10 Best Spy Apps for Android that Must Be Tried


Best Spy Apps for Android – Maybe you’ve watched a James Bond movie and fantasized about being able to have sophisticated spy gear like the one used in the film.

Don’t make that fantasy a mere dream. Because actually you can use these spy tools in a simple version through several applications. In fact, the application is already available on your smartphone, you know!

It’s time you start trying app to spy on text messages remotely that will make you look like a spy agent. TechTanker will provide information about the list of Android spy applications that you can install right now.

The Most Unique Android Spy Application!

Want to try being a spy? You can do it, but you have to use the 10 applications that we recommend the following, yes.

1. Wheres My Droid

Wheres My Droid

It’s no stranger to the job of a spy that is to follow a certain person. Well, to find out the location of the person being spied on then you need the Wheres My Droid application.

This application allows users to find out the whereabouts of someone by tracking his cell phone.

So, you don’t need to bother following the person you want to spy on, just one application and you can already know the person’s location via GPS. Very simple and easy,  right? Download the free application here.

2. Cube Call Recorder ACR

Cube Call Recorder ACR

If you want to record all conversations on the phone, whether telephone through social media or regular telephone, then you can use ACR’s Cube Call Recorder. This is a great application that records incoming or outgoing calls easily and safely.

Here, you don’t need to press any button, because the application has a feature to record calls automatically. However, if you do not want all calls to be recorded, then you can record them manually. Interestingly, you can choose the phone contacts that you want to record calls.

3. Ear Agent: Super Hearing

Super Hearing Ear Agent

In some films about the spy, there is always a scene where the spy is tapping into his enemy’s conversation to get important information.

Ear Agent: Super Hearing will make you have the bugging device on your smartphone. This application will pick up sound from inside the microphone and make it clearer and louder so you can hear it.

For example, you put a smartphone that has this application installed in another room.

Then, you will connect the Ear Agent: Super Hearing with your Bluetooth headset, then you can be in another room while listening to the conversation that takes place in the room where your smartphone is left.

4. Phone Tracker

Phone Tracker

Phone Tracker is a free spy application that offers so many things. Maybe you think that this application is similar to a simple phone tracking application like the one circulating in the Google Play Store.

Yes, of course, Phone Tracker can track the location of cellphones via GPS. However, it is unique that you can check messages, calls, web activities through this application.

This Android spy application seems to be very suitable for parents who want to monitor their children’s activities to avoid physical or digital crime.

5. GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker

Another great application if you want to spy on someone, GPS Phone Tracker. This is an application where you can easily monitor the location of someone you are spying on.

So, later GPS Phone Tracker will report the current location of someone you spy through GPS. Interested in trying it? It can be downloaded here.

6. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder

Sometimes you need to record a conversation on your smartphone for various needs. Of course, most smartphones are equipped with features to record voice calls, but nothing is as easy as the Automatic Call Recorder application.

The built-in call recorder feature generally requires you to make settings on the screen first when you want to record.

Meanwhile, the Automatic Call Recorder will automatically record all voice call conversations on your smartphone automatically. The sound recording will be stored in the internal memory if you want to listen to it later.

7. Quick Video Recorder

Well, if this one application allows users to record videos secretly through a  cell phone background. So, with this application, you don’t need to open the camera application. The reason, Quick Video Recorder will record every movement smoothly and clearly.

In addition, this application also has a feature to edit videos that have been recorded, one of which is the trim video feature. Another plus, this application also supports to record videos at night because it has a night mode feature that is quite clear and bright.

8. Truecaller


Another application that we recommend is Truecaller. In accordance with the name of the application, Truecall is ready to help you to find prank callers. In its application, Truecaller works in a variety of functions.

Some of these functions include identifying every incoming SMS and call, blocking every SMS and telephone number from telemarketing to seeing the name of the owner of the SMS and foreign telephone.

Not only that, even this Truecaller can also do call recording. This feature helps you to record conversations while on a call.

In fact, there is also a flash messaging feature where you can share your current location only via SMS. And if you subscribe to the premium version of Truecaller, you can identify anyone who sees your profile. Very complete, huh?

9. All Family Tracker

Best Spy Apps for Android

One more good application a la SPY style, the All Tracker Family. In the application, All Tracker Family presents a variety of interesting features, such as knowing the latest location, reading the contents of messages, viewing the contents of contacts, to monitor every message and incoming call.

What is unique about this application is, you can listen to conversations from the target cell phone while on the phone. Well, you can also directly record the contents of the conversation  you know.

Not only that, even in the All Tracker Family you can do a  live camera via the cellphone that you installed this application to monitor remotely.

Every video that you see will be displayed in real-time. Cool,  right? Come on, immediately try the application by clicking this link.

10. Secret Agentse

Best Spy Apps for Android

Complete your actions to become a secret agent by installing a Secret Agent. This application provides complete equipment that will make you feel like a James Bond.

Starting from the availability of the Sensors menu, Spectrum, Compass, Spy Torch, Infrared-Style Camera Filter, and many more.

This application has been installed 1 million times by Android users. In fact, the Secret Agent also received a rating of 3.9 stars.

Other SPY Cool Application Recommendations

In addition to spy applications that have been discussed in the discussion above, Caris Signal also provides other recommendation applications that are as unique as the previous 10 applications. However, the following application is no longer available on PlayStore.

1. Call Tracker

Best Spy Apps for Android

Although this application has the name Call Tracker, that does not mean this application is only able to see the contact list only, yes. The reason is, with Call Tracker, users can see all the contents of contacts, SMS, to WhatsApp messages owned by the target  you know.

Now, in addition to just seeing, the Call Tracker also allows users to edit eyebrows, delete some of their messages and contacts.

It is not enough to stop there, because this application still has several other interesting features, such as GPS Location and GPS Tracker.

Well, both of these features also allow users to find out the target location. Pretty complete,  right?

2. Spy Toolkit

Best Spy Apps for Android

Want to try to be a spy? Of course, being a spy or a  spy is not easy. One way is that you must equip yourself with spy tools that will help you become a spy. This Spy Toolkit acts as a spy application that is unique and you can try.

Because, in this application, users can use all kinds of tools commonly used by a spy. Inside there are flashlights, security, Diversion, Cipher Maker, Morse Code, and many more.

3. Hidden Camera: Best Secret Spy

Hidden Camera Best Secret Spy

This is a spy application that is a bit sneaky as the name suggests. Yes, Hidden Camera: Best Secret Spy will not appear on your smartphone with the same application name. This application will be disguised as an ordinary notepad on your smartphone.

If you activate this application, it will take pictures or videos without anyone knowing. There is no shutter sound, flash, or preview, all done by Mobile Hidden Camera secretly.

This application supports front and rear cameras. Uniquely, all versions of Android can use Hidden Camera: Best Secret Spy.

This smart application will be very useful to find out who likes to open the contents of your smartphone secretly.

4. SMS Tracker (TM)

Best Spy Apps for Android

In accordance with the name of the application, SMS Tracker (TM) is indeed devoted to you who want to spy on the contents of messages on someone’s cell phone.

With the SMS Tracker (TM) application, of course, you can see all the contents of the message both incoming and outgoing messages.

Oh yes,  this application also not only has a feature for tracking SMS  because you can also find out the contents of MMS messages even incoming and outgoing calls. Uniquely, SMS Tracker (TM) also has a feature to do  GPS tracking!

5. Free Cell Phone Tracker

Best Spy Apps for Android

Monitoring one’s location can also be easily done using the Free Cell Phone Tracker. This is an application that has quite complete features.

In addition to monitoring the current location, you can also monitor the contents of incoming and outgoing messages. Also, you can find out all the contacts and numbers on someone’s cellphone.

Install all the Android spy applications on your smartphone immediately, then you can immediately play a role as a secret agent that looks professional.

Not only to act as a spy, this application is also very helpful for parents who want to supervise their children in using gadgets or traveling.


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