Best Online FPS Games for Android [You Can Play in 2023]

FPS games, aka First Person Shooters, are a genre that has been in great demand by hardcore gamers since ancient times.

In addition, games in the FPS genre usually require special skills and dexterity compared to some other games.

Even in terms of playing strategy, games of this genre will be difficult to play without a mature strategy.

Best Online FPS Games for Android [You Can Play]

This genre, which first appeared on PC, can penetrate smartphones, one of which is thanks to gyroscope technology that allows you to aim simply by tilting your cellphone.

So what happens if there are many FPS games on smartphones? Of course, there will be many who are curious and want to try, especially because the controls can be much different and require more skill.

But what FPS games are actually worth trying on Android? Here’s the full list!

1. PUBG Mobile


Adapted directly from the PC version of the game, PUBG Mobile immediately received a warm welcome from many people. Both those who have played PUBG on a PC and people who have never played PUBG on a PC.

PUBG itself is a game with a battle royale theme that is first available at this time. You will play with 99 other people in one large map that will get smaller and smaller while continuing to collect weapons and fight.

The winner will be determined by who can survive the last, and usually, the game will be finished in quite a long time. In other words, this game is absolutely not a casual game that has a short time for each round.

As for you, you can play either alone, together, or form a team of up to four people here. Apart from that, one of the interesting things about PUBG Mobile is that you can play in TPS (third-person shooter ) and FPS modes, you have to try this!

Download PUBG Mobile

2. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile

Just like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best PC adaptation games that you can play on your Android smartphone right now. Even so, it is slightly different from the PC version, in the main mobile version you will play the CoD version of the battle royale.

This is not surprising considering that when it was first launched on smartphones, the timing was perfect for several battle royale games at the time, such as PUBG and Fortnite. However, this doesn’t reduce the excitement.

In terms of graphics, this game can really compete with PUBG Mobile, even in our opinion, for the highest settings, this game can be called console-level graphics. As for the gameplay, in our opinion, it is quite fun.

Even though it’s quite realistic, you can also use some very sophisticated equipment such as drones to attack enemies and so on. Obviously, this game is one of the FPS games that you must also try to play.

Download Call of Duty Mobile

3. Critical OPS

Critical OPS

At first glance, this one game can be said to simply imitate Counter-Strike. In terms of gameplay the characters in the game will remind us of the game Counter-Strike, which is the most famous FPS franchise today.

The game modes in Critical Ops can even be said to imitate Counter-Strike. Where this game has a Defuse mode, Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, to several additional modes such as Quick Games, Rank Games, and Custom Games.

But it’s not without reason that we put this game in third place. Because among the many games that imitate Counter-Strike, Critical Ops can be said to be one of the most similar but with various unique modifications.

Apart from good graphics, one of the advantages worth mentioning in this game is that you can really outplay your opponents without having to make microtransactions in the game. Things are currently quite rare in online-based games.

Download Critical OPS

4. Apex Legends

Apex Legends

This team-based multiplayer hero shooter game is arguably one of the most eagerly awaited FPS and TPS games. Because this one game can be said to have entered quite late compared to some of its competitors.

Basically, this one game requires you to win the game by fighting. However, you can choose “heroes”, each of which has unique and different skills.

Compared to several other games such as PUBG and Fortnite, for example, Apex Legends is classified as a game that has a very fast pace, and can be played at leisure, although each round will certainly be very intense.

As for the shortcomings in this game, there may still be a lot, and at this time it cannot be known. Because this game has just been launched and is still in early access and is still being developed. Wow, wow, have fun!

Download Apex Legends

5. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2

While most of the games on this list are FPS-based shooting games in general, Dead Effect 2 has elements of survival horror and RPG. This is what makes Dead Effect 2 quite interesting.

In this game, you can choose to be one of the three protagonists offered. In addition, you will be equipped with lots of weapons, equipment, and body implants that will help you survive.

This game is also guaranteed not to be boring because it is claimed to have a campaign mode of up to 20 hours of play. Not to mention the many continuous upgrades, and the fun leveling process.

From a graphic standpoint, it can be said that this game is one of the best and is on par with FPS games in the upper classes. But unfortunately in the past year for some reason, this game has not been updated, and this is also what many people have complained about!

Download Dead Effect 2

6. Sniper Hitman

Sniper Hitman

This one game is again an adaptation of a fairly popular PC game, with the same name: Hitman. However, the Hitman Sniper game can be said to have several modifications so that the game becomes simpler, but not boring.

Easily you will become a good shooter Hitman who will be placed in special zones. You are given a mission to shoot targets using a sniper, without having to attract the attention of your enemies.

Boring? Wait until you hear that this game has more than 150 missions, equipped with lots of snipers that you can use, as well as several strategic components that you have to think about while playing.

This game is indeed paid for, but currently, it costs only Rs. 27, – which makes it one of the cheapest you can buy. So, at this price, of course, this game is worth buying and playing on your smartphone.

Download Sniper Hitman

7. Infinity OPS: Cyberpunk

Infinity OPS Cyberpunk

This game is relatively new but is rapidly gaining popularity. This is because this one game has very good graphics, and has a sci-fi background in the style of the controversial Cyberpunk game.

Besides that, one of the advantages of this game compared to other FPS is the mechanics and physics in the game which tend to be more real. Although this game does have fictional elements such as jetpacks and modern equipment.

Apart from that, in Infinity Ops, you are also required to socialize with other players. Evidenced by the existence of the clans feature that allows you to invite other players to play together and create your own clan.

However, as a game that is still quite young, Infinity Ops is still experiencing bugs, although not too often. Apart from that, one of the criticisms that is quite often leveled by the players is that the price of items is quite high which makes it rather difficult to play.

Download Infinity OPS: Cyberpunk

8. Cover Fire

Cover Fire

Cover Fire is basically a mission-based TPS game, and can be played offline. You will play one character who will complete the missions given, to be able to complete the entire game.

But now you can play a special mode called Sniper FPS Ops. Where you will get a special task to defeat all the enemies in the game while fighting against time.

You can continue this time attack-style game mode as long as you can kill your enemies. When every enemy is killed, you will get up to 3 seconds of additional time and you can continue the game.

Some of the advantages of this game are that it can be played offline, has intuitive and very easy controls, and of course, high-quality graphics that make the playing experience so enjoyable.

Download Cover Fire

9. Modern OPS: Gun Shooting Games

Modern OPS Gun Shooting Games

This one game can be said to be one of the FPS games that beginners can play. Especially for those of you who are not familiar with FPS game controls, and of course, want to learn how to play FPS on a smartphone.

This is because this one game has controls that are so easy to play. Besides that, the graphics that are owned are also of high quality so that beginner will find it easier to find enemies and shoot them.

Unfortunately, this one game is also quite difficult to play, especially when your level has reached a rather high level. Often you will be paired against people with very capable weapons.

The results are predictable, you will find it very difficult to fight these people. Even so, Modern Ops remains one of the best FPS games that you can play on your smartphone today.

Download Modern OPS: Gun Shooting Games

10. Critical Strike CS

Critical Strike CS

This is one of the best Counter-Strike imitators that you can download and play on your smartphone today. This one game is graphically still inferior to some of the games we discussed earlier, but not in terms of gameplay.

If you’ve ever played Counter-Strike, surely you will feel nostalgic when playing Critical Strike CS. Because in terms of graphics and gameplay, the two are very similar. Maybe this CS is suitable to be called Counter-Strike Wannabe.

Currently, Critical Strike provides a total of 8 maps with more than 40 weapons and 5 types of games to play. Starting from Bomb Defusing, Team Deathmatch, and Arms Race, to Free for All, and the Private Room mode itself.

Until now, Critical Strike has successfully obtained more than 50 million downloads. However, one drawback of this game is that there are still ads which might be quite annoying for some people, especially game hobbyists.

Download Critical Strike CS

11. Forward Assault

Forward Assault

Still similar to games that imitate Counter-Strike, this game is quite successful in our opinion. If most games that imitate Counter-Strike don’t have reliable graphics, this one game is quite charming from a graphical point of view.

In terms of gameplay, it can be said that it is not much different from similar games. Even in this game, you can choose to be a terrorist or become a SWAT that repels terrorists, really similar to Counter-Strike!

Just like in similar games, you can also choose the various weapons available in this game. Even in terms of gameplay, Forward Assault is also classified as an FPS game that is very fast and easy to play.

But it’s a shame because this one game is tainted by the many hackers out there. In fact, many players have reported these hackers, but there has been no significant follow-up from the game developer.

Download Forward Assault

12. Unkilled


This game, which has been downloaded by more than 10 million players, is one of the best FPS games with a zombie survival theme that you can play on your smartphone. Even this one game has won awards which makes it even more interesting.

Unkilled itself has more than 150 missions with a unique storyline. Not to mention that you will be faced with types of zombies that have unique abilities, as well as zombie bosses who also have interesting abilities.

Unkilled also allows players to play online PvP and you can create your own zombie army in this game mode. You can also attack enemy bases in this mode.

Besides that, there aren’t many flaws in the game. Except for the player’s movements which are so limited, such as ducking, slowing, and jumping make the playing experience so limited.

Download Unkilled

13. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2

Games with the theme of zombies and survival will never end. One of the most popular on Google Play store is Dead Trigger and of course, its sequel Dead Trigger 2, which has so far been downloaded more than 110 million times.

The graphics in Dead Trigger 2 are very beautiful, not to mention the original gameplay. Currently, you can play more than 600 war scenarios against zombies with a pretty good storyline, compared to some similar games.

The types of weapons that can be used in this game now number more than 70 pieces. In terms of control, you could say that Dead Trigger 2 is one of the easiest to play, even for beginners.

Ultimately Dead Trigger 2 is one of the best zombie survival FPS games you can get right now. In almost all lines Dead Trigger 2 is quite superior.

The only reason we put this game on the bottom is because the players are quite specific, and not everyone enjoys playing zombies.

Download Dead Trigger 2

14. The Walking Zombies 2

The Walking Zombies 2

Still similar to Dead Trigger 2, this one game also has a zombie survival genre. But this game is relatively more playable by everyone. Because the graphics that are owned tend to be more cartoonish even though they are still based on 3D.

The Walking Zombie 2, like similar games, is a classic game set in a post-apocalyptic setting with a first-person perspective. Interestingly, this game has a karma system, which will directly affect the storyline.

The storyline that is owned is also quite good with several side quests that will make you not feel bored. This game also allows the players to do crafting and building which are important elements in this kind of game.

In the end, The Walking Zombie 2 game can be an interesting alternative for those of you who want to play a different FPS game. Especially with the elements of crafting and building which are rarely found in FPS games on smartphones.

Download The Walking Zombies 2

15. Into The Dead 2

Into The Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is one of the relatively new and original FPS games. Especially in terms of existing gameplay, where you will run continuously in an area full of zombies while shooting at these zombies.

Unlike most FPS games which tend to be more free to move, in this game, you will only keep running forward. Even so, you will be equipped with lots of weapons that can be upgraded.

The important element contained in this one game is strategy. You have to play with full calculation in order to play well. Besides that, later you will also be accompanied by a loyal dog.

So, in terms of game graphics, this one is arguably one of the best. Even in terms of storylines that branch out and you can enter various endings depending on your own game. Interesting, and worth a try!

Download Into The Dead 2

16. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5

One of the most popular FPS games today is Modern Combat 5. This game made by Gameloft is so popular that they decided to make Modern Combat up to this fifth edition.

Some of the differences between this game and other FPS games are that you can choose one of 10 classes that have their own abilities. For the rest you will be given a mission to complete, of course in FPS mode.

Besides that, you can feel bored, you can play together or against other players using an internet connection, of course. Gameloft also provides several modes such as team deathmatch, flag capture, battle royale, and of course PvP.

In the end, this one game is a very complete game that you can download to your smartphone. Good for those of you who are looking for an FPS game to play alone or with other people.

Download Modern Combat 5

17. Nova Legacy

Nova Legacy

NOVA Legacy is one of the most popular FPS games with a sci-fi shooting theme. The theme is a little different than regular FPS or FPS with a zombie survival theme that tends to be horror.

NOVA Legacy takes place in the future, with lots of sci-fi-style opponents. In terms of graphics and gameplay, actually, there’s nothing too special about this one game. But because the theme is unique, this game is worth trying to play.

The other features in this game are not classified as special features. Starting from the many game modes to the crafting and upgrading features of the weapons you already have. A feature that is common in games of this kind.

In the end, NOVA Legacy is one of the best FPS games you can play. Although once again there are no special advantages that can be highlighted from this game when compared to other FPS games at this time.

Download Nova Legacy

18. Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends

As the name suggests, Shadowgun Legends is indeed one of the most legendary FPS games ever released on the Google Play Store. However, until now Shadowgun has never lost its charm and is still played by many people.

Shadowgun allows you to play in a sci-fi setting against scary aliens. Of course, these kinds of games have strong enough backgrounds and storylines so they don’t get boring, and this game is no different.

Interestingly Shadowgun Legends equips its players with more than 700 futuristic weapons and each has its own abilities. Not to mention the customizations that you can collect, totaling more than 1000 pieces.

Finally, the controls that this one game has can be said to be quite easy, even for those of you who are not too familiar with FPS games. That’s why it’s no wonder that this one game has been downloaded more than 10 million times so far!

Download Shadowgun Legends

19. World War Heroes 2

World War Heroes 2

If previously we discussed a lot about games with the theme of fictional wars or fighting zombies, it’s different with World War Heroes 2. This one game has a background in World War 2 which of course makes this game very unique.

There is no storyline that you have to follow in this one game, but later you will be plunged into around 12 more war zones similar to the war zones in World War 2.

Apart from that, you can also play this game using 4 types of equipment from the US, the Soviet Union, Japan, to Germany. You could say for this one game World War Heroes 2 is quite superior where the accuracy is quite high.

Besides that, you can also play with several game modes. Among them are the classic deathmatch modes, point capture, flag capture, HQ defense, to team battles, and fully customized rooms. Pretend you are playing a PvP game but with the setting of the 2nd world War!

Download World War Heroes 2

20. Frag

Let’s assume you are playing Counter-Strike, in a small map (arena), but you use heroes that have their own uniqueness and from a first-person perspective, aka first person.

That’s roughly the easiest description to describe Frag. Frag itself describes itself as a PvP Hero Game. You can choose your hero and then fight brutally.

It does sound so simple and simple, but that’s precisely what probably makes it so fun. Frag itself equips its players with more than 100 weapons, all of which you can try.

Apart from that, this game is not just about shooting, but about strategy so that you can win the game. Not to mention the number of heroes that this game has, more than 100 characters, which you can collect again.

Download Frag

Those elements are what makes this game so different, and they make many people enjoy playing Frag so much. It’s no wonder that Frag has been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Google Play Store, great!

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