11 Best Open World Games on PC for Free (2023)

Open-world games have little in common with adventure games. In adventure games, you will play according to the rules and stages that have been provided, now the difference is that in open-world games you will play freely because you have freedom in an incredibly wide map.

This time we will talk about a selection of the best open-world games that you can play on a PC.

In open-world games, you can do a number of missions in the game to finish the game. But apart from the main mission, you can also do side missions and random missions that you can do as you, please.

Best Open World Games on PC for Free

Of course, this will give you an incredibly exciting playing experience and provide its own challenges, including secret locations and alternative bosses. Open-world games are certainly suitable for those of you who like exploration and freedom.

Welcome to RuangLaptop, and here is a selection of the 11 best open-world games on PC!

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Not only the best in the open world category. but RDR 2 is also considered the best game in the history of the gaming industry.

How could I not, almost all aspects of this game can be said to be perfect, starting from the gameplay, mechanics, graphics, dialogue, storyline, and of course the character development that makes this game a masterpiece.

Even with a wild and brutal wild west setting, the essence of this game lies in the character of the main characters.

You will be Arthur Morgan, one of the senior members of the Dutch Van Der Linde criminal gang who was being hunted by a detective agency in his time (1899).

You will help Dutch, John Marston and other gang members survive and escape from the pursuit of Pinkerton, the detective agency tasked with eliminating all criminal gangs on US soil.

This game is a prequel to RDR 1, where John Marston is the main protagonist, and is forced to work for Pinkerton in order to finish off the remnants of the Van der Linde gang.

This game was developed with RAGE, or Rockstar Advanced Game Engine which is also used in the GTA series.

The mechanics and physics in this 2018 release far surpass even those released in later years.

RDR 2 makes you feel as if you are in a living world. All elements in the world are very interactive and realistic, starting from time, weather, NPCs, animals, plants, buildings, and supporting characters.

If you’re really looking for an open-world game, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the best.

2. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

Who doesn’t know this very legendary Grand Theft Auto? It seems that Rockstar Games has mastered the formula for making perfect open-world games, starting from Bully, GTA San Andreas, Red Dead 1 & 2, and GTA V.

There are several modes that you can play here including single-player, multiplayer, and also GTA V Roleplay.

Like other GTA series, here you will shoot a lot, drive fast, fly, explode bombs, dive, and all the other god-level chaos imaginable.

Interestingly, in GTA V you don’t just control 1 protagonist, but 3 (Michael, Trevor, Franklin), all three of whom have quite a complicated but interesting relationship to tell.

The throne held by GTA V as the king of open-world games is barely shaking before Red Dead Redemption 2 was released and instantly topped the rankings in the open-world segment.

With or without GTA 5 cheats, in this game, you can do whatever you want in the Los Angeles version of Grand Theft Auto.

3. Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2

With the theme of the world of hackers, here you will be Marcus Holloway who is trying to bring down the ctOS which is the city’s security system. You can also see Marcus Holloway doing parkour while exploring the city.

There is a big difference between Watch Dogs 2 and its predecessor, namely the ambiance and overall atmosphere in the game. If in Watch Dogs 1 the vibe that you feel is dark and tense, in Watch Dogs 2 it’s the opposite, the world is full of fun with interesting characters, and the overall theme of the storyline is not only about revenge.

One thing (besides the open world) that is the biggest advantage of Watch Dogs 2 is the characters in the game which are unique and not easily forgotten even though the storyline is over.

If you want to feel the experience of being a hacker who masterminds the biggest cyber-attacks while traveling around the city freely, this game is perfect for you to play!

4. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

You could say this is Hideo Kojima’s farewell gift in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, henceforth Metal Gear Solid will still run but without Hideo Kojima.

In MGS V: Phantom Pain you will still be Snake who just woke up from a coma, and becomes the target of Quiet, a mysterious assassin who keeps chasing him.

5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Yep, no one would have thought that GTA San Andreas was one of the open-world games whose throne could last more than a decade. Now you can play GTA San Andreas on various consoles including smartphones.

Even though it has old-school graphics, GTA San Andreas is still very fun to play, and it looks like it will remain as one of the most popular games in history, for quite a long time.

Ironically, in our opinion, San Andreas is still better than some of the latest open-world games (AC Valhalla, Cyberpunk).

Of course not in terms of graphics, but because of the well-packaged storytelling and gameplay, attention to detail, and it doesn’t seem to be made up carelessly like most new games.

Even if you’ve never played GTA San Andreas, it’s never too late to try!

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6. No Man’s Sky Beyond

No Man's Sky Beyond

This game is very unique because not only can you play in First-Person Shooter mode, but you can play with TPS to survive in a new world.

You will play here in a world full of mysteries and explore very freely. In multiplayer mode, you can play with 32 other players.

7. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

This is the best open-world game of all time which is still being played by many players around the world. In this game, you will do a lot of exploring the underground world including fighting robbers and even fighting dragons.

Not only do you play in an infinite number of worlds, you are given a lot of freedom to choose from when you first started this game.

8. Minecraft


This game offers a fairly simple exploration, with unique but very smooth graphics. You can also do anything here, including gathering various resources, going on adventures, and building everything you want.

You can freely customize maps, including playing with other players’ maps in multiplayer mode.

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9. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

The Witcher III Wild Hunt

The third series of The Witcher franchise is still the best in its class. Tells the story of Gerald who goes on a journey to find his student who has mysteriously disappeared.

This open-world game with the RPG genre is one that we highly recommend for you to play.

10. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

In this game, you will become a police officer who is required to catch a fake priest who leads a sadistic cult. But on the way, you will face his followers and all the citizens who don’t like you to catch the leader.

This game is not suitable for those who are not old enough because it contains a lot of violence!

11. Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV

If you want to play an open-world game with a slightly odd concept, you can try playing Saints Row IV.

Where in this game you will have superpowers and strange and futuristic weapons. This game is highly recommended if you want to play anti-mainstream games

Those are exciting recommendations for the best open-world games that you can play in your spare time.

Going forward, open-world games will continue to develop with various exciting concepts, for example, Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima, which was released at the end of 2019, and the next GTA, which is unknown when it will be released.

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