1212+ Unique Cool ML Names, Symbols, Aesthetics & Meanings

Cool ML Names – Surely you are familiar with ML or Mobile Legend games. Many who like this game have even been played by professional gamers. One of the interesting things is that we can change the cool ML name for your game account.

By using a cool ML name, players can further increase their confidence so that it is more fun to play it. This popular game in India can be used as an exciting game to play with friends.

Unique Cool ML Names, Symbols, Aesthetics & Meanings

A Glance About Mobile Legend and the Importance of Cool ML Names

Before heading to recommendations for cool ML names, first know the meaning of the game. ML or Mobile Legend is a fighting game where there are many hero skins that you can use.

This Mobile Legend game is widely used by game lovers because it is very interesting to play for both young children and adults. The game is played online so you must have an internet connection beforehand to play it.

However, now Moblie Legend is making a new feature where players can play it offline so it’s more practical.

There are many skins and characters in the game and have different advantages. For that, it’s important to choose the best character and according to ability. Some people like certain skins because they are used to using them.

Thus, he will be more skilled in the game. The advantage of other Mobile Legends is that it look attractive with a variety of good and cool characters to the eye.

You can play in teams to destroy your opponent’s strongholds and capture them. The game will be finished if one team manages to seize the opponent’s fort. Interesting right?

One thing to know about this game is that there is an ML account name for each player. You can use a variety of interesting names to reflect your identity. Realize the expression of playing style according to the Cool ML Name you have.

The Excellence of the Mobile Legend Game with the Latest Features

There are many advantages to the latest version of ML. The latest MOBA games will later be played offline so you no longer need to be connected to an internet network.

However, to get it, players need to try it first on the advanced server. This is because the latest version of the game has not yet been released by the developer.

Interestingly, the latest version of Mobile Legend will later be played alone against or be friends with a computer team. In addition, this version will create different game difficulty levels so you can choose if you want easy, normal, or difficult.

There are many heroes left to choose from to serve as you and fight the enemy. Simply put, this latest game is similar to Mobile Legend with a custom version but the difference is that it doesn’t use the internet.

Of course, this is the right choice for those of you who want to play Mobile Legend anywhere without being disturbed by an internet connection. Playing on trips to remote places will not be a problem.

List of Cool ML Nicknames That Haven’t Been Used

List of Cool ML Nicknames That Haven't Been Used

Now we will enter the list of Cool ML Names that have good philosophies. There are various types of names that can be used. These recommendations can help you get name inspiration and also have their meanings so that they make the appearance full of meaning.

Not only that, these ML names are also aesthetic so that other players feel amazed by your name. Check out some of the recommendations below.

1. Cool ML Tank Names and Their Meanings

This first list will share cool ML names along with their meanings that have deep meanings. There are many savage means to make your ML account look cooler. Here are some recommendations:

  • Blade = hard worker
  • Felix = lucky
  • Akihiko = smart kid
  • Colt = stallion
  • Frozen = frozen
  • Dragons = dragons
  • Leon = lion
  • Tornadoes = tornadoes
  • Storm = storm
  • Dusk = twilight
  • Bleach = bleach
  • Cleaner = cleaner
  • Foerza = strength
  • Clovis = finance
  • Jarvis = expert
  • Caird = friend
  • Mac = sword
  • Iluvia = rain
  • Canon = flower
  • Aileen = royalty
  • Chris = cheerful
  • Rai = trust
  • Vasto = broad
  • No limit = no limit
  • Almighty = power
  • Chispear = spark
  • Young Boys = young people
  • El Rey = King
  • Naura = light
  • Gris = gray
  • Kenzao = creative
  • Srellica = arrow
  • Dusk = twilight
  • Vjest = pro or very proficient
  • Kuro = black
  • Addison = son of Adam
  • Ace = union
  • Aidyn = small fire
  • Arthur = noble
  • Bay = bay
  • Bobby = valiant
  • Burke = hill
  • Churchill = great and noble
  • Kurt = smart

2. Cool ML names for boys or girls

The next list will be given cool ML names for boys. There are names that use symbols so they will look cooler. The use of the name is identical for men because of cool terms or from English names for boys.

Many are looking for the name Mobile Legends for men because the majority of ML players are indeed men, although there are also women. Here is a collection of ML names specifically for male players

  • ✰Abrสђสϻ✰ = father of all nations
  • ๖ۣT҉Alberm͢͢͢i¢h = warrior of royal blood
  • Uᴍar
  • ꧁༺UMAR༻꧂
  • U mar boss yt
  • 巛Arนltsell◥
  • ฿oψຮking✨
  • ฿๏ℽs ͥki ͣn ͫg
  • ⑉MαŇlyϻαŇ⑉
  • Mⱥήlymⱥn
  • MψSweeτBoψAn∂ψsee∂⚔
  • Aᖙdis☢ή꧂
  • AlmerLlMкeツ
  • Asher = blessed
  • Austin = noble, great
  • Bavol = wind
  • Barnett = leader
  • ฿enτonŦirτo
  • íɑʍ︽ʙonnieᴇgomania
  • Blaᴋeley❖
  • Blakeley = black meadow
  • Brant = proud
  • Burke = hill
  • Chaψτon
  • ✰Cha ͥℽt ͣo ͫn✰
  • CarℓysBeℓℓyFℓ☢Ƥ
  • ChannedAnomaly❥
  • ChสnnHสsh†สg
  • 「CץŇderץŇ」
  • Dαllêns ͢ ͢ ͢ti☢
  • ◤๖ۣۜƊⱥllene∂r◢
  • Danty = good place
  • Daroll = good or sturdy
  • ︽DeviสภSiภel
  • DevianDefuser⚠
  • DillonΘzoneツ
  • ⦅EdwⱥrdscᎥ⦆
  • ❅Eᖙωaℝᖙinspag❅
  • Eᖙwⱥℝᖙs ͥSt ͣu ͫᖙwell
  • EricⱥᴍoRoider
  • Eric ͥђa ͣt ͫCђaήnel4
  • EraภÐeℚu
  • ElωiŇSωifՇʎ
  • ⫷๖ۣۜƊoni多erαni⫸
  • ฿oψsⱥvⱥge
  • ฿oℽsαvαgeツ
  • Fa ͥ∂e ͣy ͫka
  • ⚡Ƒคdeℽkค⚡
  • Fα∂eyҜα
  • ellaรkyFelΐxe
  • Freddψภคrψteภte
  • ƑreddψWสdd☘
  • Frey☢บldi
  • Ga ͥrr ͣe ͫn Lentils
  • GeøreMᵃrgritส
  • GΐbsŇMagΐcaツ
  • ⚡Gibson Vibgyor⚡
  • Gℝiffiή
  • Hal ͥτo ͣn ͫauຮ☘
  • Halt☢ήg ͥst ͣa ͫr⚔
  • ▓Hal†oήgTωinkleToes

3. Cool ML names for women or girls

Not only men, the use of Cool ML Names is specifically intended for women. Anyone can play this Mobile Legend game because it’s very exciting. There are also many women who are good at playing using female characters when competing.

To make it cooler, you also need to choose a special name for girls to highlight your gender more when playing. There are many female ML names that have good meanings and consist of various symbols, see the full information below.

  • Ayudia = beautiful
  • Anindira = brave
  • Aurellia = gold
  • Azkia = light
  • Adelia = noble
  • Aqilla = smart
  • Deolinda = goddess
  • Chalondra = smart
  • Friska = full of energy
  • Fidelya = trustworthy
  • Gayatri = strong
  • Fanny = joy
  • Fℝส∂ellส❥
  • ᚛Frคdeℓℓค᚜
  • Fr ͥสd ͣe ͫllส
  • FaraŇΐຮa
  • ⫷FคrคŇiຮค⫸
  • Ǥ๏ᴍesǤ๏๏ch❥
  • ⪨G๏ϻรթe ͥal ͣo ͫr⪩
  • ༺ǤØmeรequa༻
  • Cส†iҜส
  • EliήⱥDucklingツ
  • LΐveʸEΐภαth๖ۣ༒҉
  • AzҜiคomp͢͢͢y
  • ǤℝlsaŇgaℝ✇
  • 乇мσιяℓ
  • EmogᎥrℓ
  • 乃ⱥd ͢ ͢ girℓ♦️
  • ๖ۣۜßa∂girgerรeleve
  • AŇiŇ∂ira
  • Aήiήdirⱥ
  • ⑉Adenα๖ۣۜℜαdiuᴍ⑉
  • OceanήicirlC҉✖
  • [Ocͥeaͣnͫicgiɾl]
  • Oceⱥnicgiℝℓ⇜

4. Cool Funny and Unique ML Names

Not infrequently, many also use funny cool ML names to express themselves that they are humorous people. That way, other players who read the Mobile Legend nickname will laugh at it.

Of course, the name will be able to make it more attractive. There are lots of cool and funny ML names to choose from, from the terms bucin, and single, to sad boy and sad girl. There are also those who show other humorous words. Check out the full list below.

  • I am with you
  • I’ll wait for your promise
  • Just Caressed
  • Need Backup
  • My soulmate
  • Curse
  • Jinnjaayoo
  • Neomu Joha
  • Cincayo
  • Haiku Miss
  • When We Get Married
  • Keep Adoring
  • ChayankKamoeh
  • Mattress Officer
  • Don’t Like Sin
  • Fried Servant
  • Envy Says Boss
  • LoePikirTaku
  • Pe Ra One
  • AutoLobby
  • Phlegm fart
  • DeliciousDie
  • Dear Kamoeh
  • Cie Ayank
  • Please don’t be baper
  • Play teros when are you getting married
  • Widow hunter
  • Miss Queen
  • Nangeess
  • Ṩⱥyⱥngkⱥmu
  • ★SαyαŇgkαᴍu★
  • SⱥyⱥήgҜaɯบ
  • ★Beg ͥคl ͣj ͫคŇ∂ค★
  • ๖ۣۜℜiรiђdeҜสτkสmu
  • Sคntaiajabos
  • Relaxjabos⚠
  • Baթe ͥℝb ͣe ͫneℝ
  • ⑉CapableBape͢͢͢rbi⑉
  • ★Orαนsαhϻαlน★
  • ⦇Jαngangatel⦈

5. Cool Aesthetic ML name

Next is the name ML Keren which is aesthetic. The aesthetic itself is an image that makes nickname writing more beautiful and pleasing to the eye. If you have trouble making it, then the easiest way is to use the following list of names.

Thus, the appearance of the Mobile Legends account name will appear more attractive. The following is a list of aesthetic ML names.

  • ⋉Satanchℓd⋊
  • Suภfℓower
  • ⚡๖ۣۜƊemήlͥs ͣe ͫ⚡
  • Łullสbץ
  • Lนℓℓabℽ
  • CrҽaϻsΉake☂
  • ༺Crayman༻
  • CrazψᴍaŇ
  • Cђerrψc ͥØl ͣa ͫ
  • Ƒany ͥℓu ͣc ͫu
  • ୨Faήycute⪑
  • BℝaŇᖙeᖙmaŇ♦️
  • Brคภd ͥed ͣm ͫคภ
  • 〖Ło ͥve ͣy ͫouήooℝ〗
  • 「Tea†ok」
  • Kød ͥok ͣl ͫomƤat
  • ℂ͢͢͢
  • 彡[Cr☢☢diє]彡
  • ℭℝøco∂ile
  • ✰Depreรΐ✰
  • ★Ṩ†ressคig★
  • Stℝeຮຮ ͢ ͢ ͢ Ki ͥຮ s ͣe ͫs
  • Ǥolᖙteⱥrs☂
  • ★Ǥo ͥld ͣt ͫearຮ★
  • BabyesBaℝ☢ήess⚠
  • Bα多yiήNinjα⚔
  • NiŇjⱥhͥⱥtͣoͫri
  • Bαbyzee
  • ׺๖ۣۜßa多ץzeeº×
  • ༺Vǝrψbea†y༻

The name Mobile Legend using symbols is also a prima donna. The use of this symbol will appear to make writing anti-mainstream with other account names. In addition, the display of ML names with symbols will look more attractive and less boring.

You can combine writing with the right symbols to make it more interesting. Here are some lists of Cool ML Names to choose from, one of the most interesting.

  • Fคkelife
  • 巛◥
  • Gilαgαmers
  • L๏veyounor
  • ᚛Cu ͥτe ͣg ͫirℓ᚜
  • Cu ͥte ͣg ͫiℝℓ✨
  • Gเlαkєℝja
  • ᖘeͥngͣeͫmbαrαpensenᖙiri
  • ◤ŁŇelψbψ୧
  • Lonelℽboℽ
  • L๏ήeℓyb๏y♛
  • ㄒαѕмαηια︾
  • G☢killgคᴍคer☘
  • GøkillCøllØie
  • ⚡JoђⱥภMⱥภticore⚡
  • J☢hαŇsHαuŇted
  • AkmaMacђ5
  • ❅AkนᴍaKนᴍΐ❅
  • ⫷Suryaresea⫸
  • El ͥid ͣt ͫhLαdψรmith
  • GasนҜarтuaтimթar
  • Davidson = leader of all humans
  • Fadeyka = adventurous
  • Elmar = start and be famous
  • Halbert = smart, clever, and very famous hero
  • Kay = happy
  • Kashawn = bringer of glory
  • Liavin = light
  • Loko = forest illuminated by a very beautiful moon
  • Lew = good friend
  • Kemp = warrior, a fighter, and the champion
  • Hugo = having great thoughts
  • Gail = life
  • Ebner = luck
  • Eldon = holy hill or also known as a great advisor
  • Diamond = jewel or formidable guard
  • Delbert = sunny day
  • Caldwell = cold spring
  • Chaiden = male
  • Carly = palace guard
  • Cadby = sweet and kind
  • Blackton = black stone
  • Ardolph = wolf
  • Alvin = loyal friend

7. Cool ML names Tzy MVP and Venom

Another popular name is to use the names Tzy MVP and Venom which are currently viral. This term makes writing cool and interesting. You can combine it with the symbol you want to make it look spooky.

Here are some lists of Cool ML Names using Tzy MVP and Venom.

  • Ŧyv℘ned☕
  • TչymvƤᖘtzig
  • Home
  • HyƤήo ͥti ͣc ͫTzymvƤήo☘
  • Hสbi†uส͢͢͢ᵀzℽmv℘Øs
  • ⌁TzyᴍvƤerni⌁
  • ༺RitzψTzψᴍvpŇe༻
  • ᵀᶻʸᵐᵛᵖᵒᴰⁱⁿᵒˢᵃᵘʳ
  • TzymvƤScrew†สƤe♦️
  • Miss๖ۣۜƤiggψTzψmv℘it♦️
  • TzץmvթAer ͢ ͢ ͢o
  • ✰TzyᴍvƤeExƤeℝt✰
  • Ŧa ͥzz ͣy ͫŦzymѵթПø
  • TzymקTrzคn
  • ㄒумνρηєα
  • TzymvקCrⱥzyteen
  • ▥?
  • 「ƬПӨЩП」
  • TzymvpℲiℝeBℝaภg
  • Tzy ͢ ͢ ͢ mv קê や Ø Ҝส
  • 〖TzymvקØiŇ͢͢͢s〗
  • Tz ͥym ͣv ͫקήeℝ☂
  • Tz ͥψm ͣv ͫ℘eedน♦️
  • TzψmvקOℓψmקus
  • Tz ͥym ͣv ͫpSamBalto
  • Tz ͥym ͣv ͫƤή☢mƤ✨
  • ŦzymvƤeℝs
  • Tzy ͥϻv ͣp ͫṨpⱥtz
  • GψᴍGyTzympn☢♦️
  • GymภaຮticTzymvק
  • Tzy ͥϻv ͣp ͫsaℓa
  • ༺VeŇoᴍNeℝve༻
  • Veภ๏ᴍeภerภツ
  • ͢ ͢ ͢ℨ
  • VeภØᴍ尺eeภαn
  • ༺Vn☢mSìlvbąck༻
  • YuϻϻyVenØϻϻil
  • VeήØmTeήt
  • Ve ͥήo ͣm ͫiWolveriŇeツ
  • ♐Vn๏ϻalvd§w
  • Ve ͥภo ͣm ͫeℝoviαliภ
  • ᚛Vєnϻ฿єndΐo᚜
  • VคmƤΐre
  • ⑉⑉

How to Change Mobile Legends Nickname

How to Change Mobile Legends Nickname

After choosing one of the Cool ML Names you want, it’s also important to know how to change the nickname so that it can be applied easily. The thing to prepare is to choose a nickname that is above. Next, follow these steps:

  1. The first step that needs to be done is to open the Mobile Legend application.
  2. Then, log in using the account that has been registered.
  3. After entering the main homepage, click the Shop button.
  4. Next, buy a Name Change Card so you can change cool ML names.
  5. After getting the card to change the name, go to the profile.
  6. Select Settings or Settings.
  7. Click on the next name section, and copy and paste the name into the nickname column.
  8. The final stage is to click the save button or save.
  9. Finished. The name will automatically change according to your choice so that when playing other players can read the new ML name properly.

For the record, in changing the name of the Mobile Legend account, you have to buy a Name Card which can be obtained by exchanging 299 diamonds. So, this is not obtained for free.

If you don’t have diamonds from the results of the game, you can easily top up so that it’s faster to change the name as desired.

Application for Cool and Unique Mobile Legend Nicknames

Application for Cool and Unique Mobile Legend Nicknames

To make it even easier to make Cool ML Names with their own Style, you can also use a Special Application that is currently available. Each application has different capabilities. So you have to adjust it first.

However, on this occasion, I will help you to immediately tell the best application recommendations with more complete features.

So you can make a better quality Mobile Legend name, some of which are as follows.

Stylish Apk

The first application that you can use to make cool ML names is Stylish Text. With the help of this application, you can easily get step names that are rarely used by other people.

You can even make your own uniqueness to be used as a distinctive name when this application starts.

Download link: click >>>> “ HERE ”

Then you can freely use the sophisticated tools to create your own Cool Name.

There are lots of choices of Fonts, Symbols, and Numbers with a variety of interesting styles, you can do the combination according to your wishes.

Fancy Apk

Don’t like things that are too difficult? Then Fancy Text can be the right choice to use.

This cool 4-letter ML name application provides a place with a modern look that is easy to understand.

Download link: click >>>> “ HERE ”

In fact, everyone only needs to enter a text into the provided column.

Automatically you can immediately get lots of good name choices for ML with your chosen character, wow, that’s interesting isn’t it?


Next, there is the Nickfinder site that you can use to get cool ML names with their own style.

Download link: click >>>> “ HERE ”

Each person only needs to fill in a name in the provided column. After that, you can generate a name with a combination of numbers, symbols, or other interesting fonts.

After finishing, the user can immediately apply the name to a Mobile Legend account.

How? Have you chosen a cool ML name yet? The use of the name is important enough to make others know you and make it easier to remember. In addition, a cool name also makes you more confident.

This is the explanation regarding 1212+ Cool Unique ML Names, Symbols, Aesthetics, and Their Meanings. Hopefully, this article can be useful for all of us, Give Savage Guys !!!!

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