Drone X Pro Review – Is It Any Good? Must Read Before You Buy!


Drone X Pro Review – We will discuss with you all about drone x pro. Is it good for you? what are the features of drone x pro and how does it work, what are advantages of drone x pro?

Every photographer, whether amateur or professional, dreams of having a drone! They certainly love drones. They move skyward and capture amazing photos of the entire view and landscapes. Nothing can beat your perfection!

Is It Any Good? Must Read Before You Buy!

Drones have always taken those kinds of shots that would not have been possible without a helicopter ride! However, the limitation with a drone is that it is expensive, as well as large and bulky.

But, a new type of drone that is too affordable and practical has come to our rescue. This is nothing but the Drone X Pro. Want to know more about it? We have all the information about it and the criticism beyond! Read it and decide if you should buy it or not.

What is Drone X Pro?

The Drone X Pro is very practical, as well as a three-speed drone that contains an HD 720 camera along with other different features. Cheers with the ability to be carried wherever you travel.

It is flexible and therefore can be folded so that the user can fit it even in their pockets. This unique device has become a highly favored gadget, especially by enthusiasts and other tech experts. Its range is quite impressive that it can fly this device very easily up to 1500 feet away.


The mastermind behind the creation of Drone X Pro is Novads OU which is known to be based in Estonia.

Not only this product, but the company is also engaged in manufacturing car USB chargers, portable air conditioning units, wine bottle openers and also security cameras.

What are the Features of Drone X Pro?

Drone X Pro is accompanied by countless reviews and each one marks it better than the other bulky and expensive drones. With these commendable features, users won’t have to worry about how it works. This allows them to use the device without any hassles.

Listed below are the impressive features of Drone X Pro. Take a look:

  • Drone X Pro is easily foldable and this feature makes it a huge hit with people! Its propellers can be folded very easily in the direction of the interior. With this, they can be easily transported anywhere, anytime. In addition, it would provide protection during transit.
  • Each and every capture, be it a video or a photograph, is recorded in HD format. They would be 120 frames per second and the photos would be up to 12 megapixels.
  • The Drone X Pro is equipped with automatic sensors (also known as gravity sensors), which detect the various obstacles that a drone may witness during flight and help you avoid collision with them.
  • It is accompanied by the ability to fly into the sky for 10-12 minutes and record scenes from there. During this stay, you don’t have to change your batteries or have to touch the ground.
  • It also has slow motion mode! With its use, the user will also be able to reproduce the shots he has taken with the help of this drone and also in HD slow motion.
  • By using a Drone X Pro, you can also capture 360-degree photos, i.e. Panorama mode with a single click of your button.
  • The dimensions of the Drone X Pro are 6.5 × 14.5x3cm (folded) and 15.5x15x3cm (unfolded). This kit weighs only 85g.
  • The 12 MP Wi-Fi camera facilitates the drone with FPV and control over its other various features.
  • The user can even move the drone in the same way as the movement of their phone with the help of the G-sensor mode.
  • You can fly the aircraft at the same height for a longer click time with the air press altitude control.
  • It has a wireless control.

How does the Drone X Pro work?

A good number of users are already very surprised to see the incomparable performance of the Drone X Pro! Most of them still wonder how a drone can operate according to a smartphone.

Keep in mind that there is an application for this operation! Here we will know how it is that the application is able to interact with the drone without any inconvenience.

Long before you use the drone, there is a need for you to place it firmly on the ground. Later, it is time for your smartphone to connect to the Wi fi of this drone.

It would be called in some way similar to WiFi-720p – ***. By completing this step, you can open the JY UFO app and tap the ‘play’ option in it.

DroneX Pro Review

The device comes with the instruction manual where you can see how to use its multiple controls. Don’t worry about the difficulty of using it. This is because the device is not complex at all and can therefore be operated too easily.

With the use of this application, you will be able to see what all your drone is seeing during its flight in the sky. It’s too interesting than it sounds!

But, if you have never used a drone before, you need to practice the same. On the way out, your drone might have some chance of crashing. But, because the Drone X Pro is very durable and robust, you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

There is some chance that the propeller will break, but you can easily get them replaced as they are cheap.

What are the Benefits of Drone X Pro?

This team has many benefits and enjoying them is a unique experience. Some of them are presented below. More information….

  • You can easily take them anywhere you want. With its four folding arms, you can store it in your bag or pocket and travel with them.
  • It has a stable flight while in the sky with the use of its altitude hold mode function.
  • With its built-in Wi-Fi, you can connect it to the Drone X Pro app. This app has the ability to control the drone efficiently.
  • There are two cameras in the drone and they click amazing photos as they are provided with a 2.0 MP 720P wide angle camera.
  • Also, you don’t have to waste a lot of time adjusting the position of this drone. This is because it can be easily done with the help of headless mode.

Drone X Pro Review

Most customers are in love with the Drone X Pro. It has the ability to take great photos. Apart from that, its use is very simple, since it can be handled very easily with the help of your smartphone.

Therefore, there is no need for any user to carry additional equipment. Just keep it in your pocket and you’re ready to go anywhere with it.

One can fly this drone very easily, both indoors and outdoors and there would be no problem with it. Since this is a pocket drone, don’t expect it to fly for 20 minutes like the other bulky and larger drones available on the market.

Just in case, you intend to extend the duration of your flight, you must make sure that you bring spare batteries.


But, since nothing is perfect, many people have also been able to detect some of its deficiencies. As they imply, there would be trouble connecting the drone to the corresponding controller.

Also, there may be a case where 360 ​​degree turning might not work properly too! Other than that, the Drone X Pro battery would last only 7-8 minutes, as opposed to the battery life shown on this product’s official website.

Therefore, it is recommended that users have a battery aligned before takeoff, as this drone has a short flight time.

All in one, they have provided 3 out of 5 stars and therefore 80% of the ratings of this device.

This drone is literally worth testing at least. You would love to use it and the overall experience is going to be enjoyable, hands down!

Why is DroneX Pro So Popular?

You can capture 360-degree photos from the air with just the click of a button. You can also playback the highlights of your epic slow motion adventures in high definition.

It is the same size as a large smartphone. Combine it with its folding propellers and you will surely have the most portable drone in the world. It fits comfortably in any pocket or bag!

This drone is so intuitive to use and has so many anti-collision features installed that you can leave it to a child to control within minutes of being airborne.

It is equipped with gravity sensors that detect terrain and other obstacles and automatically change course to avoid collisions.

Buy DroneX Pro

You cannot buy the DroneX Pro from Amazon. We show you in the following link the website where you can request the DroneX Pro at the best price, without any risk and on demand with a lifetime guarantee.

By the way, on the official website of the product you can also read other reviews by other drone experts, as well as reviews and experiences of DroneXPro, which confirm our evaluation and test opinion of Drone X Pro.

Our Conclusion on DroneX Pro

Now that we have described the various benefits, it is time for a final review of DroneXPro, in our opinion Dronex Pro is extremely positive!

Continue seeing about the product on the official site  www.dronexpro.com

The DroneXPro takes very good photos and videos and convinces with excellent flight characteristics, which are perfect even for beginners. The biggest advantage, however, is the exceptional low price.

If you are looking for a very good drone, but also affordable, then there is no way to avoid this part. The DroneXPro is our more than deserving test winner and also our price/ performance winner.


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