How to Format Your Computer Easily In 2021


Before you format your computer, make sure you already have a CD Driver (usually supplied with your computer).

Your drivers are also available on your computer. If not, go to your computer manufacturer’s website (for example, Acer).

Find Drivers for your computer in the “Support” or “Downloads” section.

How to Format Your Computer Easily

Download the most recent driver for your computer based on the operating system you want to install. If necessary, use another computer to locate and save the Driver.

pendrive cd

Insert the Driver file into an external storage device such as a CD or USB drive (pen drive), as this Driver file will disappear once you have formatted it.


Formatting Steps

  • Insert a Windows CD or CD Restore (usually supplied with a computer) into your computer’s CD drive. “Restart” your computer by selecting “Restart” on the “Turn off Computer” tab.
Format Step+2
  • Depending on your computer model, there are several key options to enter the “Boot” menu. Please refer to the picture below.
  • Please press the appropriate key option while your computer “restarting”. For example, F12 if your computer is an Acer brand. Then, select “Drive CD-ROM” if you have successfully logged in to “Boot Menu”.
  • Wait while your computer detects a Windows CD that you just entered earlier. Select the Language and the Time you want. Keyboard options must be “US”. For example, Language: English, Time: English (United States) and Keyboard: US. Click “Next”.
win7 1st
  • In the “Select the operating system you want to install” window, select the version of Windows you want to install. For example, select “Windows 7 Home Premium” and then click Next.
win7 choose+OS
  • In the “Please read the license terms” window, click “I accept the license terms”.
Install Windows 7 7 accept license terms
  • Inside the “What type of installation do you want?” select “Upgrade” if you want to upgrade from an old operating system to Windows 7. For example, Windows XP to Windows 7. Or choose “Custom (advanced)” if you are installing a new Windows operating system.
windows 7 install 9
  • Select a partition to install your Windows. If your computer has only one partition, it’s easy. But if you have more than one partition, you need to select the partition you want to use. For example, if you have partitions 1 and 2 choose partition 1 because you might be storing your data inside partition 2.
Windows7 2008 11 04 14 55 06
  • Wait while Windows installation goes on. Your computer may be “restarted” during this installation process.
670px Install Windows 7 Step 7
  • Enter “user name” and “computer name”. For example, User name: Scott and Computer name: Scott-PC. Then, click “Next”.
2 install7 full
  • Type “password” for your computer, you can also type “password hint”. “Password hint” can help you remember your password if you forget it. For example, your password is 31081957 which is the date of national independence. So your password hint should be the date of independence. Then, click “Next”.
  • Enter the “product key” for your computer if any.
  • In the “Help protect your computer and improve Windows automatically” window, select “Use recommended settings”. Click “Next”.
  • Select the appropriate time zone, if you are in India select Kolkata,Delhi.
  • In the ‘Select your computer current location’ window there are three options: Select “Home Network” if you are using the Internet at home.
  • Congratulations! Your Windows 7 has been successfully installed.


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