Tricks to Delete Browsing History on Microsoft Edge


Do you not know how to delete your browsing history on Microsoft edge? If so, you are in the right place. Are you forgetting not to activate InPrivate mode on Microsoft edge?

And make it necessary to delete Browsing History on Microsoft Edge. While removing the Microsoft Edge cache so that privacy is maintained and not visible to others.

Removing browsing history on Microsoft Edge is actually very simple and includes the basics. Because just a few clicks you can delete browsing history on Microsoft edge.

Microsoft Edge is a newcomer browser compare to Chrome or Firefox. That’s the reason that not everyone knows how to delete browsing history on Microsoft Edge.

Therefore we here will help to provide instructions on how to easily delete browsing history on Microsoft edge and diamine succeed.

How to open Browsing History on Microsoft Edge

There are several ways to delete browsing history on Microsoft Edge. But first, you have to open the browsing history of Microsoft edge first. There are 2 methods for opening browsing history on Microsoft Edge. How to? Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click the button with a star icon with three lines in the star’s right corner. This button functions to access menus such as history, favorites, reading lists, and download results.

Step 2: Click the icon with three dots in the right corner then select History.

How to delete Browsing History on Microsoft Edge

To delete history on Microsoft Edge, you do not need to select the website history one by one if you want to delete all history on Microsoft Edge. Because there is already a feature to delete history as a whole.

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If you want to delete only some history, just right-click the site you want to delete from the history on Microsoft Edge and select Delete.

Then if you want to delete all history, click Delete All then all history on Microsoft Edge will be erased forever.

If you see the image below, you will already know that here you can also delete your browsing history by selecting a time period.

Just hover over the time period then the cross button icon will appear. Click the cross button then Microsoft Edge will delete the history according to the time period you specified.

If you want to delete everything at once including cookies, cache and more, press Clear history or open the menu in the three right-hand corners, then select Settings then click on the Privacy & Security section.

And there you can choose what to delete. Cleaning the cache sometimes serves to fix annoying problems that often appear on websites.

Check everything you want to delete and click on the Clear button. Clicking the Clear button will clear the cache, history, download Microsoft Edge and whatever you have chosen.

Remove Browsing History on Microsoft Edge Automatically

There is an additional menu also under the Clear button which functions to delete Microsoft edge history automatically when you close Microsoft edge.

With this feature, it is very helpful so that history is not stored too long and privacy is maintained.

By enabling the feature to delete Microsoft Edge history automatically, you do not need to use InPrivate mode and delete the browsing history manually on Microsoft Edge.

It is highly recommended to activate this feature if you want to visit a website that is not trusted / dangerous.

So many tutorials on how to delete browsing history on Microsoft edge easily and automatically. You can apply this tutorial so that privacy is maintained. And it is always safe to surf the internet through Microsoft edge.


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