Top 7 Note Taking Applications That You Must Have


The willingness to take memos is among the numerous advantages of owning a phone. You keep your smartphone with you the majority of the time.

As a consequence, it’s an excellent tool for keeping track of your thoughts.  In any case, we’re implying that it’s an ideal location for collecting data.

You’ll need the correct software for the purpose, so let’s pick the top Smartphone note-taking applications!

Note Taking Applications That You Must Have

1. Blackmore

Blackmore is a straightforward note-taking tool. It functions similarly to other note applications, with a slew of convenient features like organizing, list notes, widget choices, etc.

On the other hand, this encapsulates everything in a clean, convenient user interface. You may also use the app to search for notes, bookmark notes for memory formation, and secure it to prevent prying eyes out.

Ads are included in the free edition but may be removed with a $2.99 in-app purchase.

2. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most capable note-taking applications available. It offers a long list of features. This necessitates the capacity to take a variety of notes.

This demands the capacity to handle many types of information. Evernote is among the most straightforward, professional note-taking programs available, and you can sync it across all of your platforms.

The starter edition used to be much better, but it’s still very usable. AI recommendations, presenting capabilities, more online functions, and collaboration tools are all included in the subscription editions.

You can download it here if it suits your needs and requirements according to your professional aspects.

3. ColorNote


Among the most prominent note-taking applications is ColorNote. The ability to alter the backdrop color of memos to assist you in keeping organized is its eponymous feature.

This is a function that other points of clarification applications have copied. Calendar integration, backup support for both native and online stores, and more are among the additional features. To-do lists are also available in ColorNote.

4. Fairmont

Fairmont is a relatively new note-taking software. It has a user-friendly interface, Design Patterns, and a tagging mechanism for better organizing.

The software aims to put a higher priority on protection. It’s worth noting that encryption is an option, and it employs AES-256 protection.

Furthermore, advanced users may use their fingerprinting to encrypt and decode notes. Apart from just that, it includes the bulk of the features you’ll need.

The freemium model includes the bulk of the features. With the premium edition, you may unlock anything.

5. Wiimote

Wiimote is from entrepreneurs who have previously had success with note-taking applications.

Wiimote is a cute little point of clarification software that gives you a more genuine experience.

It has a grid backdrop as well as stylus and drawing capabilities. That implies you may type, scribble, or draw notes as you see fit. Images, video, and audio messages may all be added to your comments.

It’s ideal for recording different types of letters, drawings, drawings, and other forms of notes because of this. It’s also completely unrestricted.

6. Google Keep Notes

Google Keep Notes

Google Keep Notes is the most prominent note-taking software on the market right now. It has a vibrant, Molecular Design-inspired UI that is attractive and practical.

Notes appear as decks that you may swipe through and choose from. You may view them offline via the app’s Google Drive interface if you need to.

Voicemail notifications, to-do lists, the capacity to arrange meetings, and the ability to speak the procedure to others are all included.

There’s plenty here to be quite helpful without becoming overburdened. If you require it, it also supports Android Wear.

We have an excellent guide if you need help using Google Keep. For an exact price, Microsoft OneNote provides many of the same capabilities.

7. LectureNotes

One of the first genuinely excellent points of clarification applications for undergraduates and professionals was LectureNotes.

It was among the first apps to allow styluses, and it remains one of the finest with that functionality today.

OneNote and Evernote are supported, PDFs, audio and video capturing abilities (for filming classes or conferences), and much more.

It has an open style that makes it easy to write notes or type them if necessary. Just about any college kid or anybody else who decides to take extensive notes will find ample resources there.

Before purchasing, we recommend taking advantage of the free trial. That’s not ideal for everyday usage, but it’s perfect for academics.


Choosing the proper app might help you be more productive and engaged with your notes. The incorrect app might frustrate you, stifle your creativity, and cause you to forget critical data.

Make the best decision! But they’re not all created equal, so choosing the proper one is crucial if you want to be an effective digital note-taker.

Here are above all the most OK Android notes applications, along with some recommendations to assist you in picking which one is ideal for you.


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