How to Check Windows 10 License


Windows 10 without a license or activation cannot be used fully. You might still be able to type and install various software in it, but the message that Windows 10 that you use does not have an official license will continue to bother you.

To overcome this, you have to buy a Windows 10 license. The Windows 10 license is proof that you have Windows 10 for life for the PC / laptop / notebook you use. Whether it’s Windows 10 factory default or you install it yourself, you can choose the type of license you want.

The type of license itself is divided into three types: 1) Retail; 2) OEM; 3) VOLUME. You will know the type of license Windows 10 is right, whether your computer or laptop uses it or not, and the consequences obtained by having a Windows 10 license.

# 1 How to Check Windows 10 License Types (CMD)

This is the easiest and fastest way to find out what type of license you are using.

Open CMD or Command Prompt as an admin by pressing the R key and the Windows logo simultaneously. Then type cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter simultaneously.

Then CMD opened. Press Yes if prompted.

Then type slmgr-dlv and press Enter.

Wait a minute.

Then a dialog box like this appears:

That’s where there is info about the type of Windows 10 license used by your PC / laptop.

As in this example, the Windows 10 license that I use is OEM .

# 2 What is the Windows 10 OEM, RETAIL, and VOLUME License and the Difference

For the sake of facilitating consumers, Microsoft divides Windows 10 licenses into three types: 1) Retail; 2) OEM; 3) VOLUME.

Retail means that the license for Windows 10 that you have is yours entirely. That is, you can move a Retail license from one laptop to another laptop. But, just moving it – you can’t use the same Windows 10 retail license on more than one different PC / laptop.

Retail licenses are useful for users who move PCs/ laptops, and don’t want to buy a license again when using a new device.

OEM means the Windows 10 license is held by the laptop you are using. If you buy a new laptop or notebook, it is likely that this license will be used. This license is given by manufacturers, and is only reserved for that laptop.

You can’t move OEM licenses from one laptop to another. Moreover, using the same OEM license on more than one laptop.

VOLUME means that the license can be held by many PCs. This license is used by companies that use Windows 10 simultaneously. Usually this license is not permanent, so it must be reactivated for the enterprise’s destination.

Those are the types of licenses for Windows 10 and how to find out which licenses are used . If you experience a problem when trying to check the license, you can type it in the comment.


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