How to Fix Google Play Store 110 Code Error


How to fix the Code 110 error or error code 110 on the Google Play Store is to clean up some cache files in the Android system.

Usually, this problem arises when we will install new applications or also update applications such as Instagram and others.

Error code 110 is very rarely found on the default Android ROM. but on custom ROMs such as CyanogenMod and MIUI from Xiaomi, there are a lot of errors found in the 110 code but not all of them are also affected by this problem.

Incidentally, just a few days ago I managed to fix my friend’s cellphone, which was branded with Xiomi redmi2.

Which was hit by an error code 110, where when I wanted to install the Instagram application there was a 110 error code that could not install the Instagram application.

Initially, it was quite difficult to fix this problem, but with patience, I was finally able to fix it. Then how?

How to Fix Error Code 110 / Error Code 110 in the Google Play Store

How to Fix Error Code 110 / Error Code 110 in the Google Play Store

Maybe you have read some articles that discuss how to fix 110 error code or error code 110 on the Google Play Store.

If you have read it and have already practiced it but have not succeeded, here is the solution so that it works.

1. Clear Cache and Clear Data

Not all applications must clear cache and delete data but only clear cache for the Google Play store and delete the data.

This is expected to guarantee that the Google Play store is clear or new. The following is how to clear the cache on your Xiaomi phone:

  • Open settings / settings
  • Select the application manager/application installed
  • Search Google play store, then choose
  • Select Force Stop, then
  • Click the Clear data button or see the picture below.
Clear Google Play Store Data, Error Code 110
  • After clear data, Clear  cache

2. Restart cellphone

Restarting the phone after clear data and the clear cache is very important so that Android refreshes or reloads the applications that have been installed on the cellphone. So restart first the cellphone.

3. Finish

Finish here means the step to fix the error code 110 is complete. And now you can try doing the download again the application you want to install.

Hopefully, you have succeeded in fixing the error code 110. That means you don’t need to reset the factory just because of this problem if it doesn’t work it will also have to reset the factory.

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Make sure your OS cellphone is the most updated, if not; immediately update the OS instead of upgrading the OS to ensure there are no bugs.

I think the way to fix the error code 110 google play store is enough to get here first. In the event that there is something less clear or ineffectively saw please simply remain a word or two in the remarks section gave beneath.


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