How to Get Free 1K Followers on TikTok in 5 Minutes (2024)

Actually, there are many ways to get free TikTok followers that are currently available naturally or using the online web.

You can even get thousands of free TikTok followers in just minutes by using some special tools.

Making money at this time can be done from various social media platforms or applications, one of which is TikTok. This is because opening an endorsement requires a lot of followers.

How to Get Free 1K Followers on TikTok in 5 Minutes

As an application for watching videos and looking for entertainment that is very popular, you can use it, for example, to open endorsements and promote other people’s brands or products.

But of course, you have to understand first how to get free and fast TikTok followers. These followers also don’t just come right away but instead use special tips.

Meaning of TikTok Followers

Followers on TikTok refer to users who choose to follow or follow your account on the TikTok platform.

When someone follows your TikTok account, that account will receive updates about new content you upload and recent activity you do.

Followers can give appreciation, comment and interact with the content that you upload on TikTok.

The more followers you have, the greater the potential for gaining greater exposure, new followers and wider popularity on the TikTok platform.

Advantages of Having 1K TikTok Followers

Even though it’s not quite a lot, having 1,000 followers on TikTok can provide several benefits, including:

1. Increase Popularity

By having 1000 followers, you will become more famous on the TikTok platform. With this many followers, you can also use the Live Streaming feature on the TikTok application.

This can help you to increase the number of views of your video and get more likes, comments and shares.

2. Increase Potential Income

The more followers you have, the greater your potential to make money from TikTok. Many brands and companies work with content creators on TikTok to promote their products or services.

TikTok has an algorithm that allows your videos to be found by people who have the same interests as your content. By having 1000 followers, your videos are easier for others to find and you can expand your reach on this platform.

3. Legit to be an Influencer

With a significant number of followers, you can be considered an influencer on the TikTok platform.

This can open up opportunities to work with brands, acquire sponsorships and generate greater revenue.

However, it is important to remember that the number of followers is not the only factor to be successful on TikTok.

You also need to produce interesting and relevant content for your audience, as well as follow TikTok’s trends and algorithms to increase your reach.

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Free 1K Followers on TikTok Without Application

Getting free and fast TikTok followers will bring its own benefits. Because the more followers you have in your account, the greater the endorsement rates or product promotions that you can offer to brand owners.

Here’s how to get 1K free original Indonesian TikTok followers that you must try:

1. Determine Target Followers

To become a TikTok celeb, maybe you can just upload random videos right away. However, it would be better if there is a predetermined target audience so that the content can run in the long term.

For example, your target audience is teenagers, housewives or school children maybe. By determining the target first, it will also be easier for users to find it.

For example, for cooking content or VT, usually the target audience for TikTok content with this theme are housewives or boarding children.

2. Pack interesting content to be followed

It is undeniable that users of TikTok or any social media will like attractive content packaging. That is why now there are many editing applications so that your content can be of visual quality.

You can also improve your TikTok account bio to make it more aesthetic to get the attention of other users when they visit your account profile after seeing the VT that you shared.

Packaging of interesting content can be done starting from the way you speak in the video, editing, using certain jargon, and others that are out of the box.

3. Make VT TikTok Educational and Entertaining

Don’t just create content full of hype and controversy, because that will never last. It’s good that the content you create is useful for the audience, besides that it’s also entertaining.

There are many types of educational content such as handicraft videos, cake decorating, cooking, food preparation, and so on.

People who seriously need information will be happy to follow your account if the content matches what they are looking for. Besides that, it would be great if we create content that doesn’t harm other people.

4. Hold a Free Prize Giveaway

Apart from uploading VT, of course you can get hundreds or even thousands of TikTok followers for free by holding a giveaway event with free prizes.

Of course, to get a giveaway prize, viewers must first follow your TikTok account so they can join the game that you’re holding.

The prizes that you can offer also vary, can be in the form of bags, cellphones or unique and funny merchandise which is of course the current trend.

5. Interact diligently with followers

Apart from the points above, getting free TikTok followers can also be diligent in interacting with followers when you have just finished uploading VT.

There’s nothing wrong with occasionally joining the comments column and answering every comment or maybe holding a little giveaway for them.

Usually doing a giveaway can be one of the best ways to try, the condition is to follow your account first. Many content creators have tried this method to increase the number of their followers.

6. Upload VT TikTok On FYP Hours

The trick to making the video that you upload visible to many people is to upload it at the right time. There have been several times when the TikTok application has been opened by many of its users.

For example, from 12.00 to 13.00 where people are taking a break from their work. For more details, you can read the list of FYP TikTok hours here.

Apart from that, the right time to upload content can also be done in the afternoon when these people come home from work and take a moment to relax.

That way, the possibility that your video will be fyp or seen by many users becomes bigger, and the more people interact.

7. Follow the Trend Or Challenge

Many TikTok users come from various countries, so it’s no wonder that every day there is certain viral news, trends or challenges.

In order to increase the number of followers, you can also try trends or challenges that are currently booming.

Usually, the safest is the dance challenge that many TikTok users do. However, first make sure that the trend or challenge in question is not negative.

Because, if a challenge or trend turns out to be self-harm then it should be avoided because there is no benefit at all.

8. Collaboration With Other TikTok Accounts

Collaborating is a way to get free TikTok followers which is actually quite easy. You only need to make a video or do a duet with the intended creator.

It’s not impossible after collaboration, users who previously didn’t know about you will become your followers right away.

Certainly to do this collab must also be selective. You have to choose or interact with content creators who have a big impact, the videos you make also match the theme of the content you’ve been using so far.

9. Use Hashtag TikTok Gratis

When uploading video content, you also have to create captions and place hashtags. The purpose of this hashtag is to make videos easier for application users to find.

You can find a collection of videos according to their wishes by simply pressing one hashtag. You can find thousands of Hastags (#) FYP TikTok for free here.

So, make good use of this method and place trending hashtags or common hashtags in your videos.

But even when placing hashtags, remember that these hashtags must also be relevant to the content you upload.

10. Consistently upload videos

You can easily apply some of the methods mentioned above, but if you don’t upload videos consistently, it’s useless.

Consistency is one of the keys to success and not everyone can do it. In order to be consistent, you should make a special schedule for when you have to upload videos.

Most of your followers are probably waiting for the video that you will upload, so don’t let them be disappointed and wait too long.

You can try to make stock videos and upload them every day or at least every other day. Always do it at certain hours so followers remember and can watch it immediately.

11. Promote TikTok Accounts On Other Platforms

Basically, almost everyone now has their own TikTok account. However, because the TikTok application is still relatively new, promotion of accounts in this application is still limited.

Therefore, you can promote your TikTok account on other social media either on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or other platforms such as blogs, YouTube or Pinterest.

1K Free TikTok Likes From App

Apart from Followers, it turns out that you can also add 1000 free TikTok likes using the application.

However, several applications that are claimed to be able to generate followers have not proven successful.

Therefore, you can see for yourself whether the application works properly or not. The following are recommendations for applications that generate 1000 free TikTok Likes that you must try:

Like Free TikTok Dari MyToolsTown

MyToolsTown is a website that offers a wide range of services for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. This site offers various services such as followers, likes, views, and comments.

Here’s how to get 1000 free likes on TikTok using MyToolsTown :

  1. Visit the MyToolsTown website.
  2. Choose the social media platform TikTok.
  3. Select the type of follower service.
  4. Enter your social media account details, such as the username you want to add followers to.
  5. Enter the number of followers you want to get.
  6. Wait until the service you choose is finished processing.

2. Allsmo – Free 1K Like TikTok

Allsmo is a website that offers various services for social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube in particular to increase the number of likes of posts.

Here’s how to get 1000 free TikTok Likes from Allsmo:

  1. Please enter the site.
  2. Click the three lines in the upper right corner then select TikTok then click TikTok Likes.
  3. Enter your TikTok account username then click submit and several points will appear that you must read, then click I agree.
  4. Choose select and choose the TikTok Likes menu.
  5. Press the use button, wait a few moments, and select continue.
  6. Then submit, and after that select again I agree.

3. Ice Likes Enhancer Likes TikTok

Lastly is the Ice Liker site which is claimed to be able to increase the number of social media followers. But you also need to read the terms and conditions for using this service.

Here’s how to get 1K TikTok likes from Ice Liker:

  1. First, visit the website link
  2. Enter your username, then select Login.
  3. Then a username column will appear, please enter your TikTok account username.
  4. After that click process.
  5. Wait a few moments for the TikTok likes to increase.

Link to Add 1000 Free TikTok Followers

Getting free TikTok followers above is a natural way that doesn’t require any application or tools.

Apart from that, you can also get free TikTok followers by using free TikTok followers links or websites such as:

  • TikFans.
  • Believed Tap
  • Booster.
  • TikFame.
  • TikPlus Fans.
  • TikPlus +Pro.
  • TikFameTok.
  • TikPopular. Gain Fans Get Likes.
  • TikGrow for TikTok.
  • Tik+ Free.
  • Likes & Followers for TikTok.

Free TikTok Followers Adding Application

Apart from using the web, you can also get additional followers through the application. Most of these applications are still available on the Playstore or Appstore and you can download them for free.

However, of course, the use of a TikTok follower increase application or an application that offers follower increase services can violate TikTok’s policies and rules.

Therefore, using this method is a supporting option if your account followers don’t increase even though you have done a number of the methods above.

The following are recommendations for applications to increase 1000 free TikTok followers that you can try:

  • TikFans.
  • Believed Tap Booster.
  • TikFame.
  • TikPlus Fans.
  • TikPlus +Pro.
  • TikFameTok.
  • TikPopular.
  • Likes & Followers for Tiktok
  • Followers and Like for Tiktok Free.
  • Robots. Only +.
  • TikGrow.


After you have a lot of followers, there’s nothing wrong with you opening a product endorsement service because this is also often done by other creators. Not even a few creators earn tens of millions a month using the TikTok application.

But in practice, you should focus on creating creative, interesting, and quality content to legally increase TikTok followers.

Create unique, informative, funny, or entertaining videos that can grab users’ attention and make them want to follow your account.

Good luck!

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