Best Ps3 Emulator & How to Play Ps3 on Android & PC

Playing PS3 games on an Android Smartphone is easy at this time thanks to the PS3 Emulator Application.

Next TechTanker will share how to use the PS3 Emulator on Android, this PS3 Emulator support for all Smartphones running the Android operating system, both Android from the old version to the latest version.

Previously, if we wanted to play games, especially PS3 games, we had to buy a PS3 that could cost up to 2 million, or you had to go to rental PS to play your favorite game, as time went on, technology became more sophisticated, now PS3 games can be played on your android .

Best Ps3 Emulator

With this PS3 emulator, you can play your favorite PS3 game through the smartphone you hold at this time. You don’t have to bother buying PS3 to play exciting games.

I mentioned a little, this emulator doesn’t use an internet connection, so you don’t have to worry when you play PS3 games on your android.

It is possible that this emulator can also be run on your Smartphone, the most important thing is that your Smartphone’s specifications are sufficiently powerful to run this PS3 Emulator.

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Your minimum RAM is 2GB, and the processor is at least dual-core, internal memory and external memory must also have free space to install this Emulator along with the PS3 Game to be played.

If all the requirements are met, I’m sure you will successfully install this Emulator and be ready to play the PS3 Game.

Download the PS3 Android Emulator

Okay, no need to wait a long time, for those of you who want to immediately play PS3 games on your android, first you have to download the Android PS3 Emulator APK file first.

Download Ps3 Emulator Apk

How to Install the Android PS3 Emulator

  1. To install it, you first download the Apk.
  2. Click on the Apk file.
  3. Follow the installation instructions until finished.

How to use the Complete Android PS3 Emulator

  1. The method is very easy, you select the presentation to tab on the PS3 emulator.
  2. Provide PS3 ISO format games
  3. Next, you select CDDVD> Select ISO> ISO Selector
  4. Finally, you choose the PS3 game with the ISO format that you want to play.
  5. Then click Open
If you haven’t succeeded, you can try the next guide below:

How to Play PS3 on Android

Even though there is already a PS4 at the moment, it doesn’t mean the PS3 has been completely abandoned by everyone.

There are still many gamers who faithfully play this game console for several reasons. One of them is there are some PS3 games that cannot be found in other game consoles, aka private only on the PS3.

In addition, the PS3 graphics quality also has not disappointingly agreed even though it can’t beat the PS4.

But did you know that to be able to play PS3 games we don’t have to have the console? Which is a big question, then how? The answer is we can use the device.

Requirements to be able to play PS3 games on Android, one of which is the hardware specifications of the Android device you use must be qualified so that the game can run smoothly.

Besides that, you have to use a charity PS3 emulator application that can be found easily on the Play Store.

One PS3 emulator application for Android that has been proven to have a performance that agrees is PCSX3.

You can download the application directly on the Play Store or outside the Play Store. Here’s the step-by-step tutorial on how to play PS3 games on Android smoothly.

Steps to Play PS3 Games on Android

  • First, please prepare your Android phone or tablet with qualified specifications.
  • After that download the PCSX3 PS3 emulator application and install it on your Android device
  • The next step is to download the PS3 game ISO file.
  • After downloading one of the games, save the game file with the.ISO extension in internal memory
  • Do not save.ISO files in external memory, the reason it is feared will not be able to run smoothly
  • After that open or run the PCSX3 application
  • Tap the Menu button, then select CDDVD
  • After that, select ISO, then tap ISO Selector, then select a the.ISO file that you downloaded earlier
  • Wait a few times until the PS3 game runs on your Android device

Very simple and not complicated right?

Here are the types of game emulators and how to use them for you.

How to play PS3 on a PC or Laptop

There are several types of console devices such as ePSXe for PlayStation 1 emulators, PCSX2 for PlayStation 2, PPSSPP for PSP game emulators, and RPCS 3 emulators for PlayStation 3.

Indeed, these console devices are not cheap, the price varies depending on the type, but if you want to play PlayStation 3 games on a free PC, the method is very easy, you only need to use the RPCS 3 emulator.

How to play PS3 on a PC or Laptop

PlayStation 3 RPCS3 emulator, it is not too well known among gamers, but this emulator continues to develop from year to year.

Makara we can use this emulator without fear of LAG. Open-source emulator based on the public since 2011.

As I said earlier, this emulator continues to increase every year. Now, this RPCS3 emulator can run PlayStation 3 games that have a large size smoothly, without LAG.

How to play PS3 on a PC or Laptop without lag

But to play the Playstation3 game on a PC so that it doesn’t have LAG, the computer / PC that you have must meet the specifications of the screen.

Must have a large HDD capacity, the reason is the Playstation3 game has been confirmed to have a large usage capacity. Besides that, your computer must have at least 10GB of free space.

1. First download the Playstation 3 Emulator For PC
2. Then install it like normal on your PC
3. Wait for the installation process to complete

How to Play the PlayStation 3 Game on Your PC / Computer

If you have installed the PS 3 emulator, please run the PS3 emulator. On your PC Usually for the first time, you open the emulator, ask to download the game BIOS first. Please click yes later automatically directed to the BIOS download link.

If you have the BIOS ready, you can install it on your computer and make sure it is the same as the area where the emulator is installed on your computer / PC or Laptop, do not get it wrong.

After installing the BIOS, please close the PS3 Emulator and open it again. After opening, then you can already play the PS3 game, how to click File then load the Form, look for the game ROM that you downloaded earlier. And run it. Finished. Now that you can play PS3 games on your PC, it’s not easy.

Type of Playstation Emulator and How to Use It

This latest PS3 Android emulator supports Samsung Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Prime, Samsung Galaxy A series, Galaxy J Series, Galaxy S Series, Galaxy Note Series, Xiaomi, Redmi 3, Redmi 4, Redmi 5, Redmi 5A, Xiaomi Redmi Note 123.

Also suitable on Oppo Smartphone, Vivo, Sony Xperia, Xiaomi Redmi, Xiaomi MI, Motorola, Nokia, Mito, Andromax, One Plus, Miuzi, Luna, Xiaomi and other types of smartphones that run the Android operating system.

A. Emulator PSP

Emulator PSP

How to use it to play PSP games on your Android: First you have to have an emulator first to be able to play. Please download directly on the PSP Emulator play store.

After you download, then you can just install the PSP emulator. then choose the game you want to play.

Before playing you must first download the PSP game and don’t forget the game, which is an ISO format because the emulator supports this format.

Emulator PSP 2

If you download it in the form of Rar, just extract the file. If you want to be able to open or extract directly on your smartphone, you need a Zarchiver application to be able to open the file.

Download Emulator PSP

B. PS1 Emulator

PS1 Emulator

First, you have to download it so you can play the Epsxe emulator. If you don’t have the game yet, you can just download it first with the ISO format.

Then you have to download the emulator bios too so that the display of the game can appear on your smartphone and to let the image not be broken.

Then you install the Epsxe emulator and then click run bios and select the bios that you downloaded earlier.

usually, the bios are automatically detected if you save it to your Epsx file. Then you can immediately play.

Download PS1 Emulator

C. PS2 emulator


How to use it to play ps2 games on your android. First, you have to have the emulator first by downloading the emulator. The game is still in the ISO format.

To play on this Android emulator you must have the KitKat version up. How to play it is the same as the other emulators, just run the game that you have downloaded. High spec smartphone that is capable of playing games on this emulator.

Download PS2 Emulator

D. PS3 emulator

PS3 emulator

How to use it to play ps3 games on Android is the same as how to play on the PS2 emulator. This emulator can only be used on high smartphone specs.

Download PS3 Emulator

E. PS4 Emulator


Download PS4 Emulator

How to Play PS3 Games on Android

Playing the PS3 game on live play stations is already a normal thing, but to play the PS3 game on Android is something extraordinary.

This is because the Android cellphone is one of the mobile technologies at this time that we can use in various kinds of things, especially for playing PS3 games.

As in the previous review, to be able to play the PS3 game on Android, we also need a supporter, the PS3 emulator, so the game process will be smoother and slower. Now in this brief review, we want to share about how to play PS3 games on Android with the PS3 emulator.

After we have thoroughly reviewed the way to download and install the PS3 emulator this time we will give an image about how to use the PS3 emulator to play PS3 games on Android so that it is easier and smoother.

Android specs that are used to play ps3 games must also be noticed, and it would be better if your android phone has a high spec up to 3.0.5 higher the reason this version has become a recommendation for the ps3 emulator.

For this reason, for those of you who want to know how to play the PS3 game on an Android phone, please see the full review below.

Download the PS3 Emulator on Android:

 Please download the PS3 emulator

Practical Tricks for Installing the PS3 Emulator on Android:

1. First – all you need to do is first download the PS3 emulator using the link above.

2. Next, please activate and unknown the source in your Android security settings chapter by clicking the settings and please select security and check the unknown source chapter.

3. Next, you are looking for the PS3 emulator that you have downloaded before and please click or open the emulator and please start the installation until it’s finished.

4. In the installation process, you please follow the install signal until it is finished and also successful.
5. Finish and you install the PS3 emulator.

Practical Ways to Play PS3 Games on Android with Current Without Lag:

1. The first step you have to do is download the PS3 ISO format game.
2. Next, please open the PS3 emulator using your Android device.
3. After that, please open the PS3 game through the emulator on your Android device.
4. And please play.

So a bunch of ways to play PS3 games on Android, hopefully, it is useful.

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