How to Change Gmail Password: Quick Ways 2023

Surely you all have an email, right? Internet security experts always advise all email users to change their passwords regularly.

This needs to be done to protect information from hackers and maintain the security of your email. Now specifically for this article, we will discuss how to change your Gmail password.

Before we start, it should be noted that all Google products such as Google Drive, Google Docs, etc., use the same account information.

So if you change your Gmail password, the password to log in to all of your Google products will change. What are Google products?

Besides those mentioned above, there are also Google Maps, Google Photos, and YouTube. So you have to re-login with your new password to other Google products.

If you don’t have a Gmail account, we also have articles that discuss how to register Gmail.

How to Change Gmail Password: Best In 2023

Open your Gmail settings. To change your Gmail email, you need to access the settings in your Gmail account. How:

How to Change Gmail Password
  1. Open Gmail
  2. Select the settings option in the upper right icon of Gmail
  3. Then select Settings from the menu.

Enter the ‘Accounts and Import’ section. After you enter your Gmail settings, you need to access the tab in the top menu.

How to Change Gmail Password
  1. Select Accounts and Import from the top of Gmail.
  2. Under the change account settings option: click or select change password.

Enter your current password. Before you change your Google account password, you must verify that you know your current password.

  1. Enter your current password in the textbox Enter the password provided
  2. Then click or tap the NEXT button

Enter your new Gmail password. Now, you can change your Gmail password. Make sure you choose a password that is safe and hard to hack. If you are confused about what passwords are safe, let’s read our article about tips on creating passwords that are anti-digital threats.

How to Change Gmail Password
  1. Enter your new password in the textbox provided
  2. Enter your new password again in the second textbox provided to ensure that you enter the password you want correctly
  3. Click or tap Change password

Additional steps to secure your Gmail account. If you have been a victim of password theft or fear that your Gmail account will be hacked, you can try the following tips:

  • Try signing out of all your Gmail sessions
  • Verify that you recognize all services and people who access your Gmail account
  • Enable 2-step authentication Gmail to protect your account.


In this article, we have discussed how to change the Gmail password. You are advised to change your e-mail password for several periods, for example, once every 6 months.

This needs to be done to ensure the security of your Gmail account. Surely you don’t want your email account to be hacked, right?

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If you still have questions or want to share your experience, you can leave it in the comments column below this article. Hopefully, this article helps!

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