How to Build a Brand on TikTok (2021)


In 2021, TikTok generated an estimated $1.9 billion and had 837 million monthly active users.

It’s clear to see the new social media giant is here to stay, so it begs the question, how can you build a brand on TikTok that makes your money.

How to Build a Brand on TikTok

If you join TikTok looking to create a viral video, then you’re going to struggle. Succeeding on TikTok is much more sophisticated than that.

In fact, there is a structured blueprint that you can follow that makes TikTok success a lot easier to create and maintain. And if you keep reading, you’ll see the 4 most important steps.

  1. Define Your Audience

Who are you looking to reach on TikTok? You need to understand this before you begin creating any sort of content. Doing so will help you succeed with the TikTok algorithm.

First, learn about the TikTok demographics and those people on the platform who may be interested in your brand.

TikTok is generally more popular with teens, but despite this, it has still become a very powerful platform for business.

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  1. Perform a Competitive Audit

Do your competitors use TikTok? If so, this could be a big sign that the platform is generating good results for them. If they are not, maybe it’s a chance for you to get the edge on them.

A good exercise is to find three to five brands that are similar to yours and see what type of content they are producing and the type of engagement they are getting from their audience. Research what is working for them and what is not working.

  1. Align Goals With Business Objectives

When building a brand on TikTok, it’s smart to have a goal to achieve. Whether your goal is to reach a new audience, improve brand image, or build a stronger relationship with customers, it’s important to build a business plan of action around those goals.

TikTok provides you with all of the analytics you need to measure your success. So tracking your goals will be easy for you.

  1. Create Space to Experiment

There’s no secret formula for success with TikTok. Don’t expect to go viral overnight. You need to be creative and try new things. It’s important to have fun with it.

If something you try doesn’t work, don’t worry. Just move one and try something else. It’s important to learn from everything that doesn’t work so you can improve in the future. When you keep doing this, you may end up with a viral video.

Want to Know More About How to Build a Brand on TikTok?

To build a brand on TikTok, you need to be creative, work hard and be patient. Have fun and push the boundaries of your own creativity in order to create your own success on the platform.

We know how excited the thought of TikTok success can be, that’s why we hope this article has helped provide you with some key tips so you can build a personal brand through your social media marketing.

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