How to Backup PC / Laptop using EaseUS 2021

How to Backup PC 1

File or data loss is very annoying. Especially if the file is very important. Memorable photos, videos to downloads stored in the computer hard disk partition are very important to maintain.

For certain purposes that sacrifice important files or data such as reinstallation, or even damage to the computer, it will make the files inside it disappear and cannot be returned.

Even though you can still restore deleted files, the possibility of failing to get them back is always there. Therefore, the best way to retrieve important files or data that was previously lost is to prevent it.

EaseUS Todo Backup might be the best software to backup important data or files on a computer. The backup will prevent important files or data from being lost, even if your PC / laptop experiences unwanted things because all data has been stored/backed up before.

In addition to using EaseUS Todo Backup, you can also backup files without software, using only Windows default features. Although there is no need to download and install, using the default features for backups is very troublesome and has too many limitations.

How to Backup Data with EaseUS Todo Backup

First, download and install EaseUS Todo Backup first.

Download EaseUS Todo Backup

Open the application.

You will see the initial appearance of EaseUS Todo Backup.

EaseUS Todo Backup is able to backup partitions or hard disks at once, certain folders (such as Pictures, Music, Downloads, etc.), operating systems, duplicate partitions, duplicate the operating system, and backup e-mails.

In the example of this tutorial, I will back up an entire partition along with the contents of the data in it. You can do other types of backup as needed.

To backup partitions, click Disk / Partition Backup.

Then partitions appear from the PC hard disk. Put a check mark on any partition that you want to backup.

Below that, you can choose the destination folder or destination where the backup will be saved. You can connect a flashdisk, DVD, or other storage media as a backup storage area.

How to Backup PC 5

You can name this backup process with a name that is easy to remember because the backup results also need to be restored or returned at any time. Also, fill in the description if necessary.

How to Backup PC 6

In addition, EaseUS Todo Backup offers a scheduling feature to automatically backup files. For example, automatic backups every day, every week, every month, and other automatic backup schedule options.

Select Backup Options. You can give a password to the backup results, set the compression that will determine how much the overall backup file size, adjusts the performance or performance of the backup process, email notifications, special commands, and the exception of backups.

After everything is ready, you can immediately start the backup process. Select Proceed to start backing up files.

How to Backup PC 7

When the backup process is running, you can ask EaseUS Todo Backup to automatically shut down the computer, restart, hibernate, or something else when the backup process has been completed.

How to Backup PC 8

When the backup process is complete, you will see the Task Completed. There is also a Recover button available to directly restore or restore backup results when needed, for example when unwanted things happen on partitions or data loss in a backup partition.


How to Backup PC 9

In addition to restoring backup results made by EaseUS Todo Backup, you can also restore backups of PDB files from the outside, backup files that have been created by other software.

How to Backup PC 10

EaseUS Todo Backup also offers a System Transfer feature to send files or data as a whole from PC to another PC. Unfortunately, this feature can only be used by Home users, who need to pay $ 29 for EaseUS Todo Backup with maximum features.

How to Backup PC 11

EaseUS Todo Backup Home version has advantages that are not only System Transfer, but also email notifications, overall email backup, a much faster backup process, exceptions, and automatic backups with a schedule.

That’s how to backup data or files with the software. EaseUS Todo Backup seems to be the most reliable software for backups.

Although its features are limited, the free version of EaseUS Todo Backup is enough, especially for users who just want to just backup and restore. But if you want more features, paying $ 29 to buy the Home version of the software will not be in vain, especially if you are a computer technician.


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