Best Sites to Download Free Anime [2023]

Best sites to download anime: Without a doubt, Japanese cartoons are invading the world as an irresistible trend.

We love the anime not only for the exquisite images, the intriguing plot and the charm of the OST, but sometimes we are also inspired and touched by the words or characters of an anime.

Best Sites to Download Free Anime

Many people want to easily download cartoons to watch them offline, but for some, finding a good anime movie download site is a tricky task.

Fortunately, you come to the right place. Here, I select the best anime download sites to download for free. All sites are gaining popularity and are tested.

Basically, an anime is an animation drawn by hand or produced by a machine, originally from Japan. It can be characterized by brightly colored graphics; vivid characters and chimerical themes; surrounding a very significant scenario.

Unlike animated cartoons, animated series is aimed at both children and adults. Although cartoons are initially popular only in parts of Asia; they are now well-received in the West.

Best Sites to Download Free Anime

While some television channels such as Animax and Toonami offer animated series/films; they are not very practical because of the blockages associated with cable or satellite television. First; traditional television packages are ridiculously expensive.

Secondly, your TV can not be transported everywhere you go. Third, cable television follows a strict programming routine that is not always suitable for everyone.


In fact, another extremely popular site,, boasts animated series and high-quality animated films. If you have avoided watching anime due to a lack of subtitles or dubbing content; this is the site you want to consult.

The user interface is super fast and you can best sites to download anime or HD movies without any problem.

We like the fact that 9anime has organized titles under useful categories like “the most-watched” and “to come”; allows people to easily choose a title.

However, there is a trap. You can not download an episode without first watching it. Once you have played it until the end; you will find the download button in the lower right corner of the media streaming window.

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2. Internet Archives

If the legality of a website is the top priority for you, then internet archives are one of the best sites to download free anime for you. Just click on the “video” icon in the upper left corner of the home page.

In addition, it will display a drop-down menu with all categories, including arts and music, television, sports videos, news and public affairs, ephemeral films; movies and animation. The anime is obviously under animation.

However, the site sources free public domain content, so you can not find the most popular or recent anime series/movies; but you can still watch the classics. After clicking on a title; you will see the multimedia streaming window with the download options on the right.

Internet Archives


Probably, is one of the best sites to download the most sophisticated anime in the world. The site is supported on a wide range of devices; including smartphones on different platforms.

Users can not only download animated series from Best Sites to download anime, but also stream online shows, watch plays, read mangas, participate in anime-centric discussions, and post requests to the site.

Similar to YouTube, Kissanime offers content in different resolutions like 240p, 360p, 720p, and 1080p. You can set the quality of the video based on your Internet connection and preferences. Kissanime has one of the best interfaces where content is updated regularly.


Chia-Anime has an attractive design and layout where it’s easy to find the title you’re looking for. It allows users to stream as well as download the anime in mp4 format, quite quickly. Once you click on a title, you will see Best Sites to download anime just below the reading screen.

Apart from the animated series, you can also watch anime movies and read manga for free.

By the way, the highlight of Chia-anime is that it downloads the latest episodes before most other sites. Plus, you can get the content in HD and watch it either on your laptop/desktop or your smartphone. However, note that you can not download an entire show at one time.


First, is famous for its fast downloads, which is not common among free services. This is one of the best free anime download sites in 2018. You can download episodes in SD and HD quality.

In addition, users can click the “anime” tab in the upper left corner of the home screen. It will redirect you to a page with thumbnails of all series with their rankings, number of episodes and release dates. There is also a “genres” icon at the top right to help you choose a title.

In the end, Masterani has one of the most attractive designs and clean interfaces. There is also an “Exit Schedule” category to keep you up to date on the latest additions, which saves you a lot of time.


Essentially, is an anime torrent download site where you can also have useful conversations with other anime lovers.

In addition, the design and interface are anything but clean. That said, Animetosho has a colossal library of animated series and allows users to download a title directly, using a file hosting service.

If you find it difficult to navigate to the content, you can simply enter the title or part of the title that you want to look at in the search bar located in the upper left corner of the home page.


Thanks to a relatively simple and refined interface, allows anime fans to download the oldest and most recent episodes.

In addition, the home page displays a list of all the latest episodes added to the Animecruzer Content Library. You can choose one or enter a title in the search bar on the right of your screen. The content is available for download in 420p, 720p and 1080p and the file size varies from 60 MB to 120 MB, depending on the video quality chosen.

8. is one of the best sites for free anime downloads. The interface is very easy to use and works according to the principle of non-advertising. You can either watch anime series online, download an episode directly, or download in batches.

However, since the site is not supported by ads and offers free content, they will not download new episodes unless they receive a sufficient donation from users for new codes. The good news is that, whether people donate or not, the site will not be removed anytime soon.

9. Project-Gxs.Com

Project-Gxs is one of the best sites to download the most popular anime where content is available in 720p and 1080p. Users can also post anime requests in case it is missing on the site. You can browse titles according to different categories, including “in progress”, “completed” and Blu-ray.

Only one episode can be downloaded using the direct download option, but if you want to download it in batches, you can use the torrent link shown at the bottom.

Apart from that, you can also check out their news section where you will get the latest updates on content and announcements regarding technical issues.


In fact, Anidb is a non-profit initiative for anime fans. This means that the site is not supported by the ads and that there is no spyware because the confidentiality of the users is essential for them.

11. TokyoInsider

The best sites to download anime have a fairly extensive library of anime series. Users can select an episode using categories such as “new versions” or by typing the desired animated series in the search bar (located in the upper right corner of the home page).

Obviously, this is one of the few sites to feature the latest and most popular anime shows, so if you’re new to animation, Best Anime download sites should be your favorite site.

However, unlike some sites mentioned above, this one requires users to register before watching the content (for free).

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