How to Delete Browsing History on All Android Browsers


How can You Permanently Delete Browsing History on Android?

UC browser history how to delete

Browsing is not only our daily food but also has become oxygen that must be continuously inhaled. For millennial humans, browsing is a primary need that makes it easy for us to find something on the internet.

Because of this, web browsers are always developed and updated to become lighter, faster, and easier for life – especially facilitating the browsing process.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, Opera, and Opera Mini – are just a handful of names of popular web browsers on Android. There are still many other less popular web browsers, which can facilitate the browsing process.

One of the common features of web browsers is history.

History browsing stores data or information from websites that we have visited or have visited. History on the web browser stores the name and address (URL) of each website we visit.

For the sake of privacy, we can delete the browser history. We will no longer see lists of names or website addresses that often appear automatically in the address bar.

But, how do you delete browsing history on Android?

1. How to Remove Browsing History in Google Chrome

Android has Google Chrome as the default web browser. Chrome is now much lighter and doesn’t drain memory or RAM. Chrome also has a browsing history feature that you can delete.

Open Google Chrome on an Android smartphone.

Open the overflow menu that is located to the right of the address bar, and select History.

clear history in chrome

This is where you can delete browsing history from certain sites. Or, if you want to delete all history, select Clear browsing data.

Browsing history deleted

You can choose the website history for the last hour, one day ago, the last week, four weeks ago, or browsing history since you first used Chrome on Android.

delete history

You can also choose to delete cookies and cache. But, because you only want to delete history, just remove the cache check and cookies.

Finally, select Clear data.

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2. Remove Browsing History in Firefox Android

Firefox on Android has a browsing history feature that you can delete.

Open Firefox on Android.

Open the overflow menu that is located to the right of the address bar, and select History.

delete browser history

You will see a list of browsing history and bookmarks here. Go to the History tab. Select Clear Browsing History to delete all browsing history.

history of the android web browser

3. How to Delete History in Opera Browser

For you Opera browser users, you can also delete website history easily.

Open Opera browser.

Enter the overflow menu, which is located in the lower right corner of the screen. Select History.

how to delete browser history on android

To delete all browser history, select the overflow menu in the upper right corner of the smartphone screen. Select Clear history.

browser history

Finally, select OK.

history deleted

4. Removing the Opera Mini Browser History

Opera Mini is a browser known as the lightest browser. This browser also has its own way to delete history.

Open Opera Mini.

Select the Opera icon button, and press the History button.

delete android history

Here, you can see a list of browsing history as long as you use Opera Mini. To delete, select the trash button located in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Clear.

browser history delete

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5. How to Delete History UC Browser

UC Browser is also considered the lightest browser. He is also famous for his eccentric news. You can delete history in UC Browser easily.

Open UC Browser.

Open the overflow menu below, and choose History & Bookmarks.

browser history clear

You can see the history list and bookmarks here. To delete, select Clear. Select Delete.

UC browser bookmark history

And, BOOM! You have deleted browsing history on Android, and will no longer see the address or name of the site that often appears in the address bar.

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