How to Remove Background in Photoshop


Want to delete the background on the photo neatly? Besides using Corel, you can also use Photoshop. There are 5 ways to remove background in Photoshop that can be used.

The method below can be applied using Photoshop CS3, CC 2017, and other versions. We will use the magic wand tool, pen tool, quick selection tool, and various other features.

The background is a background of an object in the photo. There are several reasons why we want to remove the background photo.

Starting from wanting to delete it and leaving only a photo object or replacing it with a better background.

How to Remove Background in Photoshop 1

We know that Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing applications since it was first released 28 years ago.

Adobe Photoshop itself is considered to be leading the market for photo or image processing applications. Not only on Windows. Photoshop is also available for Mac OS and the latest version is available for Linux.

There are lots of features or tools in the Photoshop application. Some of the tools we will use to delete the photo background.

Here’s how to remove photo background in Photoshop.

1. Magic Eraser Tool

The Magic Eraser Tool is a derivative tool from the Eraser tool. But the difference with the usual eraser tool is that we can easily delete certain backgrounds or objects of the same color.

This tool is perfect for those of us who want to delete a plain or one color background.

How to remove background in photoshop:

  • Open the Photoshop application. After that, open the photo we will delete the background. By clicking Open on the file menu.
how to remove background in photoshop cc

  • After the photo is open. Click on the layer then duplicate the layer to unlock it. Or you can also double-click the lock icon on the layer.
how to delete background in photoshop
  • Next select the Magic Eraser Tool . If we don’t find it, right-click on the Eraser Tool then select the Magic Eraser Tool .
how to delete the background in photoshop neatly
  • Click on the background of the photo we want to delete. Then automatically all the same colors on the object will be erased.
how to delete background in photoshop cs5

2. Magic Wand Tool

This tool is actually almost the same as the first tool. The way it works is the same.

But with this tool we first select the background and then choose another action such as delete.

How to delete a background in Photoshop with the magic wand tool:

  • Run the Photoshop application then open the photo we want.
  • Next unlock the layer.
how to delete background in photoshop with the magic wand tool
  • After that, select the Magic Wand Tool in the Photoshop toolbox .
how to remove background in Photoshop CS4
  • Then click on the photo background that we want to remove. Then press Delete on the keyboard.

3. Color Range

Color Range is used to select the same color in a photo.

But this time in addition to selecting the same color we will also use this tool to delete the background.

How to quickly remove background in Photoshop:

  • Open Photoshop. After that, open the photo that we will edit, which has a plain or one color background.
  • After that, unlock the photo layer. Then on the Select menu select Color Range.
how to remove background in photoshop cc 2018
  • Then the Color Range window will appear . Point our cursor to the background then click. So now the background has been marked and we can delete it. Click OK .
how to delete background in photoshop
  • After pressing OK then the background will be selected. To delete it press delete on the keyboard. If there is still a selection line press Ctrl + D to delete it.
how to quickly remove background in photoshop

4. Pen Tool

Now after we learn the three ways above, we use to delete a plain background photo.

Now it’s time for us to learn to the more difficult stage of manually removing non-plain photo background / one color.

To delete photo background manually we can use the Pen Tool .

Here we need a lot of concentration, patience, and also precision.

Because it certainly won’t be easy even more so we do it for the first time.

How to change background with photoshop neatly:

  • Open the photo we want using Photoshop. Don’t forget to duplicate the layeror unlock the photo.
how to remove the white background on the logo with Photoshop
  • Then activate the Pen Tool in the Photoshop toolbox.
how to remove background in photoshop with the pen tool
  • Then start to select the object from the photo. Continue to select until all objects are selected. Find the first and last point.
how to delete background in photoshop cleanly
  • If the object has been selected, right-click then make selection . After that the make selection window will appear . Then fill in the radius radius with 0.3 . This is intended to smooth the selection results. Then press OK .
how to delete background in photoshop neatly
  • Because we will delete the background from the photo. Then we change the selection. You do this by clicking on the Select menu and then selecting Inverse . Well then the background will automatically be selected.
how to remove background Photoshop
  • Then press Delete to delete it. After that press Ctrl + D to eliminate the selection.
  • Don’t forget to deactivate the background before duplicate. By pressing the eye icon on the layer.

5. Polygon Lasso Tool

This tool has functions similar to the Pen Tool.

But the difference is that the lasso tool doesn’t have selection points while the Pen Tool has selection points.

Using the lasso tool the selection point will be directly in the form of a line .

The way to use it is also the same as the Pen Tool. We just have to select the object and then do the Inverse after that delete the background that we want.

Now that’s the 5 easy ways to remove background photos in Photoshop. Keep learning to get better results. Good luck.


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