How to Use a Proxy on Telegram For Android [2023]

Online chat applications are widely used today because their use is quite easy when compared to SMS services.

Unlike the SMS service, sending messages on the chat application does not require a fee. The most important thing is that the smartphone device used by the user is already connected to the internet network.

Besides being able to be used for chatting, this kind of application also allows it to be used to make voice calls or video calls.

How to Use a Proxy on Telegram For Android

Apart from that, there are still many other interesting features that can be found in the chat application.

Of the many chat applications, one of the most popular is Telegram. The Telegram application itself is famous for its super-sophisticated security features so it becomes a special attraction for users.

In this case, Telegram uses the most advanced end-to-end encryption which is claimed to be very safe and able to protect users’ chat history without loopholes.

There is even such a thing as the Secret Chat feature which allows only the sender and recipient of the chat to know its contents.

The chat data will be stored on the user’s device, not on the Telegram server. For this reason, Telegram will not be able to access the contents of the message.

To maximize the use of the Telegram application, users can also take advantage of Proxies. Using this will have many positive effects on the Telegram account that you use.

One of them is to provide super strong protection and can also help break through various limitations imposed by network operators.

However, not many users know how to use a proxy on the Telegram application. Regarding how to use a proxy on Telegram which is easy, you can see it in full below.

About Proxies on Telegram

Before continuing, you should first know what Telegram Proxy is and what it does. By knowing this, you can maximize the use of proxies in the Telegram application.

Internet users may already be familiar with this proxy. Judging from its function, a proxy is a bridge to access the internet network which will separate the local and external networks.

Proxies are generally used for free browsing purposes without being blocked by server providers, for example, cellular network providers.

Using a proxy will redirect the user to another server and in this case, the IP address of the device will also be hidden from being detected.

Meanwhile Telegram Proxy is a special proxy server used in the Telegram application. The goal is almost the same as proxies in general, which is definitely the goal to maximize the use of Telegram.

Proxy Types in Telegram

In the Telegram application, it is possible for you to use the type of Telegram proxy as you wish.

Each of these types of proxies certainly has a different way of working and functioning, of course, it can be adjusted to your needs.

There are at least 2 types of proxies in Telegram, including:

#1. SOCKS5

This is the newest type of proxy which is an improvement from SOCK5 which runs on the SOCKS protocol.

The speed provided in accessing the internet is quite fast, of course, it will speed up access to Telegram as well.

This type of SOCKS5 proxy itself offers many authentication methods thanks to the use of UDP and TCP.

#2. MTproto Proxy

Meanwhile, the MTproto Proxy type, is a proxy server with the highest level of security and is even a mainstay of Telegram in encrypting messages from users.

This type of proxy is highly recommended for those of you who are more concerned with the security of your Telegram account.

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How to Use a Proxy on Telegram For Android?

How to Use a Proxy on Telegram

After knowing what a Telegram proxy is and its types, now proceed to how to use the Telegram proxy.

The method is actually quite easy, but there are still many users who don’t know how to do it.

As for how to use a proxy on Telegram Android in full, as follows:

  1. The first step is to open the Telegram application on a smartphone device. Make sure you have previously provided the proxy you want to use. You can get this proxy yourself for free on the internet or by subscribing to a paid proxy.
  2. On the main page of the application, you click on the Three Lines menu in the upper left corner of the display.
  3. Several options will appear there, then you click the Settings option or Settings.
  4. Scroll down, then click on the Proxy Settings or Proxy Settings option.
  5. Now you choose the Proxy Type you want to use, be it SOCKS5 or MTproto Proxy. Then fill in the complete proxy details, starting from Server, Port, Username, and Password if any.
  6. If so, save the proxy settings by clicking the Checkmark in the upper right corner of the display.
  7. Finished.

Now that the proxy has been used successfully on Telegram, you can be more comfortable and satisfied using the Telegram application.

You should know about the use of proxies in the Telegram

Many have been satisfied using Telegram after installing a proxy in it. No wonder, because there are indeed many benefits to be gained from using the Telegram proxy.

The full use of the Telegram proxy is as follows:

#1. Privacy of User’s Personal Data is Safer

The use of the MTProto proxy on Telegram is claimed to encrypt the user’s personal data very well so that it will avoid hacking accounts.

Not only personal data but also chat and call history from users will also be encrypted so that confidentiality will be better maintained.

#2. Wider and Free Access

Using the network from the provider will limit access to the internet, for example, some sites will be automatically blocked.

However, using the Telegram proxy will be able to break through the restrictions of the network operator.

So you can explore more broadly and freely on Telegram, of course safely and comfortably.

#3. Smoother Connection

For those of you who like to watch video streaming on Telegram, it is highly recommended to use this proxy.

In addition to the freedom to find interesting videos, the internet connection provided is also faster and smoother. Not only watching movies but also other activities on Telegram.


That’s how to use a proxy on Telegram Android and its functions that you need to know.

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