How to Hide any Application, Photo, Video or File on Android


Tricks to Various Ways to Hide any Application, Photo, Video or File on Your Android Phone

file hide expert how to hidden file

Android, Google’s mobile operating system has many features that are easy to use. Millions of applications and games can be downloaded and used for free or for payment. One of them, the application to hide applications, photos, videos, files or secret folders on Android.

As an operating system, Android does not provide Hide files features or features to hide files or folders. But, some users who use Android smartphones from a number of manufacturers that carry the Hide file feature can use it.

Just say Xiaomi, Oppo, ASUS, Samsung, and a number of other Android mobile brands carry the Hide file feature, which is certainly simpler and easier to use, without the need to download additional applications from the Play Store.

However, if it turns out that the Android smartphone that you are using does not have the default Hide files feature, you can hide the folder by changing its name.

1. How to Hide Files with Rename Folder on Android

Open File Manager. Then go to the target folder where one of the folders contains the secret files that you want to hide.

Hold down the folder, and select Rename to change its name.

rename folder that you want to hide

Rename the folder by adding “.” In front of the folder name. Select  OK.

rename folder that you want to hide

Then, the folder and its contents, both videos, music, photos, documents, will no longer appear in the video player, music player, reader, and gallery.

This name change is inspired by the name of the Android system folder whose contents will not be detected in the gallery, reader, or media player – just by adding “.” In front of it.

Unfortunately, the folder and its contents will still appear if you open it in the File Manager manually, and not through the gallery or media player. This trick can be easily dismantled, especially for users who are quite proficient at using Android.

2. Hiding Files by Using Default Features

A number of manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Oppo, ASUS, and others carry the “Hide file” feature by default. In this tutorial, I only present the method directly on Xiaomi.

Open Explorer at Xiaomi. Enter the target folder.

Press and hold on the folder or file, and select Hide.

hide file

Then choose Hide to hide.

hidden file

After that, Xiaomi encrypts the folder or file that you want to hide.

encrypt the file folder

Then, the file or folder has been hidden.

file has been hidden

But, how do you view hidden files?

You can do this by holding down the top Explorer, slightly down. Like this:


For users whose Android smartphones don’t have the Hide files feature or want more features, use the following best applications to hide files or folders, images or videos, to Android applications.

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3. File Hide Expert, Hiding Files in a Simple Way

file hide expert

Android may not carry a feature directed by default to hide files or folders. There is one Android application that seems best to hide photos, videos, images, and applications.

The hide files application is very simple and simple, even though it looks less pleasing to the eye. But the appearance of the application is not very important, the most important is the function and the free, right?

File Hide Expert works with a password system. It can hide all types of files and folders on Android, including photos, videos, songs, documents and more. Its simple appearance makes File Hide Expert easy to use.

Download File Hide Expert on Google Play

4. Keep safe Photo Vault, the Best Android Application to Hide Photos

how to hide photo video folder files on android

Keep safe Photo Vault is a bit different from File Hide Expert. This application is able to hide photos with the appearance of applications that are more pleasing to the eye. Keepsafe works with a PIN system to hide photos.

Keep safe Photo Vault is not only able to hide photos from the Gallery or File Manager on Android, but also backup photos to its cloud service. This is useful when the Android phone is lost, you will not lose the photos in it.

Download Keepsafe Photo Vault for Android

5. AppLock, Solution for Users Who Want to Lock Applications

hide file

Instead of hiding files, folders, photos, videos, documents or anything on an Android smartphone, it might be better to lock applications where photos, videos, or other confidential files are located.

This is very useful when friends want to borrow your smartphone without fearing that your secret files are accessed by them. Photos, videos, documents, and applications that other people should not see, are finally safe.

Download applock

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That’s how to easily hide files, folders, photos, videos, and applications. This way, any secret files or folders will be maintained, even though your Android smartphone is often borrowed.

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