5 Ways to Improve Your Web Design for Better Traffic


It’s safe to say that a website serves as the digital identity of a business. It’s hard for any company to survive in today’s digital era if it doesn’t have a website. Some organizations have taken one step ahead and have developed dedicated apps for their target audience.

Many believe that making a website is no longer a tough task since CMSs available today are easy to use and come with great functionality. However, the fact remains true that such websites cannot generate traffic. A website, as it serves the basis of your company’s online presence, needs to be designed to perfection if you expect it to produce worthwhile results for you. Needless to say, you need to hire the best web design agency in New York to have a website that sustains traffic.

If you already have a website, here are some effective ways you can optimize it to generate more traffic:

Keep it Simple

When designing a website, always remember the fact that “less is more”. The more design elements you add, the more cluttered your website will become. So, follow a simplistic approach. Don’t go extra with designs. It can make your website complicated to navigate. And no one, in today’s time and age, has enough time to find ways to navigate a website when they have hundreds of other options available at their disposal.

Also, a website with a fancy design can increase loading time. And when a website loads slow, it drives users away.

Now, by advising that things should be kept simpler, it doesn’t mean that you should go full “plain Jane”. The design element should be kept to a minimum, but it should certainly be there, subtly creating a welcoming aura for the visitors.

Take Help of Media

If there are huge chunks of content on your website, it can overwhelm users. They are going to skim through it, and all the efforts and resources you have put in to curate that content will go down the drain. What you can do here is to add value to your content with the help of media. Have infographics, images and even polls where necessary to engage users and gather their interest.

Furthermore, videos can also be integrated. However, do not shove it down the users’ throat by playing them automatically. The caption and the thumbnail must be enticing enough for them to click the play button. Many users tend to close the browser or the tab in which the video is being played automatically.

This is why when it comes to websites, you should weigh highly on the qualities of a good picture. It would be a subtle way to increase their interest without having a play right on their faces. Yes, finding royalty free might be difficult if you are not an ace photographer, but you can always take help from the Siegmann stock.

Create Engaging Content

Speaking of content, always remember that filler content is going to serve no purpose. Gone are the days when such content could generate traffic and support SEO. Now, only quality content matters. So, make sure the content you are posting on your website, be it the main page or the blog section, is of high quality. It should be captivating enough to keep the users engaged. The introduction should be powerful so that the readers read it in its entirety.

Also, support it using statistics. This will keep their interest intact.

Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

All the effort, time and money you have spent to make your website will go down the drain if the user finds it tough to navigate. And this is going to have a direct impact on the bounce rate and lead generation. So, ensure that the website has a smooth flow. It should tell the user clearly where they need to click to find more information or place an order.

Have an SEO-Friendly Design

Lastly, remember that you are doing all this to improve the traffic of your website. And this is where SEO Services come in handy. SEO experts will spend quite a lot of money to create effective campaigns. But if the website isn’t SEO-friendly, it will be just a waste.

So, it’s important that the web design is SEO-friendly. For example, a one-page website surely looks good. However, it doesn’t facilitate SEO a lot. The more pages there are, the better chances of keyword ranking, and the more data SEO experts have at their disposal to play with. Similarly, there are various other factors that you keep into consideration to make sure the website supports SEO.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, the competition in the digital market is very high. You need to be very smart and articulate if you want to sustain your position or move a step ahead. So, make no compromise when it comes to the design of your best. Hire the best experts and get a website that reflects the quality of your products and/or services. This will surely have an impact on lead generation.


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