How to Make Instagram Promo Videos


Promotion is the key to the success of any product or service, and what better way of doing so than posting it on social media platforms. Promo videos on social media sites like Instagram and others can give a huge leap to your online marketing strategies.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps, having crossed the threshold of one billion monthly active followers back in 2018. Its value reportedly surpassed $100 billion in the same year. These figures speak volumes about its fan-following and popularity.

How to Make Instagram Promo Videos

The primary reason for the worldwide acceptance and demand of Instagram is its focus on visual content. Visual memories are the strongest and most appealing. Videos and photos tend to engage subscribers’ attention span for a much longer period than just text content. Hence, creating videos for promoting and spreading the word about your products on Instagram can prove to be highly beneficial for your business.

Instagram has evolved its features over the years. It has now permitted its users to upload as long as a half-an-hour video on the app, as against just a minute video, way past 2016. One of the latest additions to Instagram is Instagram live. It allows users to record live video sessions for an hour without any break or interruption in between, which is an added advantage to online marketing strategies for both businesses and individuals.

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What Makes a Promo Video Work?

Instagram has numerous photos and videos that get uploaded every day. However, to understand what works best for your brand image and what instigates user engagement, you need to rule out what kind of videos are admired by the users and which are ones they skip on.

Length of the video

Engagement rates are directly impacted by the length of a video posted on Instagram. Statistics reveal that videos with a duration of 30 seconds were the ones that received maximum reviews and comments.

The primary reason for this is Instagram stories are just 15 seconds long, and videos on Instagram used to be a minute long only. Hence, anything which exceeds this timeline needs to be quite engaging to keep the viewers’ attention intact.

However, with the introduction of IGTV, users may get accustomed to lengthier videos on Instagram. To ensure what engages your followers the most, you need to experiment with the time duration and see which are the ones that get the most likes and shares.


In-video text captions with animation help keep viewers clinched to promo videos, even when they cannot watch them at loud volume. Making promo videos with the highest quality text along with professional animation over premium stock footage can add a good deal of engagement for your viewers, especially in times when they cannot keep their volume turned up.


While watching a promo video, music can completely change the mood, experience, and feel of it for the viewer. However, when syncing in music with your video reel, make sure it makes sense with the imagery and message that you want to portray through it. Instagram has recently added the music feature to its app, where the users can pick up a particular snippet from a list of songs that shows on clicking the music sticker, and add it to their stories. It would play along with your story every time a viewer would click on it.

Video Format

When making a promo video, you need to be well versed with video formatting as well. This plays a pivotal role in keeping your viewers engaged. Some of the most popular video formats are GIFs and mini clips, and they tend to long for 1-2 seconds.

There are promo video makers with a wide range of video libraries, having high-quality videos that can be conveniently edited and used with your branding and marketing slogans. Hence, if your business has a high fan following, you can subscribe to one of these video promo libraries, from where you can churn out commercials every week and add to your Instagram feeds after making the necessary changes.

How to Produce Effective Promo Videos on Instagram?

Knowing the fact that promo videos work on Instagram, we now need to learn how to make effective videos that work effectively and extensively towards our business promotion.

Photos and text content work out to be cheaper than producing high-quality promo videos on a regular scale. However, when gauging the high engagement metrics on Instagram, the return on investment from such resource-intensive strategies and campaigns can be highly rewarding in the long run. But for that, you need to know how to strike the right cord and ascertain what kind of videos would work best for your kind of business.

Collage videos

When launching a new product or a new variant of an existing product, collage videos steal the show as they bring in multiple photos into one seamless video. There are various in-video captions for better understanding and display, and the ideal collage duration remains limited to a maximum of 45 seconds.

Creating collages that are Instagram-friendly can be quite cumbersome and time-taking. However, InVideo can ease off your burden of making high-quality collage videos that Instagram lovers would admire.


Vlogs are selfie videos that let influencers connect directly with their followers via Instagram stories. They help brands create a narrative that connects them better with their followers. These promo selfie videos work best with brands that are not yet established and do not have a face.

In-action videos

In-action videos demonstrate your product in action. They showcase the usability of your product and hence allure users to buy and try them. Demonstrating products through videos can be highly effective in pulling the crowd towards a product or service.

Final Take

Instagram promo videos are an effective way to instigate video marketing campaigns for your products/services. However, you need to keep note of certain things like the recommended size of the video displays, the captions you use, providing subtitles, and investing in post-production tips like using slow-motion and filters that can add up to a better video display and help move the needle up in favor of your business promotion.


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