools will help you understand insights such as the age, gender, and language tendencies of your followers.

Some of Iconosquare’s unique features are reported scheduling and hashtag and competitor tracking.

With report scheduling, you will receive reports from Iconosquare according to the schedule you specify. The availability of competitor tracking provides an overview of your business performance compared to other brands.

Iconosquare is the right Instagram Analytics tool for agencies or brands that have multiple social media accounts. Management of your various Instagram accounts can be done simultaneously in one dashboard.

The drawback of this tool lies in the naming of categories which is quite confusing. In addition, users who want to post large photos must reduce the size first.

Pros: Management of more than one Instagram account

Cons: Confusing category naming


  • Pros: $29 / month
  • Advanced: $59 / Month

6. Keyhole


This is a great tool for tracking the performance of hashtag units in your posts. Keyhole provides important metrics such as your top Instagram hashtags based on engagement, competitor activity, and the activity of your followers.

Keyhole provides automatic data collection and recording features. Your selected data will be arranged in a spreadsheet that can be viewed at any time.

This Instagram Analytics tool also has a web track feature, making it easier for you to find out what other people are saying about your product/brand.

For users of influencer services, Keyhole can track influencer performance carefully. Keyhole identifies which influencers are most successful at promoting your content or brand.

Keyhole is priced at $ 44 per month. What you need to know, Keyhole’s free trial version is slightly different from the paid version. This allows people who try, to have a different assessment. Plus, if the user doesn’t install the trackers from the beginning, it will be difficult to set it up later.

Pros: Automatic data collection and recording

Disadvantages: Different tools in the trial version and subscription version


  • 7-day free trial
  • Basic: $44 / month
  • Professional: $99 / month

7. Socialbakers


Socialbakers has a free Instagram Analytics tool that offers statistics on your most popular posts. He is able to track performance and learn the right type of content to make Instagram engagement more affordable.

Socialbakers provides a predictive Instagram Analytics feature to identify what stories and posts to promote. Including the best time to post and follower segments that should be prioritized.

With recommendations from predictive analytics, you can decide the best strategy for your account going forward.

Even though it has powerful analytics features, visually this tool is less attractive than other paid Instagram analytics tools. Plus, to get more advanced analytics like Instagram Stories Insights, you have to pay a subscription fee which is unfortunately quite expensive.

Pros: Predictive analytics features

Disadvantages: Unattractive visuals

Price: $400 / month

8. Hootsuite


Through Hootsuite, you can create custom dashboards that allow you to monitor analytics for multiple social media platforms at once, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others.

Furthermore, you can schedule hundreds of social media posts simultaneously on various platforms. You can also collaborate with the whole team on social media promotions.

Hootsuite has an analytics dashboard with the following capabilities:

  • Shows old data
  • Compare metrics over a specific period
  • Generate customizable data
  • Rating Instagram comments by sentiment (positive or negative)

In addition, Hootsuite has social listening and competitive analysis tools. You can use this to study the social data of your brand.

Hootsuit itself is not without flaws. While being able to manage multiple platforms at once, the ability to include images, links, and text is a bit of a pain. Plus, Hootsuit’s own analytics features aren’t particularly impressive.

Pros: Social listening and competitive analysis

Disadvantages: So-so analytical features


  • 30 days free trial
  • Professional: $19 / month
  • Team: $99 / month
  • Business: $599 / month

9. Union Metrics

Union Metrics

Although it doesn’t provide free Instagram Analytics tools, Union Metrics offers free monthly Instagram account checks.

This examination at least provides some insight, such as:

  • Best time to post
  • Reports of successful and failed posts increase engagement
  • Content recommendations that you can post
  • The hashtags that generate the highest engagement for new audiences

However, if you want access to premium Instagram analytics tools, you will need to subscribe. This premium tool includes profile analysis, keyword listening, campaign reporting, competitive analysis, and research.

This Union Metrics subscription fee also depends on the number of accounts analyzed. Automatically, owners of multiple accounts (more than three) have to pay higher.

Advantages :

  • Powerful Hashtag Tracker tool

Disadvantages :

  • The price is quite expensive, especially for owners of multiple accounts


  • Social Manager: $49 / month
  • Social Marketers: $99 / month
  • Marketing Team: $199 / month

10. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout is an Instagram Analytics tool that incorporates content management. This tool has a full-featured editorial calendar for scheduling new content across multiple social account platforms (including Twitter and Facebook).

Not only content, Sprout provides automatic analytical scheduling for multiple Instagram accounts at once.

Sprout’s own Instagram analytics covers a wide range of metrics, from hashtag tracking to competitor analysis.

Sprout analyzes the most used hashtags, as well as the best hashtags you can use to increase engagement.

The competitor analysis feature from Sprout is useful for monitoring Instagram trends and the audience of your competitors. Thus, you can strategize better than your competitors.

Sprout can be accessed from a desktop or mobile. Unfortunately, the Sprout mobile app does not include analytics features. This makes the user have to open a desktop or laptop every time they need this feature.

Advantages :

  • Easy Instagram post schedule feature

Disadvantages :

  • The mobile application does not include analytics features


  • 30 days free trial
  • Standard: $99 / month
  • Professional: $149 / month
  • Advanced: $249 / month

11. HypeAuditor


If you plan to use influencer services in Instagram marketing promotions, HypeAuditor is a tool worth trying. The HypeAuditor report allows you to analyze influencer audience quality, engagement levels, and audience insights. This includes location, age, gender and interests.

This Instagram Analytics metric can help you find influencers with the highest engagement that match your audience. This allows you to create promotions by selecting the most appropriate and effective influencers.

HypeAuditor will display the performance of the influencers you are considering. For example, you can find out influencer A has worked with any brand. HypeAuditor also analyzes the performance of sponsored posts.

HypeAuditor provides an audience quality score to ensure you select authentic and engaging influencers for your future promotions.

One of HypeAuditor’s drawbacks is the long process of presenting reports.

Advantages :

  • In-depth influencer check feature

Disadvantages :

  • Slow presentation of reports


  • Starter: $299 / month
  • Pros: $499 / month

Which Instagram Analytics Tool Is Best for You?

Those are the recommendations for the Instagram Analytics Tools that we have compiled. Basically, every Instagram analytics tool aims to provide insights into your Instagram content and profile. With these insights, you can increase your brand engagement.

Here we present a brief comparison between the Instagram analytics tools that we recommend.

Tools Instagram Analytics Advantage Deficiencies Price (per month)
Squarelovin Free for Basic users A new monthly analysis is carried out after a month of use -Basic: free
-Influencer: $9.90
-Business: $14.90
Pixlee Easy settings integration The subscription price is expensive -Free demo
Crowdfire Has a recommendation feature Confusing and full view -Mode trial: free
-Plus: $7,48
-Premium: $37,48
-VIP: $74,98
Minter.io Ability to export data to several formats The data export process is sometimes slow -Free trial 14 hari
-Silver: $9
-Gold: $19
-Platinum: $39
Iconosquare Management of more than one Instagram account Confusing category naming -Pro: $29
-Advanced: $59
Keyhole Automatic data collection and recording Different tools in the trial version and subscription version -Free trial 7 hari
-Basic: $44
-Professional: $99
Socialbakers Predictive analytics features Unattractive visuals $400
Hootsuite Social listening and competitive analysis There are no standout analytical features -Free trial 30 hari
-Professional: $19
-Team: $99
-Business: $599
Union Metrics Tool hastag tracker Prices are quite expensive for owners of more than three accounts -Social Manager: $49
-Social Marketer: $99-
Marketing Team: $199
Sprout Social Easy posting schedule feature The mobile application does not include analytics -Free trial 30 hari
-Standard: $99
-Professional: $149
-Advaced: $249
HypeAuditor Influencer checker feature Report presentation is slow -Starter: $299
-Pro: $499


After seeing the comparison above, which Instagram Analytics tool is right for you? The right Instagram Analytics tools will make it easier for you to learn social media marketing. Don’t hesitate to try it, OK?

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