How To Convert Video To Audio On Telegram [2023]

Telegram is one of the most popular types of online chat applications today. Competing strictly with WhatsApp and similar applications, Telegram is able to attract the interest of many users to choose it.

One of the attractions of Telegram is the best and most sophisticated security feature, where the privacy of the user’s personal data is very well maintained.

Telegram itself uses end-to-end encryption for message traffic from its users, which allows the message history to be known only by the sender and recipient. Not even Telegram will be able to find out.

How To Convert Video To Audio On Telegram

The features provided in the Telegram application are also quite a lot, what is certain is that all of these features can be used for free.

Not only as a chat application, Telegram can also be used to make voice calls and video calls. For those of you who like to watch movies by streaming, on Telegram you can do it easily.

The method is enough to find a channel or group that specifically provides links to watch movies for free, then just join in.

Many types of films are available, ranging from Indonesian films to Korean dramas, box offices, and many others.

What’s even more interesting, on Telegram, there are many bots that have their own functions.

These bots themselves were created by Telegram users with their own goals, both for their product bots and bots for general users.

For example, a bot whose function is to convert video files into audio with the Mp3 extension.

There are many types of bots of this kind and choices, you can choose according to your wishes and needs.

How to use it is fairly easy, it can even be done in seconds. For those of you who don’t know, here’s how to convert video to audio on Telegram which is easy to watch and apply.

How to Convert Video to Audio on Telegram?

Convert Video to Audio on Telegram

It’s actually very easy to convert video into audio on an Android phone. Generally, many people do this by using the video converting application, which application can be found on the Google Play store.

Some of them who don’t want to install new applications on their cellphones usually use the video convert the site to convert video files into Mp3s.

Even though there is a more practical way to convert video to audio, namely by using the Telegram application.

The complete way to convert video to audio on Telegram is as follows:

  1. The first step is to open Telegram on your Android smartphone device.
  2. Make sure you have logged in to your personal Telegram account using your cellphone number.
  3. On the main page of the Telegram application, you click the Search icon in the upper right corner of the display.
  4. Next look for the Telegram bot for video-to-audio conversion by typing ” video to audio bot “. Under the column several bot options will be displayed to convert video to audio, just choose one of them. For example, here I select Video to Audio Bot.
  5. Later we will be taken to a page like a chat. On that page you click the Start or Start button, you can also type /start then enter.
  6. The bot will respond by sending a special message. Then all you have to do is enter the video you want to convert to an audio file. You do this by clicking the Clip icon in the column to type a message, then selecting the Gallery menu. Next, find and select the video that you want to convert into an audio file, then Send.
  7. Wait until the video is successfully uploaded and sent. The bot will process the video, you only need to wait until the video is successfully converted into an audio file.
  8. If so, you will see the audio file converted earlier. To save it to HP memory, you click the Three Dots icon to the right of the audio file then select the Save in Music option.
  9. Thus the audio file will be immediately downloaded and saved to the HP memory.
  10. Finished.

It’s not difficult to convert video files to audio on Telegram Android, it doesn’t even take a long time. You only need to make sure your cellphone is connected to a fast and smooth internet network.

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Telegram Bot to Convert Video to Audio Mp3

Apart from the bots used above, there are other Telegram bot options that you can use to convert video files to audio.

Even on some other bots, you can convert only through the video link. For example a music video link from Youtube, then you take it and put it on the Telegram bot.

Later the bot will immediately do the conversion and be given only the audio version of the file that you can download to your cell phone’s memory.

There are several Telegram bot options to convert video into full audio, as follows:

1. Video To Audio Bot

Video To Audio Bot is one of the best bots on Telegram whose function is to convert video formats to audio. You only need to enter the video into the bot, then the bot will automatically convert automatically.

Apart from that, Video To Audio Bot can also function to download videos as well as convert them to Mp3 files. You only need to enter a video link from any platform, for example, Youtube into the bot.

2. YTA Bots

The function is the same as the Telegram bot above, YTA Bot functions to download and simultaneously convert a video into an Mp3 file. You need to take the link from the video you want to convert, then enter it into this bot.

Later YTA Bot will retrieve the video from the provider’s server, then immediately convert it into an audio file. Later you can download the Mp3 file to the HP memory.

3. YouTube Video To Audio

As the name implies, you can use this Telegram bot to download videos from Youtube, then convert them into Mp3 files. All you have to do is copy the Youtube video link that you want to download, then insert it into this YouTube Video To Audio bot.

Later the bot will immediately take the video and change the format to an audio file. If so, then you can save the file to the HP memory.


That was how to convert video into audio on Telegram Android which is easy and practical for you to apply.

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