Download MI PC Suite China [Latest Version] for Reset & Flashing

Are you a Xiaomi user? It seems that you should be happy because you can download MI PC Suite China here.

Xiaomi lovers may not be quite unfamiliar with this software.

Yups, Mi PC Suite plays an important role in fixing problematic devices on the operating system. It’s just that this tool must be installed on the PC and then connected to the cellphone.

Download MI PC Suite China [Latest Version] for Reset & Flashing

More info about this application will be discussed in the following article.

Regarding Mi PC Suite

Regarding Mi PC Suite

Mi PC Suite is a special computer / pc application that functions as an Android assistant for Xiaomi.

What does it do? Many.

Here are some things that Mi Assistant can do when you have a problem with your cellphone device.

  • Supports data management.
  • Back up data.
  • Recover data.
  • Update or upgrade the Xiaomi MIUI ROM.
  • Modifications on Xiaomi cellphones.
  • You can flash or reinstall your Xiaomi cellphone.

You could say this is Mi Assistant on a laptop or computer. Its main function, which is to fix a total hanky android.

MI PC Suite has 2 versions, namely the English version and the Chinese version. What’s the difference? Only in terms of language, guys.

The features and functions are the same, there is only a slight difference in the install process.

In addition, the two versions have different software so they require different links.

But don’t worry, the link for the two versions of the latest 2023 mi pc suite will be provided in the following article.

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MI PC Suite Key Features

MI PC Suite Key Features

Xiaomi users need to install MI PC Suite to support the use of this type of cellphone.

Why? Because there are lots of features that can help you solve the trouble on your Xiaomi cellphone. The following are various excellent features of the MI Assistant software.

1. Data Backup Feature

This feature allows Xiaomi users to back up data to computer storage devices.

The procedure for backing up data via software is quite simple. This MI assistant will automatically restore or move data to the computer drive.

In addition, users can also restore data that has been backed up from the computer to the cellphone.

2. ROM Customization Feature

Customization is a feature that functions to upgrade and modify ROM.

By upgrading the ROM, users can enjoy a better MIUI user interface. and fresh.

3. Flash Recovery ROM feature

Mi PC Suite provides a feature to flash Xiaomi phones. This feature is useful for helping users when they have boot loop problems.

The flash feature can also be used to solve the problem of reinstalling and recovering the operating system. You can also unlock the root network via a smartphone.

Users don’t need to worry about using this software to address the urgent matters above. Because MI PC Suite is the safest assistant software that Xiaomi has.

4. ROM Recovery Download Feature

When the computer device is connected to an internet network, you can download or update the Recovery ROM via Mi Suite software.

Not only that, but users can also upgrade or download other drivers. Even when the flashing process is done.

5. Other MI PC Suite Features

  • Back up and restore all data including messages, contacts, and other important data.
  • Install and uninstall applications easily and instantly.
  • Organize messages and contacts including edit, transfer, and duplicate.
  • Send and receive files from the cellphone to the computer and vice versa.
  • Image, video media manager features, etc.
  • You can screencast, which is to display the HP screen via PC.
  • Can upgrade and downgrade ROM (firmware).
  • Able to solve soft-bricked problems, such as being stuck on the MI logo when starting the system.

By having the MI PC Suite application, you no longer need to go to the counter when your cell phone is fussy.

At least you can take advantage of the features above to deal with system problems with HP.

List of types of Xiaomi cellphones that support MI PC Suite

List of types of Xiaomi cellphones that support MI PC Suite

Oh yes, even though it is the default software, the PC Suite cannot be used on all types of Xiaomi.

Only some of the Xiaomi mobile brands are compatible with this MI assistant application. So, what types of cell phones support MI PC Suite?

Please check the list of names and types of cell phones below.

  • Xiaomi 1 and 1S.
  • Xiaomi 2, 2S, and 2A.
  • Xiaomi Redmi 1, 1S, 2 / Note.
  • Xiaomi 3, 4, 4i, 5 / 5c.
  • Xiaomi 3, 4, 4I, Note / Pad.
  • Mi 6, 6 Plus, 6x.
  • Mi 8, Mi 8 SE.
  • Xiaomi Mi Max, Xiaomi Max 2.
  • Redmi Note 5, Pro.
  • Redmi Note 2, 3, 4.
  • Redmi Y1, Y1 Lite, Y2.
  • Xiaomi Redmi 5, 5 Plus, 5A, and 6.
  • Redmi 3, 3S Prime, 4, 4A, and 4X.
  • Redmi 2, 2A, and 2 Prime.
  • Xiaomi Mi Pad 2, and 3.
  • Mix 2 and Mix 2S.
  • Mi Note 2 and 3.

Is your Xiaomi cellphone compatible with this software? If so, continue to get the download link in the following discussion guys.

Download Mi PC Suite China & English Version

Download Mi PC Suite China & English Version

There are 2 versions of MI PC Suite that can be selected and downloaded on a smartphone that is compatible with the software. Namely the Chinese and English versions.

Both of these versions can actually be obtained for free via Xiaomi’s official website. Namely at

But, you don’t have to bother going to that site, guys, the download link for the latest Chinese Mi PC Suite is also here. Please choose according to your needs, guys.

Download MI PC Suite English V3.2

Download link :

Download Mi PC Suite China V3.2

Download link :

Download Mi PC Suite China V3.0

Download link:

To download the file above, first make sure that your cellphone is compatible with this software, guys.

Meanwhile, for the download access to the mi pc suite in Indonesian, I will update it when the info is available.

Install MI PC Suite

After downloading the mi pc suite China / English version on the Redmi smartphone, please continue with the installation.

Install this application is quite easy, the steps are as follows:

  • Copy and paste one of the download links above.
  • Perform the download on the computer until the process is complete.
  • For the zip file, extract the downloaded driver. Double-click the exe file then click install on the main page of the MI PC Suite software.
  • If it’s not a zip file, continue by double-clicking on the extracted exe file.
  • The Agree License dialog box will appear on the screen, click Next.
  • Select a storage place as a place to store data from the software. We recommend using the folder in C: \ Program Files (X86) \ MiPhone Assistant.
  • Select Next.
  • Check the option Create Desktop Shortcut to bring up the software icon on the desktop.
  • Select Next until the Finish screen appears.

After installation, this application is not immediately usable.

To find out whether the software is functioning properly, there are special ways you must do it. Please continue the following method to confirm it.

How to Connect MI PC Suite to a Xiaomi Phone

How to Connect MI PC Suite to a Xiaomi Phone

Can’t mi pc suite connect? That’s a sign you have to fix it guys.

How to? Cus follow the steps below.

  • First, activate USB Debugging on the Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Then open the MI PC Suite software.
  • Use a USB cable (preferably the original HP cable) to connect the HP to the laptop.
  • Let the laptop do the driver installation automatically and wait for the process to finish.
  • If there are no obstacles until the process is complete, then the Xiaomi cellphone will be read in the MI PC Suite application.

How to Connect Phone to PC Suite Recovery Mode

Is your Xiaomi cellphone in trouble? You don’t have to worry. Because you can use this software to solve it.

Because MI PC Suite can not only be connected to normal cellphones. But also when it’s an error and need the flash process again.

You can follow the steps below to connect the HP in Recovery mode to the application.

  • First, deactivate the Xiaomi HP device.
  • Enter recovery mode, by pressing volume up (+) and the power button together.
  • The Recovery Mode notification will appear in Chinese.
  • Then select the Recovery menu then click the blue button.
  • Use the volume buttons as a navigation menu up and down or the power button for the OK option.

How to Use MI PC Suite

How to Use MI PC Suite

This software is the best solution when Xiaomi’s cellphone is having trouble. Because there are many things MI PC Suite can do to fix smartphones.

Here are some ways to use this application, whether for flashing, reset, root, etc.

1. Flashing Xiaomi HP

To do flashing, here are the steps you have to do:

  • Download and install the Xiaomi USB Driver on the laptop. The link is below.
USB Driver link:
  • Download the MIUI ROM file then save it to laptop storage.
  • Enable USB Debugging. You do this by selecting Settings, About Device, Build Number, Developer Option, click enable USB debugging.
  • Connect the Xiaomi cellphone to a laptop using the built-in USB cable. Make sure the battery is still fully charged at least 80%.
  • Activate the Recovery Mode option on the HP. You do this by pressing the volume up plus the power button when the cell phone is off.
  • Select the Connect with MIAssisstant menu.
  • Open MI PC Suite then click the Flash ROM menu.
  • Click the Flash option to start the flashing process on your cellphone.
  • Select ROM Package and the Quick Flash menu if you want to flash quickly.
  • Click the MIUI Recovery ROM that has been prepared then click the Open menu.
  • When the warning notification appears, click OK.
  • The flashing process will take a few minutes.
  • Wait until the process is complete until a green checkmark appears on the screen.

2. Reset Xiaomi HP

The reset option serves to solve the boot loop problem or forget the pattern on Xiaomi cellphones.

If you want to reset your smartphone, here’s how to reset Xiaomi via mi pc suite China.

  • Connect the Xiaomi cellphone with a laptop as before.
  • Turn off the HP and enter Recovery mode. You do this by pressing the volume up and power button then selecting Recovery.
  • Open the MI PC Suite application until a notification appears, then select OK.
  • Select the menu at the very bottom.
  • Wait for the reset process to complete.

Downloading MI PC Suite China and English can be an alternative to always upgrading your Xiaomi cellphone.

With this software, you can freely modify your cell phone without having to go to the counter.

But, try to always maintain the security of both smartphone and PC devices. Also, use the original USB cable to avoid bad risks.

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