25 Best Free Movie Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad


Looking for free movie apps that allow you to watch or play movies & shows on the go? See a complete list of our movie applications that allow free streaming on Android, iPhone and iPad.

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We all like watching movies. By the way, who doesn’t? From gesturing at trending events to being entertained, watching movies has been with us since time immemorial.

For more than a century watching films, new ways of watching films have made the film industry nervous. These changes are driven by technology that continues to grow and move quickly.

Since 2007 – when Apple launched its first smartphone – Mobile has become the main device for watching movies.

Be it the Android or iOS platform, there are many applications that can help you watch movies on your mobile device.

Because there are thousands of free movie applications on the Internet, Google Play Store and App Store, that means you will be spoiled for choice when you have to choose the application that suits your taste or genre.

Because of this number of applications, it becomes difficult to find the best film application especially if you are a beginner.

In this article ” 25 Best Free Film Applications “, we study the world of watching smartphone films further and bring you the best free movie apps that can help you watch movies on your mobile device. Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Best Free Movie Apps for Android and iPhone 2020

Here is a list of the best free movie apps for Android and iPhone in 2020:

1. CotoMovies

Bobby films free movie apps

Bobby Movie is an application available for Android and iOS. This can be installed on Android with the APK downloaded and to get this application on iOS, you must open their website in Safari on your iOS device.

You can install Bobby HD on iOS from there. The application itself is one of the few free movie applications available for iOS and has a good UI and all movies and TV shows are well laid out with all the details.

Download CotoMovies Apk

2. Google Play Movies & TV

free movie apps Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Movies & TV is an application dedicated to buying and renting movies and TV shows. But every now and then, Google offers free movie rentals or TV shows so you can check the app to take these limited-time rentals.

Or, you can install the Google Rewards Application that will send you regular surveys every month and for each survey that you complete, you will be given some Play Credit that you can use to rent movies and TV shows.

This eventually became a free and legal movie application for Android and iOS with the Google Rewards application.

Download Google Play Movies & TV for Android

Download Google Play Movies & TV for iPhone and iPad

3. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is available for Android and iOS and you can legally watch many popular movies and TV shows on the application without paying anything. You don’t even need a credit card to use the application because the application is monetized by advertisements.

This app is updated with free movies and TV shows every week so you won’t run out of new things to watch.

You can watch films in various genres such as action films, classics, documentaries, and even films from other countries such as Korean films, dramas, and more.

This free movie apps works with the internet but behave like cable TV which means it is completely free and legal.

Download Tubi TV for Android

Download Tubi TV for iPhone & iPad

4. SnagFilm

SnagFilm is a free movie apps

SnagFilms is a completely legal way to watch movies and TV shows on your Android and iOS devices. This application is also supported by Android TV so if you have a smart TV running on Android TV, you can download the application and enjoy it on television too.

SnagFilms offers more than 5000 films, documentaries, and TV shows. He also has a portfolio of films in different genres such as action, adventure, comedy and more.

These free movie apps is updated with new content every month and the best part is you don’t have to pay even a penny to use the application.

Download SnagFilms for Android

Download SnagFilms for iPhone and iPad

5. Viewster

Viewster lets you watch movies, TV shows, and even Anime without the need for payment or subscription. It has a large portfolio of films, TV shows and anime that include new anime and even classics that you might like.

The best part about Viewster is that you don’t need to register to start watching. Just download the Android or iOS application and you will be able to watch whatever you want from the portfolio instantly.

You can choose the channel you want to watch, and this application also has a watch function later if you find something you want to watch later.

Download Viewster for Android

Download Viewster for iPhone & iPad

6. Popcorn Flix

free movie apps Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is ​​an application that is officially available on the Play Store and iTunes app store. You can watch free full-length movies in the application easily without cost or subscription.

You can choose from more than 700 available films starring actors such as Brad Pitt, Kristen Stewart, and others. Films are available in many genres and the application is updated daily with new films.

You can also start watching at no cost and there is no limit to the number of movies you can watch. This application is supported by ads, so you might see some ads but it’s better than paying a fee every month, right?

Download Popcorn Flix for Android

Download Popcorn Flix for iPhone & iPad

7. Crackle

Crackle free movie apps

Crackle is a great way to watch Hollywood movies and TV shows. This application also provides a lot of original Crackle content that is completely free to watch.

You can easily stream content from the official application available on the Play Store and iTunes App Store. With such a large portfolio, Crackle is definitely one of the best free ways to watch movies.

You can even register for services and have personalized options such as synchronizing the progress of the last playback or playlist so that if you switch devices, you will be able to continue and access the synchronized watch content later.

Download Crackle for Android

Download Crackle for iPhone & iPad

8. BIGSTAR film

BIGSTAR film free movie apps

BIGSTAR films are a great way to watch independent films along with foreign films, documentaries, and even short films. It contains thousands of films and hundreds of titles that can be watched for free.

The thing about this application is, it doesn’t really cover all Hollywood films but independent films and films of different genres are available free of charge.

This application provides more than hundreds of titles for free while a complete portfolio is available for $ 4.99 per month.

Free Movie Apps is available for Android, iOS, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Smart TV, Chromecast, and many other platforms. This application is updated with new additions in the portfolio every week.

Download BIGSTAR Movies for Android

Download BIGSTAR Movies for iPhone & iPad

9. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll free movie apps

Crunchyroll is something that anime lovers will surely appreciate. This service comes with free access to more than 25,000 episodes and more than 15,000 hours of the latest anime.

You will be able to watch anime and movies from titles such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece and more.

It comes with free access to content but you can also register for the premium version which brings instant access to the latest anime episodes after they are streamed in Japan.

The best part about Crunchyroll is it’s free on all platforms such as Android and iOS and you can also access it on other platforms such as Windows, Xbox One Console, PlayStation, and others.

Download Crunchyroll Movies for Android

Download Crunchyroll Movies for iPhone & iPad

10. Hotstar

free movie apps Hotstar

Hotstar is another service that allows you to watch movies and TV shows for free on Android and iOS. You can easily download it on your device and start watching movies in various languages.

You can watch Hollywood movies, Bollywood films, and more. There are also premium subscription options that bring HBO, and Hotstar Originals to people who have subscribed to premium services.

Download Hotstar for Android

Download Hotstar for iPhone & iPad

11. JioCinema

JioCinema is one of the many applications provided by Jio for its users. This application lets you watch movies for free on your Android and iOS devices.

What you need is a Jio ID that can be easily obtained if you already use Jio as your network provider or from a friend who uses Jio.

The ID can be used to enter applications on Android, iOS and even the web and you will be able to watch a very large movie portfolio for free.

There is no need to pay anything extra for this service because this service is completely free to use with your Jio account.

Download JioCinema for Android

Download JioCinema for iPhone & iPad

12. Wynk Films

Wynk Films

Wynk Movies is an Airtel service for Airtel users and has a large number of films available from Hollywood, Bollywood and more.

This application is completely free to use with your Airtel account and works without a monthly subscription if you already have a data plan from the company.

This application is available for Android and iOS and can work without using your data on the Airtel network if you sign in, which means your data will not be consumed if you watch movies from this application on the Airtel network.

Download Wynk Movies for Android

Download Wynk Movies for iPhone & iPad

13. Film Box

 Film Box free movie apps

Movie Box is something that can be called an alternative ShowBox for iOS. This application has been designed with iOS devices in mind and works very well like ShowBox.

It has a large portfolio of films and TV shows and applications are updated daily with new content.

You will be able to stream free movies directly on your iOS device with the Movie Box because it gives you the choice to choose from the source for which you want to stream content.

Download Film Box for iPhone & iPad

14. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is an application that streams movies and TV shows from a torrent directly to your Android device. It is also available for Windows, macOS and even Android TV but unfortunately, this application is not available for iOS.

This is a great choice for people who want applications that stream live from a torrent instead of streaming from slower services.

The main advantage of using Popcorn Time is because it is torrent based, it works well and downloads movies as a full download speed unless your ISP has accelerated the speed for torrent downloads.

But anyway, the Popcorn Time app is definitely worth a try for your free movie viewing needs.

15. Terrarium TV

free movie apps Terrarium TV

Terrarium Tv allows you to watch movies and TV shows on your Android device for free and not only that, but also allows you to download movies and episodes of TV shows on your Android device storage, so you can bring it with you if you want to watch it next time.

The download option is also useful when you are traveling, and the network is not good for supporting streaming. This application has a very good design arranged in an organized way.

You can open a film’s profile and see details, ratings, and more. You can also sort content using filters such as newly added, most popular and more.

16. Cinema Box

Cinema Box free movie apps

Cinema Box is another alternative to ShowBox and Terrarium TV, but is specifically designed to watch movies for free.

This application lets you watch new movies from Hollywood and several other industries in full HD and HD resolution and these films can be added to your Watch List which will help you keep track of the movies you have watched and the movies you want to watch.

This application is very easy to use even though it doesn’t have the content organization that some of the other apps above do, but that is the only drawback of Cinema Box and if it doesn’t function properly.

17. VideoMix

VideoMix free movie apps

VideoMix is ​​an application that allows you to watch the latest movies and TV shows directly on your Android device. This application can stream movies and TV shows from sources such as GorillaVid, Putlocker and more.

This downloads the stream and then you can use a third-party video player such as VLC or MX Player to play the downloaded content. Each of these films has details, footage, ratings, and even other information sourced from IMDb.

This app doesn’t look modern, but it does what it says, and the UI doesn’t matter when all you have to do is watch a movie.

18. HD Movie Application

HD Movie Application

The HD Movie application for Android is a great choice and alternative for the applications mentioned above.

The HD Movie application ensures that you have access to all the latest movies released, and can be easily streamed on your Android device using a third-party player such as MX Player or VLC.

The design of the application is quite good and all the films and TV shows have been arranged in a very good way to help you explore movies and TV show episodes easily.

19. Megabox HD

Megabox HD

The MegaBox HD application allows you to watch many movies and TV shows directly on your Android device and you can choose to download or stream this movie in whatever quality you want.

You can watch and download this movie in resolutions like 360p, 720p and even 1080p which is full HD.

The application design has been developed keeping in mind the good user experience which means films and TV shows have been categorized according to their genre, year of release and more.

This application also displays information about the selected content such as details, ratings, and others.

You can choose to download something and watch it later, and the application will download all movies or TV shows so you can watch content without the need for the internet.

20. PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD is an application specifically made for iOS and can be installed very easily. This application lets you easily watch movies and TV shows on your iOS device.

Even the UI is designed for iOS users which is clear when you use the application for the first time.

This application displays details about all films and their IMDb ratings right inside the film profile which is useful when you find movies to watch.

21. Under Time

Under Time

Just like Crunchyroll, UnderAnime lets you watch the latest episodes and anime films for free in full resolution right on its Android application.

You can choose from the quality of the episodes you want to watch, and you can watch these episodes in 360p and 720p resolution.

This application also comes with additional features such as notifications when new episodes are added to your favorite anime and more.

It has support for Google Chromecast and also lets you play content on third-party players if you want to do it.

Download UnderAnime for Android

22. YouTube

free movie apps YouTube

Before you hunt to watch the movie you want to watch on Google, try searching the YouTube application. Many production companies upload their films YouTube and they are officially available to watch.

You don’t need to pay anything to watch this film and the production company generates from AdSense ads on the movie page.

This is definitely one of the best ways to watch movies online since then YouTube is a very good application and is also capable of streaming high-quality HD video even on slower networks.

YouTube is officially available on iOS as well as Android and on Android, it comes as a loaded application which means you don’t need to download it.

Download YouTube for Android

Download YouTube for iPhone & iPad

23. TeaTV


TeaTV is a rich application and a great feature for watching movies for free. It has a collection of all the latest movies and TV shows and the UI is very easy to use making it one of the best applications for this purpose out there.

It can stream movies and TV shows in full HD 1080p and works on Android, Windows 10 and macOS. On Android, you can easily install APKs when active Windows 10 and macOS. You will need an Android emulator to run applications.

24. FreeFlix HQ

FreeFlix HQ

The FreeFlix Hq application is available for Android, Windows 10 and even macOS. This application is ready to function on Android after you have installed the APK and Windows 10 and macOS you can use the Android emulator to run the application.

It comes with many features such as Chromecast support, later download and watch functions, a calendar to track film releases and episodes and even live TV and WWE broadcasts per view.

This makes this application one of the most feature-rich applications for watching movies for free. It comes with an inbuilt player, so you don’t need anything else like MX Player and VLC.

Download FreeFlix HQ for Android

25. ShowBox


Show Box is probably one of the most popular free movie streaming apps available natively on the Android platform. It offers a large library of films and shows, classics and the latest.

It gets a user base of more than 10 million and is rated very well by its users despite having a “video unavailable” problem from time to time, mainly because of the vast library of content. Download the APK from here.

Be careful when using the application because you have just experienced a few legal issues in the US.

Download ShowBox for Android

Wrap it up!

This article has delved deeper into the world of watching mobile films and brings you 25 of the best free movie apps that can help you watch movies on your mobile device.

The 25 best free movie apps that we have discussed have been tested, reviewed, and found to be functioning well.

Because of this, you can be sure that any application we review will work properly on your mobile device.

We hope this application will simplify the process of finding a free movie application from your Google Play Store or Appstore.

What is your favorite free movie apps for Android and iOS devices? Share your watching experience with us.


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