Top 10 Best Games Like Freelancer [2023]

Best games like Freelancer: First of all, Freelancer is a unique video game, with multiplayer combat, strategy, and trading.

In addition, it offers you a huge game world, addictive nature, and all the pleasure of exploration, it is a super exciting game to play and enjoy.

Freelancer offers the multiplayer mode that lets you play the role you want, explore the game world or just get into epic battles, earn points, buy upgrades and immerse yourself in the game. one of the most captivating gameplay of all time.

Best Games Like Freelancer

However, there are still many best games like Freelancer and they are almost as nice. You can play these group / multiplayer games on any device. All these games are free and you can play online or offline.

10 Best Games like Freelancer – You Can Play on PC, Android, PlayStation, or iOS

Frankly, it’s the best game like Freelancer. You can bring all your friends together to play this game on any device. You can play multiplayer and compete with multiple people.

1. Mercenary Evochron

In fact, the Evochron mercenary is the best for players who want to dig diamonds. Race with the best drivers in the game. Evochron Mercenary Mods give users the best experience while they play.

In addition, the best thing about this game is that you not only get a few goals, but you can also create new ones. The ability to customize your Evochron mercenary ships makes it an interesting game.

During the war, you can also control your ships using AI. Play with your friends and create your own team.

2. X Renaissance

X Rebirth gives the player the best graphic experience he expects from a game. You can fight in the X universe and travel in different ships. each ship has various objectives and battles.

From small attacks to devastating attacks, you will have no mercy on the creatures of the X universe.

Surely, the X Renaissance card allows you to enjoy excellent graphics, sound effects, and game soundtracks without even getting into the game.

The camera zoom and sector view give the soldiers a classic glimpse of the area that they will save. There are different beta versions of the game that allow you to watch multiple cards.

3. Astro Lords

Astro Lords: Of course, Oort Cloud is one of the best space fighting games or Best games like Freelancer. It is also available on Android, iOS, or even Nintendo. You fight with mysterious aliens from other planets and have to save the asteroid.

Moreover, an asteroid is the heart of your game. You have to build various factories, laboratories, mines, and other buildings to give your asteroid a magnificent appearance. there will be captains to help you, you can also customize them according to the style of play.

Along with the players, they learn more than 50 different skills. PVP mode allows Astro lords to fight with other Astro lords.

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4. Dark Orbit

Originally released in December 2006 by Bigpoint, DarkOrbit focuses on the massively multiplayer game. DarkOrbit Reloaded is the latest version of the game with more than 10.7 million players facing each other.

This game is one of the best for best games like Freelancer. You will need to activate Flash Player to play it on your PC because it is a game based on a web browser.

In addition, various tools and features of this game allow the captains of the spaceship to customize them. Improved graphics and a thrilling story make this game Bigpoint DarkOrbit a quality game.

5. Star Ruler

First, the first version of Star Ruler did not go well, but the second release attracted the attention of many players.

The latest features, improvements, and bug fixes have overcome all the shortcomings of the previous version. The V2.0.0 update brought everything a goalkeeper on the planet wanted to see in the game.

In addition, new races, and new maps allow players to explore more than ever. Star Ruler 2 review explains why this game is the best among 4x games and the Best games like Freelancer.

6. Galactic Civilizations II: Dreadlords

Ranked 9/10 by Best Games as Freelancer, you engage in a fight against the evil Empire Drengin and his ruthless allies.

It is your responsibility to protect your civilization. At the same time, you can also create your own spaceship, build your empire. Being victorious gives you rewards.

The ultimate edition of Galactic Civilizations 2 and Galactic Civilizations III is the first choice of people who like to play space games in real-time.

The latest update of this game is available on the website. The update includes new race colors for Iconian Refuge and the Krynn Consulate, as well as other fixes and graphics enhancements.

7. Stellaris

In fact, Stellaris offers you the best possible graphical experience. just like Start Ruler, it’s also part of 4x games. The piece is available in three different editions: Standard, Stellaris Nova, and Stellaris Galaxy.

In addition, the game gives you the most difficult challenges and opportunities to search for more planets.

From what we know. The developers have announced that they will release Stellaris PS4 and X Box One version with new features. However, the dates are not confirmed.

8. EVE: Valkyrie

On the one hand, if you are looking for the Best Games like Freelancer? then you are on the right page. EVE: Valkyrie has what you want. Eve Valkyrie ps4, Eve Valkyrie PC, and Eve Valkyrie VR versions are available on the official website.

On the other hand, the best thing about the game is that you have nothing to pay for updates and you get the best of the game.

In other words, you do not just play the game, you live as long as you do not play because of virtual reality, but also thanks to the best graphics. Must visit the site.

9. Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous pc is also great in the race. It is also available on other platforms such as Xbox One and PS4.

The latest version of Chapter 3 gives an elegant look and allows you to reveal the secrets of the guardians. Your actions improve your abilities in the game, so get ready when you play in the game.

In addition, the new season of Elite Dangerous Horizons can be purchased for only $ 39.99.

Earn points during hunting, smuggling, mining, and exploration and become an elite. The experience of this game in UltraHD VR goes beyond words.

10. X3: Meeting

Obviously, no need to explain why we put this on the list. This game is the sequel to the award-winning X2 game with the new X3: Reunion and X3: Reunion cards.

This game also allows you to experience X-universe and is supported by 10 languages. The developers have fully used DirectX technology.

Besides, the advantage of this game is that it does not require any high-end PC to work. Any budget PC can run this game smoothly.

The latest version includes packages such as Soft-Box, Gold-Box, and Egosoft Collection. You can buy it on Steam.


To conclude, we could say that there are many other best games like Freelancer, but we put these top 10 games on the list because these games were personally testicular and were deemed authentic.

According to our team, Eve Valkyrie is the best alternative for Best Games like Freelancer but requires a high-end graphics PC.

On the other hand, X3: Reunion offers you an almost exact experience without paying much for high-end graphics and other hardware.

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