How to boost your battery while traveling


If you want to travel more but having too many problems with midterm papers, you can always try to contact professionals. Traveling with technology is very gratifying. You can keep in touch with people using simple gadgets like your phone.  Unfortunately, worldwide adventures may be very exasperating when our technological gadgets get off. All portable gadgets that we travel with, like mobile phones, need to be charged over and over again. Their batteries have a short life span, especially to a phone which performs demanding tasks. Mobile phones with powerful processors and large screens also have a high demand for power. Charging facilities are not available everywhere, and charging may be a challenge.

Consequently, there is a need to boost your phone battery when you are traveling to avoid frustrations. Opportunely, there are some simple ways we can employ to have long-lasting batteries. These measures have limited effects.

Measures to boost phone battery

Activating battery saver mode

Smartphones have a battery saver mode, which limits the operations which consume a lot of power. It switches off non-essential features and reduces screen brightness. You can also reduce brightness via display settings. Reducing screen brightness can save up to 50% of the power. It also restricts unnecessary notifications. Automatically, most types of smartphones are programmed to alert you when the power is below a certain percentage.

Prefer WIFI to 4G

Wireless data connection consumes a lot of power when compared to a WIFI connection. Therefore, it is recommendable that you use WIFI to access the internet to save power. Ensure that your applications are at the latest version to avoid updating when you are away from charging outlets. Download applications and update them at home when power is not limited. It’s also noticeable that you restrict automatic updating of applications when you connected to the internet. Restrict data access to applications which you are not using as well.

Turning off videos playing

Watching long movies and videos require a lot of power. Hence, limiting watch time or completely turning off video players, can considerably save your power. Also, ensure that the volume is not very high.

Stay at favorable temperatures

The battery lifespan is significantly affected by environmental temperatures. Its compositions are affected by conditions. Very low temperature reduces the movement of lithium ions in the battery. Extreme high temperatures allow the battery to serve better but for a short period. Sensibly, prefer temperature within 0 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Charging your battery in the best ways

Don’t be a victim of a fast charge. Fast charge, perpetually reduces the ability of a battery to store power. Try to charge your phone before it shuts down due to a lack of charge. Right charging maximizes the capacity of batteries.

Turn off the vibration for calls, messages, and notifications

Vibration involves t use of a motor on the mobile phone, which consumes a lot of power. For a motor to run, it requires substantial power hence shutting down batteries.

Turn off non-essential features

When you are not browsing, it is apt that you switch off your data connection or WIFI connection. Turning off internet connection restricts unnecessary notification from some applications. Generally, internet connections consume a lot of power. Bluetooth also uses noticeable power. You can also manage data access to the application. Control the number of applications that are running at a time. Some applications are active even after you exit them until you switch them off. Ensure that you switch GPS functions entirely and control how other applications access location.

Switch on airplane mode

When you are not interested in communicating and browsing, you can decide to switch on airplane mode. Airplane mode confines messages and calls notifications. It also disables browsing and automatic updating of applications.


Battery performance is dependent on how you use the phone. You are likely to degrade battery performance when you do not follow certain regulations. These regulations cuts across how you charge and use your battery. The measures have downslides and are limited, but they contribute and save power in large. Upgrade your battery performance and life span by embracing the above simple measure.


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