How to Register Gmail and the 10 Best Free E-mail Accounts

Indeed there are many free email accounts that you can find on the internet so you can register for free email.

However, there are several email accounts that have more value when compared to other email accounts.

With this article, we will provide a simple guide so you can choose which email account is the best for you to use.

How to Register Gmail and the 10 Best Free E-mail Accounts

When you want to choose an email account that will be used, you certainly want to know some characteristics or advantages of one compared to the other.

This is done to make it easier for you to choose. Each email account certainly has a limit on the amount of storage you can use, displays the interface like what you will get, and how to customize it (including how you can send messages, activate the filter function, and import messages).

Later, when you want to register to get your email account, you also need to prepare a name or email address.

You may also need to set up a combination of other e-mail addresses, just in case the e-mail address you originally tried to use turned out to have been used by someone else.

Actually, you can also create e-mails with your own domain name. Usually, this is done if your email will be used for company or business interests.

There are many benefits to e-mail, in addition to its basic function of sending messages from one device to another, you can also use them for your business.

This is what is commonly referred to as email marketing. There are also various email marketing tools available on the internet.

There are many benefits to e-mail, in addition to its basic function of sending messages from one device to another, you can also use them for your business.

This is what is commonly referred to as email marketing. There are also various email marketing tools available on the internet.

Email Definition

Before we give our review about the various email accounts that exist, let’s get to know what email itself is.

Email is a means to send letters through the internet network. Email is usually referred to as email in Indonesian. E-mail stands for e-mail.

If on a traditional or regular letter you need to pay for the mail delivery service, in this email you are only charged the internet quota rate used when accessing or opening your email.

The concept of the email itself was first carried by an employee of Bolt Beranek and Newman owned by the American defense agency named Ray Tomlinson in late 1971.

Initially, Ray conducted experiments with computer programs called SNDMSG which at that time was widely used to leave messages on computers. So, people who use the computer can read the message they left behind.

Finally, the experiments carried out continued, connected through the CYPNET protocol so that messages sent could be from one computer to another.

This experiment was successful. Now, this is the beginning of what we call now e-mail.

After knowing what the e-mail is real and knowing a little about the history of e-mailing, we will provide our review of various free e-mail accounts that you can use and steps to create e-mails.

Here are 10 of the Best free Account Emails!

1. Gmail


You must have often heard of your friends or relatives using this one email account service. Gmail is very much used by people on the internet.

Moreover, Gmail is connected or connected to many social media accounts and YouTube.

There are various themes that you can apply as a Gmail interface to adjust the appearance as you want.

There are also many advanced settings and Gmail is able to create labels and filters, import e-mail from other e-mail accounts, use chat clients, and many other features including installing gadgets (add-ons) to expand your Gmail function.

You can even see your Gmail messages without an internet connection if you install Gmail Offline on your device.

Gmail provides 15 GB of free storage. In addition, Gmail is connected with other Google services (Google Drive) which makes it very easy to share files with recipients of e-mail directly from your Google Drive account without having to leave Gmail. The file can be sent in large sizes, even up to dozens of Gigabytes.

To start registering for Gmail, please click on this link.

Then, you will be taken to the page containing the form below.

how to register-gmail-form-dewaweb

The steps to creating an email are as follows:

  • Fill in the First Name in the First column and your Last Name in the Last Column.
  • Select the username you want on the front of your @  email address. For example, your name is Susi, maybe you want to have a username [email protected]. If after a failed attempt because someone already has it, try replacing it and maybe add your birth date behind, for example, [email protected].
  • Enter your email password in the password field.
  • Re-enter the same password in confirm your password column.
  • Enter the month, date, and year in the Birthday column.
  • Choose your gender, male for male, female for female, others for others, and rather not say if you don’t want to include it.
  • Enter your mobile number. This can be ignored if you don’t want to put it. However, we only recommend suggestions for the security of your Gmail address in the future.
  • Enter your old email or another email that you use. If it’s not there, please leave this section blank.
  • Select location: Indonesia, and click Next Step.
  • When the new dialog window exits, click I agree.

Finished. You have successfully created a new Gmail account. When you want to enter Gmail again, just click on the login button.

If you forget the Gmail login password, you just press Forgot password? and you will be taken to several stages of verification to change the Gmail password.

2. Yahoo Mail


As is clear, Yahoo Mail is a free email account offered by Yahoo! Every new user gets 1 TB of free storage for emails stored in your email account.

The writing window when creating a new email is a bit like the one in Gmail. One important difference is that Yahoo Mail allows you to attach files from Dropbox without having to leave your message tab.

Some cool themes are available from Yahoo Mail that can change the entire background and color scheme of your webpage, the design is quite unique.

Yahoo Mail allows you to import contacts from files on your computer as well as from your Facebook, Google and accounts. This makes it easy for you to transfer contacts from different email providers to Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail allows you to create up to 500 disposable addresses that are linked to your primary email address but do not contain your name or your other personal data.

This is very useful if you frequently sign up for web accounts and don’t want to enter their messages into your regular inbox.

Yahoo Mail also gives you access to online calendars, message retrieval applications and instant messaging services.

You can even connect an external email account to Yahoo Mail so you can use one interface to manage all your email accounts, even from services such as Gmail or Outlook Mail.

3. Outlook Mail

Outlook-Mail (Outlook Mail) is a free e-mail service from Microsoft whose overall appearance, like Gmail, has a solid interface that is easy to use or access.

Through Outlook, you can easily change the color scheme of your account’s email page and choose next to where the reading panel should be displayed. We can say the interface of Outlook is intuitive.

You can set new messages to automatically move to certain folders, categorized, marked or even forwarded if certain conditions (such as those already set) are met.

In addition, you can also connect to your Skype, Facebook and other messaging services so you can stay connected without leaving your email account.

As with Gmail, Outlook Mail connects with Outlook Calendar so that your tasks are easier to do. In addition, the add-ins are also supported in e-mail services such as PayPal, DocuSign, Trello, Boomerang, GIPHY and many other task tools.

4. AOL Mail


On the main page of AOL Mail, you can find your email and display stories or news from This can be a nice additional feature or it can also look messy depending on your personal preferences.

Like some common e-mail providers, you can quickly filter your messages to only display unread or read e-mails, or messages that are marked or not marked.

Many advanced settings can be adjusted such as changing the sensitivity of the spam filter, controlling who can send you a letter, allowing the reading panel and blocking of letters that contain certain words as you have set to be in the body of the email.

We also like one of the advantages of AOL that you can configure warnings so that AOL sends you special warning text messages if certain criteria are met (such as if an email from a particular contact includes certain words on the subject or body of the e-mail then goes into your inbox).

5. Yandex Mail


Yandex is a Russian company that provides many online tools in addition to free email accounts (such as internet browsers, 10 GB cloud storage services, and search engines.

Similar to Google (to YouTube, Google Drive, etc.), Yandex email accounts allow you to access all existing services through one login.

We can say the interface of Yandex Mail is very good. Good in the sense that the text is easy to read and the layout available is very simple in appearance but still keeps all the necessary tools intact and easy to find or access.

On Yandex, you can forward multiple messages easily. Yandex can send messages such as file attachments, and import files directly from Yandex.

Disk, send copies of messages from SMS, import images via URL, download emails to EML files, delay when emails are sent, and notify you when messages have been sent.

Even reminds you if the message you sent doesn’t get an answer or email reply.

There are also dozens of themes that you can choose to directly change the appearance of your account’s email page.

Some themes can even interact with users at the next level, such as the Weather theme that can show you the current weather in your area.

You can add another e-mail account to Yandex Mail if you prefer to read all your letters in one place.

This means you can create a Gmail and Yahoo Mail account, for example, then read it in one inbox on Yandex Mail.

Something interesting about Yandex Mail is that when you receive an email from someone, their online profile is also displayed, such as their Facebook account.

This is very helpful if you recognize who the sender is if you receive an email from someone who is not in your contact list.

The domain or address of the email account created on Yandex, all ends with @

6. ProtonMail


The main difference between ProtonMail and other email services above is that this one email account is very focused in managing encryption.

The point is that you can send letters without fear that people who are ProtonMail users, or anyone other than the recipient of the message can violate your privacy, can read what messages are being sent.

You can also choose to encrypt messages with special settings, where you can set the expiration time so that the message is destroyed instantly and unreadable after the duration you have specified (the time will start as soon as you send the message). Cool, right?

The maximum expiration time is four weeks (28 days) but you can also choose a faster time frame, such as 1-6 days or 1-23 hours, or a combination of both (for example, more than four hours a day).

If you send a message to a non-ProtonMail user and do not specify an expiration time, the message will still expire in 28 days.

The recipient of a message that receives an encrypted message opens a message through a link that will later ask for the password on the recipient and will be displayed via the link in the browser.

They can reply via encrypted channels to the same message, but the recipient does not need to have a ProtonMail account first.

Because there is a premium version, the free is limited to 500MB of storage and can only send up to 150 messages per day (which is actually more than enough for most people).

7. Zoho Mail


The first thing we noticed from Zoho Mail was, when making the message the design was very clean or minimalist.

That can be something meaningful, where you are more comfortable accessing your e-mail because of the good look.

When you create a new message, you can quickly and easily switch to a new message or the rest of your letter via a small tab on the right side of the page.

Regarding message content, you can even add images from the URL and insert the table into your message.

Besides that, it’s easy to make notes/tasks/calendar events/contacts/bookmarks on Zoho Mail because Zoho is related to several other Zoho task applications.

The stream listed on Zoho is a feature of Zoho Mail that makes it easy for your group and team members to enter to be able to interact with messages and attachments together. This is like your personal social media site and your circle.



The main difference we can find on when compared to other email account providers in this list is that you can choose about 200 other free domains (email name combinations).

You will not be limited to getting email names like [email protected] or xxx @ You can choose from the list provided by where the amount of variation is very large.

Email domains are categorized into several sections so that they are easily found. Available domains are related to work, hobbies, technology, and certain music.

There are also world and spiritual domains. Impressed weird? But this can be said to be interesting.

Some of the top choices commonly used by people are,,,,,,,,, and

Once you create your email account, you can even build up to 10 addresses that match your “main” address.

For example, if you build a address as your main address, and then use the address as another name, all messages sent to one of the addresses will enter your one inbox.

Access issues, you don’t need to worry. You can send messages to other email account users. Mail provides filters, calendars, and a storage limit of 2 GB.

9. Tutanota


Tutanota (Latin for “tuta nota”, which means “secure message”) is similar to the above ProtonMail service so that this Tutanota can automatically encrypt all your e-mails. However, you can also disable end-to-end encryption if you want the settings like that.

The first thing that stands out from this one email service is that you cannot continue creating an account or registering until you create a password that is truly safe.

Some other e-mail accounts will urge you to make your password stronger but ultimately still accepted; Tutanota applies strictly to email passwords.

A good web interface for creating an e-mail account This one is very easy to use and provides effective menu transitions, where e-mail folders and e-mail settings are put together to be simple and easily accessible.

When sending messages to non-Tutanota users, you can choose to make them password protected or make them unencrypted.

If you have chosen a password, the recipient will get a custom link to open the message, where they have to enter the password you created earlier to read and reply to your e-mail.

Perhaps the best feature about Tutanota is when you as a Tutanota user can exchange messages with other users who don’t use Tutanota.

The message is still in the Tutanota temporary account. This means you can communicate two-way with other email services and they can open the links as we explained earlier.

Tutanota provides mobile applications, both for Android and iOS. Then about the limit of storage or email storage, available at 1 GB.


Unseen-Email is a private communication service that provides single web-based messaging solutions to encrypt email, files, instant messengers, and discussion boards.

Unseen wants to replace social networks that are considered unsafe like Facebook and Twitter. Then Unseen wants to take over the users who have used popular email accounts such as Gmail or Yahoo.

This popular email account is considered unsafe from third-party supervision. Your data is considered to be taken by those who need it for their business.

Do not believe? Ever felt that you were talking about a trip to Japan with other fellow email users and then suddenly entered an advertisement from a travel agent about a trip to Japan?

The company has home-based data in Iceland to make it difficult for the US government to report surveillance to all internet users via their e-mail. applies its own encryption method, claiming that this e-mail account can prevent you from the possibility of an unwanted interruption of your encryption key. can secure your data with the One Time Pad algorithm, where keywords don’t repeat and each message is encrypted separately with its own key.

This email account is widely used by internet users who want to protect themselves from the supervision of unwanted people in order to maintain their privacy in sending messages with other fellow Unseen users (you cannot send messages from Unseen accounts to email addresses from other accounts besides Unseen).

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