Download FF Advance Server Apk With Unlimited Diamond [2023]

Now survivors are busy discussing the FF Advance Server Apk. As you all know, currently Garena often opens interesting events for survivors.

Garena’s goal is to open an interesting event, which is to test its newest features before they make it official.

Not only that, later survivors will also be given tasks with prizes which survivors can later participate in.

Download FF Advance Server Apk With Unlimited Diamond

But what you have to remember is that for you to be able to access the trial server, you must have an activation code. So you have to look for the code first on the internet.

But you have to make sure that the code you get is still active and has never been used by other survivors. It is for these reasons that currently there are still many survivors who are looking for this FF activation code.

One of the interesting prizes that you will get later is a Diamond which can later be used to buy necessities in this free-fire game.

Not only that, but there are still many prizes that you will get in the FF Advance Server Apk. So if you want to get lots of prizes or want to have diamonds.

Then you can download FF Advance Server Apk Diamond. But before that, first, consider the full review below.

Overview of FF Advance Server Apk

Overview of FF Advance Server Apk

You need to know that for FF Advance Server Apk this is an official special server provided by the free fire developer, Garena.

Garena’s goal in creating this special server is solely to test the latest features they have developed before they are officially released.

If you want to use the FF Advance Server, then later you will be asked to complete several missions.

The mission is quite easy because you will be given a mission to find bugs and other irregularities in the free-fire game. If you successfully complete the mission, then all you have to do is report it directly to Garena.

After you have successfully completed the mission and reported it to Garena. Then later you will get a reward.

The reward is quite a lot of Diamonds. Even from what we know you will be able to get diamonds worth 3000.

Apart from that, in this FF Advance Server Apk, later you will find lots of various features that you can later use for free.

However, there are also paid features such as weapons, maps, characters, and others.

Of course, the presence of the FF Advance Server Apk, will make the survivors really want to try the server. But if you are unlucky, then completing the mission from Garena is not easy.

If you want to try this ff advance server. So you have to register first and download the FF Advance Server Apk. In addition, don’t forget to enter the code that is still active.

Advantages of Using FF Advance Server Apk

Advantages of Using FF Advance Server Apk

Besides the advantage of getting diamonds with a very large number. There are also other advantages of using the FF Advance Server Apk. Then what are the other advantages? Please see directly in full below.

1. Diamond

As we explained above, the main prize that you can later get in the FF Advance Server event is free diamonds with quite a large number.

If you are one of the lucky survivors. Then later you will be able to get the prize. But it’s a shame to get this prize is not easy. The reason is that finding bugs in the free-fire game is not as easy as you might imagine.

But even so, there’s nothing wrong with you continuing to try to take part in the event. Because who knows suddenly you will be lucky and find a bug in the free fire game.

2. Newest Items

The next advantage that you will get by using FF Advance Server is that you will get a variety of the latest items that you definitely won’t get in the original version such as skins, weapons, and other newest items.

That way later you will be able to immediately try using the item before the item is officially released on the official free fire server. This will certainly be able to make your own fun for your survivors.

3. Attractive Gameplay

Many interesting things are presented in this FF Advance Server. So we have made sure that this application has interesting gameplay in it. So that you will never get bored when using this FF Advance Server.

How to Register FF Advance Server Apk?

How to Register Free Fire Advance Server Apk

If you are interested in this FF Advance Server. So you have to register first. Registration, it’s quite easy.

The reason is that you only need to register through the official Garena link. if confused see the steps below.

  1. First, please just open the browser that you normally use, then just visit the site
  2. After successfully entering the FF Advance Server Apk, please immediately click Facebook Login, then please login with the Facebook that you have.
  3. Then please just fill out the form provided.
  4. If you have successfully filled out the form correctly, then all you have to do is click Join Now.
  5. Then you only need to wait until there is a notification that the registration has been approved.
  6. Finished.

Download FF Advance Server Apk 2023

Download FF Advance Server Apk

Apart from survivors looking for a way to register for this FF Advance Server Apk. Many are also looking for the download link. In fact, many survivors have been looking everywhere.

If you have trouble finding this FF Advance Server download link. So you can just follow the download method that we have provided below:

  1. The first step, please open the official Garena link as above with the browser application
  2. After that, please log in using Facebook.
  3. Then please check again or message me on Facebook.
  4. Next, please just look for a message from Garena indicating that your registration has been approved.
  5. Then please just look for the download link in the message and please just download it. Don’t forget to also save the activation code in the message.
  6. Finished.

How to Install FF Advance Server Apk?

If it has been successfully downloaded. So next, please just install the application. How to install it is as follows:

  1. First of all, make sure you have successfully downloaded the application.
  2. After that, please open the settings menu of each cell phone.
  3. Then please just enter the security or privacy menu.
  4. Next, please check or slide the toggle on the Unknown Sources option.
  5. Then just look for the apk file that you downloaded earlier.
  6. Then please click the file name and just press Install.
  7. Finished.

Advantages of Using FF Advance Server Diamond 2023

Many free-fire users use FF Advance Server to get benefits. Because there are indeed a lot of advantages that can be obtained by using this FF Adavnce Server. Here are the benefits that you will get:

1. Many Rewards

By using the FF Advance Server, you will have the opportunity to get official rewards from the direct free-fire developer, Garena.

Because Garena has announced that if a free-fire player finds a bug or anything else on the FF Advance Server, then that player will be given a prize.

2. Try Skin, the Latest FF Bundle

There are also players who want to try skiing, the newest free fire bundle. Because indeed the purpose of this ff advance server is here, namely for a trial period for the latest items in the free fire game.

So it’s very likely that the ff advance server will issue the latest skin or bundle.

That way, of course, it is profitable for free-fire players. Because by trying the latest items in the free Fire.

So players will be able to choose which item to buy when the item on the advanced server is released in the global version.

3. Request Item

The final advantage of using the FF Advance Server Apk is that you will be able to request items in the free fire. To request this item, you must have a mutual agreement, whether it’s Garena or other free-fire players.

If indeed the item you requested is well received by the free-fire players. So it is very likely that the item you want will be present in the global version.

So that you will be able to immediately try it when it is already present in the original free fire

As for the benefits of using the FF Advance Server Apk, that seems to be all. In fact, there are still a lot of benefits that you will get.

If you want to get benefits, please just try the FF Advance Server Apk.

The Final Word

This time, the information that we can convey to you is enough to stop here about Downloading the Latest FF Advance Server Apk Diamond. Hopefully, it can be useful and helpful. Thank You

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