How Did Pandemic Change The Scenario Of Social Media?


The pandemic outbreak has shaken people’s lives to a greater extent. Global countries are struggling to revive their fallen economy.

Needless to say that industries of various verticals are affected largely due to this unexpected sudden happening.

How Did Pandemic Change The Scenario Of Social Media

Today, social platforms are an essential commercial medium, with social sales contributing largely to a company’s growth.

In this article, you will know how social platforms functioned during the hard times of the pandemic.

The Social Platforms Become Lifeline During The Pandemic:

Social Platforms played an important role in coping with the tough times of the pandemic. Every country had its own phase of hard times due to this pandemic.

Social Platforms turned into a pillar of strength during those times. For example, the World Health Organisation (WHO) joined hands with Facebook to create awareness among people to combat the coronavirus.

Through Facebook, people received real-time data about the situation in their state/country, such as the daily cases, mortality rate, etc.

Facebook also kept sending frequent notifications to people about the importance of maintaining social distance, wearing masks, washing hands, and other preventive measures to be followed. These measures helped people to stay alert and be mindful of the actions.

On the other hand, Twitter also played its role to manage these tough times. People were able to gather necessary data such as the availability of beds, oxygen, helplines, and other essentials on Twitter.

In addition, the platform helped people to stay updated about the situation around them. Thus, tweets acted as the primary medium of communication among people.

Facebook MarketPlace:

Facebook MarketPlace

Facebook is a huge social platform with over 2.7 billion monthly active users. Being the social application with the most number of users, it did its best to mitigate the situation.

Due to the restrictions in the outside movement, people were prompted to stay within their homes. Hence, this has drastically affected the business of many restaurants and grocery stores etc.

Understanding the situation, Facebook launched ‘Marketplace’. The section lets people know about the availability of shops and other essentials within a particular radius. Facebook also directed to have a contactless delivery and to follow the safety precautions.

Thus, this measure from Facebook had helped businesses to revive their business to a certain extent. Thus, this social platform also did its part during the pandemic.

Surge In Social Media Consumption:

Social Media had a vast surge in its consumption last year. According to research conducted by, July 2020 had a nearly 10.5% rise in social media usage when compared with July 2019.

Through this, you can know how social media usage increased last year. People also had no choice other than to surf the social applications since they were locked within their homes.

A wide range of content on social platforms helped people relieve stress to a certain extent. Hence, influencers across the major social applications also had a good rise in the reach of their content.

Thus, Influencers had a good time during the pandemic as they reached many people and increased their follower base.

Some influencers use to buy cheap TikTok likes to increase their video reach. People also learned new skills by learning cooking from the master chefs on social platforms.

Many started to explore new social applications. Subsequently, platforms witnessed a rise in their user base.

Wrapping Up:

Social Platforms have come a long way from being an entertainment medium. They acted as the major medium helping governments to take their messages to their citizens in a short span of time. Thus, social platforms have become an essential and integral part of lives.


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