How to Check Windows 10 License and Check Windows License for Any Version!


How to Check Windows 10 License 2020

How to Check Windows 10 License – Do you know how to check Windows 10 license?

Every operating system that is owned by Microsoft or in this case the Windows operating system has a feature where when you want to install, you will be asked to enter a serial number or SN.

However, for the latest Windows versions, you don’t need to enter a serial number. That means you can skip this stage and only later after the installation process is complete you can activate it with an application called an activator.

Especially for Windows 10, if you install it directly at a trusted laptop sales place, then you will get original Windows 10, aka the original. It’s different when you download it on the internet where you will be asked to activate.

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Windows 10 License Type

How important is it that we need to know the license that Windows 10 has on our computers and laptops? Of course, this is very important.

If it turns out that the operating system you are using doesn’t even have a license, that means you got the OS illegally.

Therefore, make sure you install licensed Windows 10, especially for those of you who are always in touch with the world of government on a daily basis.

In general, the licenses owned by Windows 10 are divided into 3, namely:

1. Retail

This license has another name, namely FPP which stands for Full Packaged Product. If you want to get this one license, then all you have to do is buy it at a retail store or when buying at an online store.

There is one advantage that a retail license has. What is that? You can transfer retail licenses from one computer to another. It could be said that this license is 1 for all.

2. OEM

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer which is a license that you can get directly from a company or laptop manufacturer. You cannot move OEM type licenses from one computer to another.

3. Volume

The third license is called volume. This type of license is mostly used by companies that use PCs in large numbers. By having this license, we can activate more than 1 computer.

Regarding how many computers that can be activated using a volume license according to the agreement made between the company and the license seller.

For the volume license used by Windows 10, the Enterprise series. The downside of this license is that it has a time limit. The company must reactivate every 6 months.

How to Check License in Windows 10

Then how do you check the Windows 10 license on our computer? Of course, we want to know whether the operating system used by our computers or laptops includes retail volume or maybe OEM. Here are the steps:

  • Open CMD or Command Prompt as an admin by pressing the R key and the Windows logo simultaneously. Then type cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter simultaneously.
How to Check Windows 10 License
  • Then CMD opened. Press Yes if prompted.
How to Check Windows 10 License 1
  • Then type slmgr-dlv and press Enter.
How to Check Windows 10 License 2
  • Wait a minute.
  • Then a dialog box like this appears:
cara mengetahui jenis lisensi windows 10 rtm oem volume 005 1
  • That’s where there is info about the type of Windows 10 license used by your PC / laptop.

As in this example, the Windows 10 license that I use is OEM.

Those are the types of licenses for Windows 10 and how to find out which licenses are used. If you experience a problem when trying to check the license, you can type it in the comment.


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