How to Use Le Bot? Step by Step Guide

What is Le Bot?

Le Bot is a program created by someone to make it easier for AQW players in farming, quests, getting class rep, and many more functions: D. and also LeBot is safe to use so your AQW account will not be banned.

How to Use Le Bot_ Step by Step Guide

What is Needed to Use LeBot?

  • Internet connection
  • Adobe Flash Player Active X (to avoid errors Failed to Load Flash Player)
  • Adobe Flash Player is normal
  • Any version of Le Bot depends on your needs. Click here for the latest version of Le Bot

 How to Use LeBot?

1. We open Le Bot that we downloaded then if it exits the tab as shown below we click dismiss all

 How to Use Le Bot

2. Enter your Username and Password (Le Bot is not a phishing program so your account/char is still safe even if you don’t log in directly on the official website so don’t worry)

download lebot

3. Then select the server as it goes to regular AQW

4. After entering Battleon, we click the options button, we uncheck the private rooms box so that it does not pinch itself. if you want to pin yourself or solo then leave it checked

lebot landing

5. Then click under gold or next to the start button, then we select as needed and click Start to run Le Bot

How to Use Le Bot

6. Don’t forget to activate the Auto Relogin feature so that if you DC or Disconnect you can connect automatically with the server. How to click Auto Relogin then select the server and check the auto re-login section

 How to Use Le Bot

7. Happy Botting just wait until it gets the results you want

Well friends, thanks for reading! I think that now you learn how to use lebot.

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