How to Hide Your Whatsapp Status Easily


How to Hide Your WhatsApp Status in Your Mobile

Do you want to Hide your WhatsApp Status? If, yes then follow the instruction below.

WhatsApp is a popular chat and phone application on Android and iPhone. With WhatsApp, you can also share status/stories that are seen and read by all telephone contacts.

For those who want to maintain privacy more, WhatsApp also presents a feature to prevent the WhatsApp status/story that you created so that it is not seen/read by other WhatsApp contacts, and you can choose anyone who can’t see the status.

How to Hide WhatsApp Status  on iPhone / Android

WhatsApp on the iPhone has a little difference from WhatsApp on Android. But in terms of setting status, it makes no difference.

Open WhatsApp on your Android / iPhone smartphone.

WhatsApp Status


  • Enter Settings.
  • Then select Accounts.

WhatsApp Status

  • Choose Privacy.
  • Select Status.

WhatsApp Status on Iphone

Then choose how WhatsApp displays the WhatsApp status/story that you created, anyone who can see it.

You can choose My Contact for all WhatsApp contacts, My Contact Except to choose which people should not see the status, or Only Share With to choose anyone who can see the story that you created.

WhatsApp Status on Iphone

In this example, I exclude certain people from contacts so I can’t see the WhatsApp status/story that I created. Select the desired contact, then select Done.

If you have previously created a story / WhatsApp status then changed the status privacy settings, then the previous status visibility will still be visible to anyone selected based on the previous privacy settings.

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That’s how to hide WhatsApp status/stories so that they are not seen or read by certain people. You can do this on iPhone or Android, with the latest WhatsApp version.

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