Best Sites Like Project Free TV: Watch Movies and TV Shows Online 2020


Best Sites Like Project Free TV: Watch Movies and TV Shows Online

Many consider Project Free TV to be one of the best television shows and movie streaming platform of all time. And you can’t deny this, it’s a site that has millions of fans all over the world.

It’s hard to be an established free streaming platform, but Project Free TV does its job perfectly!

Project Free TV has been closed many times, the first one arrived in 2015, which made its user feel that he was gone forever, but he returned.

And again in 2017, it disappeared for a while. Since then he faces frequent downtime. Most of the time it is available with other domains, but finding them is quite difficult.

No matter how people love Project Free TV, regular downtime makes users feel sad. That is one reason why they look for site alternatives. If you are here, that means you would have also faced this problem. Right?

If so, these are some of the best similar sites you can use instead of Project Free TV. Let’s start…

13 Best Project Free TV Alternatives to Watch Movies and TV Shows

1. Pubfilm


Pubfilm is one of the best alternatives to Project Free TV due to several reasons. This website offers a very simple movie streaming experience for the user. And as expected, Pubfilm is completely free and does not require any paid subscription.

Not only that, but there are not even ads on this website that can get in your way. Unfortunately, you must first register on this website in order to use it to watch movies and TV shows. Although this process is completely free, it may take some time for some users.

But once you have completed the initial registration process, you will have a great time watching movies and TV shows on this website. This is possible due to the excellent user interface offered by this website to its users.

In addition to looking pretty good, it also helps the user to easily find movies and TV shows. You can easily do it on the Pubfilm website using the various navigation features offered by this website. And the quality of movie transmissions is also quite good even for slow Internet connections.

2. Primewire


Primewire is another great website that is quite similar to Project Free TV. If you have ever used the Project Free TV website, you will feel at home while using this website. It is possible due to the very similar user interface.

While it looks quite similar, you can certainly find many additional navigation features and options. These can be useful for quickly finding your favorite movies and TV shows. And once you’ve found a movie to watch, you can stream it online or download it to watch later.

Whether you stream or download movies and TV shows from this website, the quality is really good. It offers most of its movies in up to 4K UHD and other high definition resolutions.

As a result, using this website on several devices is quite easy, since you don’t have to worry about quality. Another great thing about this website is that it doesn’t serve any ads to the user, even if it’s completely free.

Here is  13 Best Primewire Alternatives to Watch Free Movies

3. Nitro


Niter is one of the oldest and most popular televisions and movie streaming websites on the market. As a result, it has improved considerably in recent years. Because of this, this website has many useful features and options for the user that have been added over time.

These features and options result in a great transmission experience for the user. One of the best things about Niter has to be its streaming servers.

Niter offers streaming servers located in different countries for its users. As a result, you will not face any region restrictions while using this website to watch movies and TV shows.

Not only that, but you won’t even face any delay or stutter when using this website. Because of this, Niter is a great option for those who want to enjoy movies while traveling with a slower mobile data connection.

And the streaming quality is also high definition, so your favorite movies and TV shows will look great.


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