How to Remove Watermark From PDF [2021]


How to Remove Watermark From PDF – Do you have a pdf file with a watermark? Let’s find out how to get rid of the watermark in pdf.

You already know what a watermark is, right? If you don’t know Mimin, explain a little. A watermark is an identity or ownership mark embedded in a photo, video, or online document such as a pdf.

How to Remove Watermark From PDF

Sometimes when we want to read a pdf file our focus is reduced and it is disturbed by the large embedded watermark.

Therefore, the only solution to be able to read comfortably is to remove or remove the watermark in the pdf.

However, before going to the main topic, it’s a good idea to know the purpose of adding a watermark in a pdf. Here is information on how important a logo watermark is in a PDF file.

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Importance of Watermark on PDF

It is not without reason why the pdf files that we find from internet sites use watermarks.

There are several important reasons behind the use of watermarks in the pdf. Some of the purposes for installing watermarks include the following.

As a sign of ownership or identity

Watermark on pdf is usually shown as an identity and legal ownership mark of a company or agency.

Suppose you find a pdf journal and the journal is embedded with a logo from the university.

The logo is what serves as an identity or a sign that the journal originates or belongs to a university.

Minimizing Document Falsification

Adding a watermark can be used as a form of protection from document forgery. If the pdf document contains a watermark, then the document will be safer and stronger in the eyes of the law to be falsified,

Prevents Plagiarism

If you find a research journal in the form of a pdf embedded with a watermark, be careful, don’t just scrape the contents.

In addition to minimizing counterfeiting, watermarks can also be used to prevent plagiarism. Well, if you have been caught plagiarism it can be legally processed.

Apart from the three goals above, there are many other important reasons that suggest that we watermark pdf documents.

Even so, not a few want watermarks to be removed for various reasons, one of which is because they feel uncomfortable reading PDF documents.

Well, this time Mimin will help you give the tutorial but don’t use this method.

Easy Ways to Remove Watermark From PDF

There are actually many ways to remove watermarks on pdf documents. However, this time Mimin will give you an easy tutorial for you.

So that you are not curious, read this article carefully so that you don’t miss any steps.

1. Removing Watermark in PDF Through Adobe Acrobat

The first method is the easiest way to use a PDF viewer, namely Adobe Acrobat. For the following steps.

  1. Open the pdf file through Adobe Acrobat
  2. After the file is read, then click “Tools” in the upper right corner
  3. Next, a dialog box will appear and select the “Watermark” menu which is in the “Edit Page Design” section.
  4. Then select “Remove” and click “Yes”. The end result will disappear the watermark.

2. Removing Watermark on PDF Through Mcs. Word on PC

Okay, friends, this method is very easy, I guarantee you will be able to try it with one shot as long as you follow the tutorial correctly.

The first way is to use Microsoft Word. If you already have a pdf file that you are going to remove the watermark for, let’s go straight to the tutorial.

  1. The first step you have to do is convert a pdf document to word. The trick is to hover the cursor on a pdf file with a watermark> right click> Open With> Word
  2. Wait for the process to finish, then your pdf file can be opened via word
  3. Next point the cursor on the watermark, and if there is an arrow then click> and press the backspace button (delete). Then the watermark will automatically disappear.
  4. If you want to save back in pdf format then all you have to do is click File> Save As> click the storage place you want> then left click on the Save As Type column then select “PDF”.

3. How to Remove Watermark From PDF via WPS on a Smartphone

Well, friends, if you are lazy to open your laptop and need your pdf file on your cellphone, you can still remove the watermark.

But you need a third-party application, namely the WPS application. You can download this WPS application via Google Playstore for free.

If you already have the WPS application, continue to the tutorial below.

  1. Open your pdf file via the WPS application
  2. After the pdf file view opens, click the “tools” menu
  3. Then click “Edit”
  4. There are several menu options for editing because here our goal is to remove the watermark, so you click “edit image”.
  5. Then click the watermark in the text, then click the trash can icon. Well, automatically the watermark will disappear.

Well, friends, this number two method is very easy, right, because you no longer need to change the document type from pdf to word.

However, unfortunately, you can do the above method if you use WPS premium hehe.

But take it, easy guys, if you are already using WPS premium, you will get many benefits or benefits that you will experience. One of them is removing the pdf watermark easily.

If you don’t match the two methods above, don’t worry, there are still other ways. If there is a difficult way, why do you have to find an easy way?

That’s how young people live today. okay, guys without lingering anymore, just see the tutorial below.

4. How to Remove Watermark From PDF Online

As I have said above, this method is quite complicated compared to the two methods above.

But, if you prefer something complicated, you can try it for free. However, make sure your internet network is stable.

  1. Click the following link com / PDFToWORDEN.aspx
  2. Then update your pdf file and convert it to word via the link
  3. Wait for the conversion process to finish and open the converted file via word
  4. Then click “Enable Editing”
  5. Then hover over the watermark and click “Backspace” or delete
  6. The next step is to save the file in word form.
  7. If you want to convert it into pdf format
  8. Click the com / PDFToWORDEN.aspx link again
  9. Upload the previous word file to the web and import the pdf file.

That’s 4 ways to remove watermarks in PDF. You can use any method, from the easiest way to the one that is a bit complicated.

However, even if you use a different method, the watermark in the PDF file will be lost if you follow one of the methods above correctly.


Okay, friends, that’s the tutorial on how to remove watermarks in pdf for today. Hopefully, the tutorial from Mimin can be useful for you, and good luck.


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