How to Download and Install Duolingo for PC Free [2021]

Do you want to use Duolingo on your pc? want to know how to install Duolingo on your pc? Well, in this article we will share how to download and install Duolingo for pc.

It is never too late or too early to learn another language.

Duolingo is an application that allows you to learn the pronunciation, writing, meaning, and listening of the words of a language other than ours.

How to Download and Install Duolingo for PC Free

The best way to learn a language is self-training and Duolingo makes it easy for us with an application that adjusts to the level of knowledge that we handle any of the languages ​​it offers.

If you want to learn English, Hindi, German, or any of the 25 languages, Duolingo is your software. You can learn gradually, fun, stimulating but above all free.

Duolingo is the application for mobile phones and tablets that will help us learn languages ​​no matter what level of knowledge we have of the language in question, today we will tell you how to use this magnificent application from your PC.

  • Click here if you need to download the BlueStacks emulator.

Download Duolingo for Your Pc [Free]

Duolingo is an application that was developed to complement and take better advantage of the exercises and practices that are also found on the Duolingo website.

Duolingo is the name of the website that he initially developed as part of a graduate student project in the United States.

What started out as a web page has now become the most widely used language learning application around the world.

The reason for its success is the way users learn. Duolingo uses very simple teaching tools: the game and the challenge.

Learning is playing on Duolingo, when we get the answers right we earn points, we can play against the clock to increase our number of lives.

Every time we fail an exercise or miss an answer we lose lives, when we lose them all we must start the level again.

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This way of learning makes using the application and learning almost addictive, therefore we will occupy any free time so as not to lose our lives and not drop in level or start over.

The “lessons” are short and each one of them allows us to learn to write, speak, and listen to the language we are learning.

In each exercise, we can see the answers when we can’t do it anymore and we need help or simply at the end of a game, the correct answers will appear.

Something that Duolingo takes great care of is the perseverance of its users, sometimes being even a little insistent. When we stop using the app, Duolingo sends us emails and app notices asking us to play again.

Also, from time to time Duolingo informs us of our streak, which refers to how many days we have invested in learning.

Duolingo lessons for your students will always be dynamic and entertaining, we will never come across long texts to read or boring lessons.

Users and its developers believe that with a daily period of 30 minutes to an hour of use of the application, even the least advanced in the language will achieve a very positive learning curve.

It is important that you know that to use the application you must create an account in which your email will be requested, if you already have one you only need to install it on your PC and start taking full advantage of Duolingo, now from anywhere.

Duolingo is an application developed for mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones since with the busy life we ​​live now, most of the things we have to do we do from the mobile, and learning another language is no exception.

However, some of us still prefer to use the practicality and size benefits of a PC. And let’s accept it, everything is better if we use a keyboard and mouse to write and move in an application.

That is why today we are going to tell you how to install to use the Duolingo application, yes, if we know that there is a website like where you can continue with your instruction, however, the application is quite beautiful and more dynamic, right?

How to Install Duolingo on Your PC?

Since the days of consoles, the use of emulators of a particular operating system has become common, well for Android it is no different and thanks to emulators we can today use Duolingo on PC.

There are several applications for PC that allow us to emulate Android, BlueStacks is one of them and it has become a common choice because it can be used to emulate Android on Windows, Linux, and Mac, which makes it a standard for emulators.

Search our portal for the entry for some of the versions of this emulator, download it, and install it on your PC.

You will also need to download the Duolingo APK file (on this page you can find the download link) and save it in a known location, we recommend that you save it directly to the desktop.

Once you have the download and the emulator installed, run the emulator and look for the option to add a new APK, or if you are using BlueStacks you can click the Add APK button or just drag the APK file to the main BlueStacks window and then run it for the installation to start.

When the Duolingo icon appears in the main emulator window, it means that the application has been installed and is ready to use.

Duolingo Datasheet

Duolingo, learn another or other languages ​​from the same application, at your own pace, from the most basic and for free.

  • Free license, contains advertising
  • Available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10. It is also possible to access its website for any operating system
  • Versions available for Android 2.3 and higher versions
  • Last update Apk file size: ~ 40 MB
  • Available in Spanish
  • Offers developer support and blog
  • Developer: Duolingo

Advantages and Disadvantages of Duolingo

The only executive disadvantage is that we cannot use the application without an internet connection, another disadvantage is that Duolingo is not cross-platform, in general, it is a very complete application and since it is free it does not ask much of the paid ones.

The advantages of Duolingo are many, however, we will highlight that it is free and that it has a learning method in which the only requirement is the time or perseverance that you dedicate.

How to Download Duolingo

Download Duolingo from this page, just look for the download link and you can have the APK file of the application completely free and without any type of malware or virus.

This application can also be downloaded from the Google Play Store or if you are looking for previous versions of the application you can use the APK Mirror website.

Download Duolingo Latest Version

Duolingo is constantly updated especially to fix the different bugs that users report or due to updates to Android versions, also in each update as in the most recent one, which is 3.106.5, in which the times have been improved. response in each exercise, even on slow web connections.

Free Alternatives to Duolingo for PC

Without a doubt Duolingo is an excellent application especially for those who want to know the basic and intermediate aspects of a certain language, however, there are other applications that allow us to learn languages ​​and that is also free and that like Duolingo motivate learning to the base of games and challenges.

Most of the alternatives for learning languages ​​that are free are also exclusive to the Android operating system, but if you have already downloaded and installed the emulator, it would be worth trying some.

Learn languages ​​with Memrise, games where memory is reinforced through simple exercises, making us keep our attention in the application and therefore continue learning.

HelloTalk Learn Languages, basically it is an application that helps you to contact users from other countries who speak a language other than yours, you choose which language you want to practice and the application connects you with a user whose native language is the one you want.

Since English is the language of the world today, an application that helps us learn English is ABA English, this application is available for Android and also for Windows 10, fully recommended by users, it seems to be a good option if you are interested in Learn English.

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