How to delete Windows cache in simple way In 2021


Actually, there is nothing wrong with the cache. The cache is very useful for increasing the speed of running an application.

But if it’s too much, the cache can make the computer slow down. The cache is hidden in various places in Windows so it needs to be deleted, then how do I delete the windows cache?

How to delete Windows cache

Before going to the core of the discussion, it would be nice to use to give cache understanding first.

Cache is a collection of data that is not permanent, the data is made so that it can be accessed again when Windows needs it.

Along with usage, the laptop that you use for more and more days will be slow. One of them is due to cache buildup.

Therefore, you need to do cache cleaning regularly. That way, your pc will remain stable and space on the hard disk will also not be filled with the cache.

If your PC uses Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 then you can use this method to clear the cache. There are several ways you can use it, starting from using the application to not using the application at all.

Using the Run Feature

The Windows operating system has a temporary folder that contains temporary files such as cache, cookies, history, and other temporary files. The first way you can use to delete these files is to use the run feature.

Press the Windows key  + R, then the “RUN” window will appear. Type the command  % temp%  then press enter. Then Windows will open a temporary folder. After the folder opens, you can delete all the cache files and folders.

Using Windows Disk Cleanup

The Windows operating system on your PC has a default feature for clearing cache, the feature is called “Disk Cleanup”. To clear the cache using Windows Disk Cleanup, see the information below:

Click the Start menu  > Programs> Accessories> System Tool> Disk Cleanup.

how to clean the laptop cache

After that, you will see some partitions on the hard disk. Select the partition you want to clean, wait until a number of options appear, then check all options and press the “OK” button.

Wait a while until the cleaning process is complete. The more cache that is cleared, usually, the cleaning time will be longer.

How to delete Windows cache using CCleaner

how to delete laptop cache

This method uses the CCleaner application. CCleaner can clean cache files, cookies, browsing history, and other junk files.

This CCleaner application is very light to use, so it doesn’t burden the performance of your laptop.


How to delete the cache using this application is also relatively easy, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the CCleaner application, you can search for it on Google. You need to know, that this application can be downloaded for free and with a fairly small download size.
  • After CCleaner has been successfully installed on the computer, open the application and wait until the cache scanning process is complete. Check what files you want to clean, then click the ” Run CCleaner ” button. Then CCleaner will start clearing the cache that has accumulated on your PC.
  • Then wait until the cleaning process is complete. The length of the process usually depends on how much cache is accumulating on your PC.

Of the three methods above, you can choose as you wish. All of the above methods are very easy to do.

For more optimal results, the best recommendation from techtanker is to use the CCleaner application.



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