Share Free Growtopia Accounts in July 2023 [Still Active]

Growtopia is an online game that is very popular among young people. This game invites you to go on an adventure in a sandbox world full of creativity and challenges.

You can create your own world, interact with other players, collect rare items, and even fight with enemies.

But, to be able to enjoy all the features and advantages of this game, you need a good quality Growtopia account.

Latest Free Growtopia Accounts (Still Active)

Unfortunately, not everyone can easily create a Growtopia account. There are several things that must be met, such as email, password, and verification.

Not to mention if you want to have a Growtopia account that has a high level or has lots of valuable items.

You have to play diligently and patiently to achieve that. Or, you have to spend money to buy a Growtopia account from someone else.

What is Growtopia?

Growtopia is an online game that was very popular in 2014 – 2017. Initially, this game was only available for Android phones, but now it is available for iPhone, Windows, and Xbox devices.

This game was first developed by Seth Robinson and then acquired by a well-known French developer, UbiSoft. After that, this game experienced a rapid spike and even became one of the best-selling games of its time.

Growtopia is a sandbox game that carries the concept of massively multiplayer online (MMO).

This means you can play together with millions of other players around the world in real-time.

You can create your own world with the name you want, then decorate it with all kinds of items that you can collect or buy.

You can also visit other players’ worlds, either for socializing, trading, or adventure.

Growtopia has very simple but addictive gameplay. You only need to press the punch button to destroy or install items in your world.

You can also press the jump button to jump and avoid obstacles. But, don’t get me wrong. This game is not as easy as you think.

There are many things that you have to learn and master, such as how to make items, how to interact with other players, how to protect your world from thieves, and so on.

Growtopia also has interesting and unique features, such as:

  • World Lock: an item that you can use to lock your world so it cannot be changed by other players. World Lock is also the main currency in this game because it can be used to buy rare and valuable items from other players.
  • Gems: an item that you can use to buy items from the official Growtopia shop. You can get gems by playing games, watching advertisements, or buying them with real money.
  • Events: a special event held by the Growtopia developer every month or year. Events usually provide new themes and items related to the event. For example, Halloween events, Winter events, Valentine’s Events, and others.
  • Mods: a feature that allows you to change the appearance or function of items in this game. You can make mods yourself or download them from certain sites. But be careful, because mods can cause problems or even ban you if you don’t comply with Growtopia rules.

Latest Free Growtopia Accounts 2023

Free Growtopia Accounts

As I promised above, here I will share free Growtopia IDs that are still active and usable. For that, please choose one of the following Growtopia accounts before someone else takes it!

Here are free Growtopia accounts that are still active (PRO and SULTAN levels):

Growtopia Pro account

Growtopia ID Passwords
Farelviper 9876
theBBS LM10
Demonship demonbro

Growtopia Sultan account

Growtopia ID Passwords
Shad0wing Rzor
Agungsuper99 great
Indra77 ruler

Free Growtopia Account

Growtopia ID Passwords
AbiyuProZS Biyu
Inawati hacking
Pelius444 justas

GT Support Supporter account

Growtopia ID Passwords
Devil1 Irondevil
legacyteo teo5
shawnofleg pederson

GT Account from My Items

Itemku is a site for buying and selling online game accounts that are trusted and safe. You can buy a Growtopia account from Itemku at a low price and with good quality.

But, if you don’t want to spend money, you can try the following free Growtopia account from Itemku:

Growtopia ID Passwords
farhan876 farhanbroody
Rizky03 54321
Marchellio Matthew23

Active Growtopia Account

If you are looking for a Growtopia account that is still active and often played by its owner, you can try the following Growtopia account.

These accounts usually have a fairly high level and a variety of items. However, you have to be careful because these accounts may have been taken by someone else or the password has been changed by the owner.

Growtopia ID Passwords
Indra66 Pencil
Mr. MP MPGadu
Mr Police Garuda

GT Free Access 2023 account

The Growtopia free access 2023 account is a Growtopia account that you can use without having to enter a password. You only need to type the account name in the login field.

These accounts are usually created by players who want to share their accounts with others for free. However, you must remember that you cannot lock these accounts with a world lock or change the email.

Growtopia ID Passwords

Minimal Growtopia account

A minimal Growtopia account is a Growtopia account that has low levels and items. These accounts are suitable for those of you who want to start from scratch or try this game without having to spend money.

These accounts are usually easy to obtain and rarely taken by others. But, you have to be patient and play hard to increase your level and items.

Growtopia ID Passwords
Saved 1083
Flonco22 12456aqv
9apc jericholol

Latest GT Account 2023

The newest Growtopia account in 2023 is a Growtopia account that has just been created or has not been used for a long time by the owner

These accounts usually have mid to high levels and items. These accounts are suitable for those of you who want to get a good and quality Growtopia account without having to spend money.

However, you must quickly retrieve these accounts before they are taken by someone else.

Growtopia ID Passwords
female policewoman87 Beautiful
Farelviper22 barbarian55
always faithful ninewool65

GT Account Unlock All Features

Growtopia account unlocks all features is a Growtopia account that has all the features and items in this game. These accounts are usually very rare and expensive.

These accounts are suitable for those of you who want to feel the sensation of playing Growtopia without limits and without any obstacles.

But, you have to be very lucky to get hold of these accounts as they are usually taken by someone else or heavily guarded by the owner.

Growtopia ID Passwords
Zeushades dylan633
bunnielove bunnie12345
22barfbags sami_jr.

How to Register a Growtopia ID / Account

If you want to play the Growtopia game manually, you can try it by starting from level 0. The process for creating an account or Growtopia ID is also quite easy, please follow the steps below.

  1. First, please open the official Growtopia website using a web browser application, either via Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Then click the Play Online button.
  2. After that enter a name in the Name column then click the Connect button.
  3. Then, you will be asked to enter the email and password for your Growtopia account.
  4. Make sure the email and password you enter are valid and easy to remember. Don’t forget to check the box I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  5. Next, you will be asked to verify your email. Open the email you used to register, then click the link sent by Growtopia. If no email arrives, check your spam or junk folder.
  6. After that, you will get a message that your Growtopia account has been successfully created. Now, you can play Growtopia with your new account.


How to Get a Free Growtopia Account?

To get free Growtopia account updates, you can search for them on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Growtopia account can’t be used?

If the Growtopia account above cannot be used, then it is possible that the password for the account has been changed. For that, please try with another gt account.

How to solve errors when registering a Growtopia account?

Those of you who already know the cause, then you can easily solve the problem.

If you don’t know how to solve the problem of registering at Growtopia, then you can see the reviews in this article.

How to solve the problem of failing to register Growtopia?

  1. Reinstall the Growtopia game application.
  2. Waiting for your internet connection to be stable.
  3. Change the name, if the name you created is already in use.
  4. And there are still lots of ways that you can use to solve the problem of registering in registering for the Growtopia game.

Why Can’t Register Growtopia?

Even though registering for a Growtopia account is not difficult, there are several players who experience failure when creating a GrowID or Growtopia account.

Usually, red writing will appear when players try to create a new Growtopia account.

Why can Growtopia listings fail? There are many things that can cause you to fail to register for Growtopia.

An application error could be the reason why your Growtopia listing failed. In addition, server errors can also be the cause.


Thus the article about Sharing the Latest Free Growtopia Accounts 2023 (Still Active) that I can make for you. Hopefully, this article is useful and helps you to get your dream Growtopia account.

If you have questions or suggestions, please write in the comments column below. Thanks for reading and have fun playing Growtopia!

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