How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 l 100% Working


How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 with Very Simple Way

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 – The Samsung brand mobile phone manufacturer is indeed the most consumer smartphone vendor, it could be because of its design and features that make smartphone fans boom, especially in Indonesia more interested in using cellphones to take selfies rather than using various multitasking needs.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5

For some time now, this cellphone is still loved by Lovers Smartphones. One of them is that the Samsung Galaxy S5 was developed specifically in the Premium Class segment, which of course can meet all needs, both for business and daily multi-tasking.

However, the Samsung S5 is also suitable for Android users who like the modification of smartphones on the Samsung Galaxy S5, there are several modification techniques that you can do only if it’s already rooted. The way to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 is an easy way, for more details you can see the article below:

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Without a PC

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Without a PC

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a unique device because it has various versions that are tailored to the user’s country of residence. This, of course, could make it difficult for anyone who wants to root. However, George Hotz or Geohot who is known as a reliable hacker managed to break into the premium cellphone with an application called Towelroot. This application will make it easier for us to boot on the Galaxy S5.
Here are the steps How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H without PC:

1. Check the Unknown Source settings

Go to Settings or Settings, scroll and select System, then look for Unknown Source and the checkbox next to it. It aims to make the Samsung S5 capable of installing applications from unknown sources.

2. Download and install Towelroot

Download and install Towelroot

Download Towelroot 3.0

3. Furthermore,  Download Towelroot 3.0. After that, install the Towelroot application like a normal application. Make sure the internet connection is smooth or use Wi-fi so that the download process is not interrupted.

4. Getting access to rooting
After Towelroot is installed, open the application. Then, we will find a button named make it rain. Tap the button to start rooting. At least it takes approximately 20 seconds to do it.

5. Make sure we have root access


6. To ensure this, we can use applications such as Root Checker. When this application is opened, tap the Verify Root button to find out whether we have managed to get root access or not. If we succeed, we will get a notification from the application.

7. Install applications to manage root access It is not difficult to get applications that are responsible for managing root access on the Galaxy S5. To be safe, use the root access control application like SuperSU. Because this application can control the applications that we want to gain root access.

8. Requested to update Superuser Binaries
When running SuperSU, we will be asked to update the Superuser Binaries. Tap the Continue button, then select Normal. Another notification will appear asking us to delete Samsung Knox, then just tap No Thanks. Then the Galaxy S5 will restart itself.

9. Giving access to trusted applications
We will get new notifications once SuperSU is installed on mobile. If we don’t want the application to get root access, just select Deny to refuse. While if we want to give root access, use Grant.

10. Install some additional applications on the mobile
After getting root access, it’s our turn to manage the Galaxy S5. Install a number of applications that can allow us to delete the default application. Examples of applications that can be downloaded are System App Remover (ROOT) or other applications with suffix (ROOT).

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How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S5 Using ODIN

  1. First Download CF-Auto-Root from the official site (choose the type according to your Android device) or from type sm-900i Download Odin3-v3.07.exe Then install
  2. If you have downloaded it now Extracts the file to PC then run Odin3-v3.07.exe
  3. Click the PDA button, then browse to the CF-Auto-Root-klte-kltedv-smg file
  4. Turn off the phone and enter download mode: at idle position “Press the volume down + home + power” button at the same time. Later, a notification will appear to enter the “download” mode, please press “volume” and continue.
  5. Connect your S5 phone with a PC / laptop using a data / USB cable. If successful, the code will appear in the yellow ODIN column

root with odin

  1. Click the Start button on ODIN. Wait until this is complete and the phone will restart automatically.
  2. Install and update Supersu.
  3. To see if the root is installed correctly Install root checker.
  4. Finished.


Such are the steps to rooting the Samsung Galaxy S5 without a PC & root Samsung galaxy s5 with ODIN3 that we can practice on our own. If we are still hesitant, do not hesitate to ask for help from friends who are experts so that they do not take the wrong steps in  How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H without a PC. Good luck!


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