120+ Free PES Mobile Accounts [Still Active Today 2024]

For you PES Football fans, now you can get a free Full Iconic Legend PES account which is still active today without having to top up.

The PES game is already legendary among football console game lovers. This game presents an atmosphere of playing soccer that feels realistic, making it very fun to play.

Until now, many people have been interested in installing PES games on PCs or cellphones so that they can be played during their spare time. You can play it alone or compete against friends.

Free PES Mobile Accounts [Still Active Today With Full Legends]

Overview of PES Mobile

PES stands for Pro Evolution Soccer, a soccer game made by Konami which is very popular even today.

The PES series first appeared in 1994 under the name ISS (International Superstar Soccer). Even though it has been almost three decades old, the PES game is still in great demand by football lovers.

Not without reason, this one game presents a very realistic atmosphere of playing football.

The intensity of playing football on the gridiron is so obvious because the players are required to compete with each other’s skills and strategies to win the match.

What’s more, the teams that are played are also the world’s big teams complete with legendary players.

The Difference Between PES and eFootball

After more than two decades of being present among football fans, PES finally changed its name to eFootball in 2024. Want to get eFootball Accounts? Well, you can read our previous published post on Free eFootball Mobile Accounts.

Whether the name changed or not, what is clear is that the name PES is better known to the wider community than eFootball.

Nevertheless, Konami explained that eFootball and PES have a number of differences, one of which is that eFootball focuses more on online features so that it can be played on Android or iOS devices.

Free PES Account Collection Today

PES Free Accounts are PES Free-to-Play accounts that can be created and played for free which consist of PES Sultan, Special, Full POTW or Iconic Full Legends accounts.

Now for those of you who want to play PES but don’t have a good line-up making it difficult to win the game, you can use a free PES account.

Several sources on the Internet also provide PES accounts that you can play for free, but not all accounts that are shared are still active because they have been used by other people.

Therefore, you can use the following collection of free PES 2024 full iconic accounts today:

Free Full Sultan PES Account 2024

PES Sultan account is an account that has more than 1 million GP and myClub Coins exceeds 3000 coins in 1 account.

Free Full Sultan PES Account

The full sultan free PES account below has thousands of free coins and is ready to use, including:

Full POTW Free PES Account [2024]

POTW stands for Player of the Week. The PES Full POTW account has a good pool of quality players which are hard to get because they require expensive purchases.

Full POTW Free PES Account

But now you can use the following Free Full POTW PES accounts:

Free PES Legends Account 2024

PES accounts with Legend cards are also highly contested because they have legendary players that other accounts rarely have.

Playing PES using legendary players will increase the chances of winning.

Free PES Legends Account

The following is a collection of PES Mobile Free Full Legends accounts that you can use:

Iconic Free PES Account [2024]

Apart from legend cards, Iconic cards are also rare. Accounts that have this card have iconic players with reliable and qualified skills that ordinary players don’t have.

Iconic Free PES Account

Here’s a collection of the latest Full Iconic Free PES Mobile Accounts that you can use:

Special Free PES Account 2024

Special PES accounts are arguably the most special accounts among all other PES accounts. The reason is, there are many iconic players and legendary players there.

Special Free PES Account

The following is a collection of Special Free PES accounts that you can use:

Is a Free PES Account Safe to Use?

In general, Free PES accounts are safe to use if you follow proper security practices. But always be careful of phishing attempts where fraudsters try to get your login information by sending fake e-mails or messages that appear to be official.

If available use additional security features such as two-factor authentication (2FA). This will add an extra layer of protection by asking for an additional verification code at login.

By keeping your account secure and following the security measures mentioned above, you can use your Free PES account more safely.

How to Install eFootball PES Mobile

In general, installing PES games can be done via Mobile or HP and PC by using an additional application, namely the Emulator.

Uniquely, PES games can be played on cell phones smoothly. But if you have more budget, you can also install this game on your PC or laptop to get a better experience playing soccer games.

Install PES Mobile on your cellphone

For those of you who want to play PES Mobile only on your cellphone, you can install the PES Mobile application from a trusted source such as Playstore or Appstore.

✅ App Name⭐ eFootball™ 2023
✅ Developer⚡ KONAMI
✅ Rating⭐3.8 / 5 (11.6 Million Reviews) / 100+ Million Downloads
✅ Application Links⭐⭐⭐Click Here

Here’s how to install the PES application on a cellphone:

  1. Open the app store on your mobile device, be it App Store (for iOS users) or Google Play Store (for Android users).
  2. Search for PES Mobile then tap the Download button to start the download and installation process.
  3. Wait until the download process is complete.
  4. After downloading, the PES Mobile application will be installed automatically on your cellphone.
  5. Open the PES Mobile application then play Exhibition Match, Online Match, or Campaign Mode using the free PES account above.

Install PES Mobile On PC

Before using PES Mobile on your laptop or PC, you should make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements to run PES Mobile smoothly.

After that, see how to install the PES Mobile application on the following PC:

  1. Download the emulator first on your PC.
  2. If the emulator has been successfully downloaded, please install the emulator.
  3. Open the emulator, then sign in with a Google account.
  4. Then open the Playstore in the emulator then search for PES Mobile.
  5. Please download the PES Mobile application as usual then install it on your PC.
  6. Then open eFootball PES Mobile on the emulator.
  7. Finally, set the controller, you can use the joystick or keyboard, just adjust it to your taste.

Make sure the laptop or PC specifications are at least using Windows 7 and above, minimum AMD Dual Core or Intel equivalent, at least 2 GB free disk space, and 2 GB RAM and above.

If the PC has qualified specifications, the game usually doesn’t lag or slow. If lag occurs, optimize your PC by clearing the cache or removing unused programs.

How to Play PES Mobile

In order to always achieve victory when playing PES Mobile, you must have a well-thought-out strategy and the game cannot be done carelessly.

Therefore, consider some of the following tips for playing PES Mobile:

Choose the Right Formation

Choose the right trainer according to the style of play you like, for example, if you like an attacking style of play, then use a trainer who has an attacking type.

In addition, choose the best formation according to the style of play. If the coach is replaced, usually the style of play will be different. So make sure to choose the most appropriate coach.

Select Full Iconic and Legends Players

Besides having to use good formations and trainers, you also have to choose Full Iconic Legend players to win every match on PES mobile.

Get players who are strong and have the best skills. Famous names like Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo are the right choice because they can strengthen your team.

You can use the full iconic legend collection of Free PES accounts above to get quality players so you can win the game easily.

Learn the Knuckle Shot

This one kick is a favorite trick of PES players and is very effective as a long-distance kick. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, partner the run button and aim at the opponent’s defense area.
  2. If you are close to the penalty box area, then tap the Shot button until the indicator shows yellow.
  3. Next, the player will do a Knuckle kick towards the opponent’s goal.

Maximize Free Kicks

Apart from doing Knuckle Shots, you also have to maximize free kicks or Free Kicks by choosing players with a high level of accuracy so that their kicks can result in goals.

Whenever the team gets this opportunity, please do the following steps:

  1. Make sure the violation is committed near the penalty box (about 30 meters from the opponent’s goal).
  2. Position the direction of the kick straight toward the opponent’s goal, and focus on the empty side.
  3. Next, slide the screen straight toward the intended point.
  4. Slide with the right feeling.
  5. The player who executes the free kick will take the Knuckle Shot and score a goal.

Use Plesing Kick

The Plesing Kick, also known as the Banana Kick, is also quite popular among PES Mobile fans to score more goals.

Here’s how to use plesing kicks in PES Mobile:

  1. Use players who are a dominant right foot.
  2. Over the ball on the player on the right wing.
  3. Next, press the run button from the side to the center.
  4. Press the Shoot button and swipe down.
  5. Make sure the kick is done in the corner of the penalty box.

Tips for Using a Free PES Account 

You need to know that not all of the Free PES accounts above can be used, some accounts may have been used by other people. However, we will still update the list of accounts that are still available.

With a Free PES account, you can access most of the basic features of the game, such as Exhibition Match mode, Online Match, and several other modes depending on the version you are playing.

However, there are some features and content that may be limited or not available in the free version. For example, the Campaign mode is more limited which requires upgrading to the paid version or buying in-game items.

Hope it is useful!

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