30 Best Horror Movies You Should Watch (2019)


Best Horror Movies – Horror films still have a popularity value for the audience, especially young people. Many people like horror films because they are interesting and can adrenaline.

Horror films also usually have a storyline that makes many people curious, either because of the past from horror events experienced by the main character, or other things.

Best Horror Movies

Confused to find out what horror films are suitable to watch? Are you also a fan of horror films?

Well, we have the recommendation of the best horror films of the 2000s that are right for you. What do you want to know? Just go ahead and see the explanation below!

Here Are the Best Horror Movies List, You Can Try

1. THE RING (2002)

THE RING (2002)

The Ring is a Hollywood film released in 2002 and has a pretty good rating. The film tells the story of a journalist who tried to investigate an extremely deadly videotape.

If someone watches the videotape, the next seven days the person will die. This film, which was quite old in 2002, is still widely watched by people.

2. COMING SOON (2008)


Coming soon is one of the most famous Thai films. The film was released in 2008 and became very popular because of its scary and tense story. In addition, this film is also based on a true story.

Coming soon tells of a film operator named Yod who was ordered to check the film that will air the next day. Yod has the intention to persuade Shane. Shane is not interested then leaves Yod.

The next day Shane realized that Yod had disappeared. But who would have thought Yod was included in the film and became the last scene that was very scary.

3. MEAT GRINDER (2009)


This film is a Thai horror film that tells of a woman who sells chicken noodles named Buzz.

Buzz is a very beautiful woman but has a psychological disorder. His job as a chicken noodle trader does not have much influence on his life.

One day there was a demonstration in the area where selling Buzz. Many police officers want to stop creepy clashes. Buzz feels very scared and then hides.

Suddenly there was a corpse that fell face down on his chicken noodle cart. Then Buzz thought of making the corpse as a processed base for selling it.

4. LADDA LAND (2011)


Ladda Land is a horror film from Thailand that tells about a family who moved in a settlement called Ladda Land.

The Ladda Land settlement turned out to be a spooky settlement and there were many acts of terror.

At first, they lived happily in the settlements they had just occupied. However, the situation changed after there were homicides in the region.

The residents feel anxious including this family. Plus every night they always have creepy uninvited guests.

5. PEE MAK (2013)

PEE MAK (2013)

If you want to watch horror movies mixed with comedy, you can watch the Pee Mak movie from Thailand. This film is quite famous and has many fans.

The film Pee Mak is very interesting because it can combine the comedy side in a horror film without losing the scary story in the film.

The film Pee Mak is a legendary story in ancient times. This story begins when Mak had to leave his wife who was pregnant to go to war. On the battlefield, Mak met with 4 friends named Ter, Puak, Shin, and Aye.

After finishing the war, Mak invited his four friends to live in his village. But there were rumors that Mak’s wife had died. The four friends were trying to separate Mak from his wife’s ghost.

But because of this, Mak’s friends actually got a lot of bad luck and a lot of spooky but hilarious events. Finally, Mak remained with his wife’s ghost.

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6. LONG WEEKEND (2013)


This Long Weekend horror film is a Thai film released in 2013. The film tells the story of friendship between Nam and Thongsook.

Thongsook has a charm that can connect him with ghosts. Nam then wondered and their friendship was getting closer. Finally, Thongsook loaned his charm to Nam.

One day Nam and his friends planned to vacation on a very remote island. The island is actually a ghost island. In the past, there were rituals of exorcism but failed.

Nam suddenly invites Thongsook to go on vacation with his friends. Nam’s friends don’t like this and they work on it by locking it in a cell. From here the horrific events began.

7. THE SKIN I LIVE IN (2011)


This Hollywood film is about the story of a plastic surgeon who has the desire to make the skin that is resistant to all forms of damage.

His obsession arose and his wife died. But when the project was almost successful, the terrible memory he wanted to forget suddenly appeared.

What does it look like then? If you are curious, immediately watch this film.

8. THE OTHERS (2001)

Best Horror Film

This Hollywood horror film starred Nicole Kidman who plays a mother who has 2 children. This story begins when he and his two children lived in an old house.

He did not want any sunlight to enter his house so he decided to close his house tightly. Creepy atmosphere occurred when he realized there were other creatures who lived with them.


Best Horror Film

Who doesn’t know the movie conjuring? Yes, this horror movie is really in great demand by horror movie lovers.

The conjuring film released in 2013 tells the story of the events in 1971. Carolyn and Roger Peron recently moved on a creepy farm. They often feel the terrible terror that is happening in their new home.

Carolyn and Roger Peron then decided to ask for paranormal help. The psychic conducts an investigation and decides to do an exorcism ritual.

However, this ritual must get permission from the Catholic church.

10. A QUITE PLACE (2018)

Best Horror Film

Films a quite place including Hollywood films that are very popular and have a high enough rating. This film has the theme of Halloween atmosphere.

The Halloween atmosphere will be even more frightening with the appearance of monster attacks that are very sensitive to sound.

This monster attacks a small family starring John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. They will try to survive the attack.

11. GET OUT (2017)

Best Horror Film

This film will get you carried away in a scary Halloween story. This film tells the story of Chris who visits his girlfriend’s parents, Rose.

Creepy events happened to Chris when visiting his girlfriend’s parents. Then how is Chris going through it? If you are curious, watch this movie right away.

The rating of this film is also quite high. Are you interested?

12. ZOMBIE LAND (2009)

Best Horror Film

The story of zombies does have a special attraction for movie lovers. Many zombie films are successful and have many enthusiasts, one of which is the zombie land film which was released in 2009.

The film also has a fairly high rating. Zombie land is a film that can bring your Halloween atmosphere even more tense.

The film revolves around hundreds of horrible zombies chasing humans. This film is guaranteed to make you even more scared.


Best Horror Film

This film tells the story of a man named Oskar who has an introverted personality and is very quiet. Oskar is often bullied by his friends. One time Oskar felt his interest in a woman.

But something strange and creepy happened to the woman. What about the continuation of their relationship?

14. SPLIT (2017)

Best Horror Film

Have you ever heard the term bipolar in psychological terms? You must think about the life of someone who has that bipolar personality.

Well, for those of you who are interested in the psychological world, this film is highly recommended for you.

This split film is a film that tells the story of someone with a psychological disorder wrapped in a horror film.

Not only has multiple personalities, but the main character played by James Mc Avoy in this film also has a personality of 23. He has good and bad personalities.

His evil personality made him kidnap three children and make them prisoners. Here the terrible acts of terror occur. Interesting right?

15. IT (2017)

Best Horror Film

This film became a phenomenal film. This film is guaranteed to make your hair shudder shivering because the story presented is very tense and creepy.

The film tells the story of Pennywise clown. The clown in this film is not a funny clown but a scary clown and ready to carry out acts of terror in small children. Creepy huh

16. GET OUT (2017)

Best Horror Film

Get out is a film from the United States that won the best title in 2017. The film is a horror-thriller genre directed by Jordan Peele.

The film has a very high rating with 7.7 IMDb versions and 99% Rotten Tomatoes. Get out raised a story about racism wrapped in a very light story.

This film tells the story of Chris Washington who visited the home of his girlfriend’s parents named Rose Armitage. Chris experienced many strange events in the family.

Many of the behavior of parents and sister of Rose is very strange. Add to that the treatment of Rose’s parents who made Chris feel uncomfortable. This became the core of the mystery in the film Get Out.

17. DEVIL’S CANDY (2017)

Best Horror Film

The Devil’s Candy film is a Hollywood horror film played by Ethan Embry as the main actor.

This film tells the story of an artist who accidentally painted a painting that was very scary. This painting then caused acts of terror that occurred to artists and their families.

The story in this film is not about the appearance of a ghost who has a scary face.

However, this film tells more about the fact that humans can have cruel behavior like Satan. This film has a horror story that can make you scared.


Best Horror SERVANT OF SATAN (2017)

Best Horror Movies – We must be proud that it turns out that Indonesian horror films are now increasingly showing their quality and not inferior to Hollywood’s top horror films.

The film by director Joko Anwar is a milestone in the rise of Indonesian horror films. It was produced by Rapi Film India, which collaborated with CJ Entertainment, South Korea. The film already has more than 4 million viewers.

This devil servant film tells the story of a mother who had a strange illness for 3 years. Then finally my mother passed away.

Bapak then decided to go out of town and leave his children. His children then felt that his mother was back at home.

The film is increasingly scary because it turns out that the ghost of the mother came to pick up her children.

19. LIFE (2017)

LIFE (2017)

Best Horror Movies – If you like the genre of sci-fi and horror, Life’s film is the best horror movie recommendation for you.

The film successfully combines the films The Thing, Gravity, and Alien and is packaged into a fantastic film.

This story begins when an international spacecraft found an entity that has a sign of life on the planet Mars.

They then intend to do research on the object. but it turns out that these entities can bring havoc and can threaten life on earth.

The scary story in this film is increasingly becoming when researchers are chased by horrible creatures on the island.



Best Horror Movies – This Indian film has a very terrible story and is based on a true story. This story is experienced by Risa Saraswati herself who is the author of the Danur Dialog Gate.

This film can be said to be a successful film with a total audience of 2.7 million. Risa is an indigo girl who is able to communicate with supernatural beings since she was little.

Risa is a child who feels lonely. Risa’s father works abroad while his mother works as a teacher. Risa herself doesn’t have friends.

When he reached 8 years old Risa wanted to have friends. Then there were no unexpected 3 boys who came in his life.

21. INSIDIOUS (2011)


Best Horror Movies – The insidious film is a very successful horror film and has many interested people. The film was directed by James Wan and was first released in the United States in 2011.

The insidious film tells the story of Josh Lambert and Renai’s family who have just moved into a new home.

One of Josh Lambert and Renai’s children named Dalton has a unique ability, Astral Projection. This ability causes Dalton to be able to remove spirits from his body and then go to another realm called The Further.

Terror then starts attacking this child. This terror is carried out by evil spirits who want to take control of Dalton’s body.

Knowing a strange thing happened to his son, Dalton’s mother then invited a psychic to help drive away evil spirits that attacked his family. The psychic was assisted by 2 assistants.

What’s interesting about this film is that you are not only presented with a scary story but sometimes you can also be made to laugh with the ridiculous behavior of the paranormal assistant.



Best Horror Movies – Insidious: The Last Key is an incidental film chapter 3 that still gets the attention of fans of horror films.

The film was released in Indonesia on January 10, 2018, and was well-received by fans of homeland horror films.

Film Insidious: The Last Key is a film that tells the story of Elise Rainer, a paranormal who also appeared on previous insidious films.

This film is still related to the terror that happened in the past. The film also tells about the unpleasant past experienced by Elise in the 1950s.

Elise is the son of a rude guard. Elise has a strange talent that she has only when she is in the 6th grade. The talent she has is seeing and communicating with the invisible creature.

This gives curiosity from his sister and father. Even his father did not believe in Elise’s abilities, while his mother who believed could understand him.

This scary story began when Elise, who had grown up, got a call from a new homeowner in her childhood home. They wanted Elise to come to her house because there were strange phenomena in the house.

At first, Elise did not want to come to the house, but Elise later relented and decided to come to her childhood home.

23. LIGHTS OUT (2016)


Best Horror Movies – Lights out is a Hollywood film directed by David F Sandberg and producer James Wan in 2016.

Film lights out are one of the best horror films in 2016 and is highly recommended for those of you who like horror films.

This film tells a story that happened in Paul’s office. Paul’s employees were spooked and reported that every time he turned off the lights in the office, he saw a shadow appear.

Paul then checked and it turned out that what the employee said was true. Paul saw a shadow appear and he immediately felt scared. He ran and unexpectedly he was killed by a shadow.

Terrible images continue to carry out acts of terror. One day Paul’s son saw his mother talking to herself in a dark room. He saw a shadow behind his mother. He ran scared and the shadow followed him.

The atmosphere was more tense plus Paul’s wife suffered from severe depression and it turned out that it was caused by Diana who was the ghost.

24. CRIMPSON PEAK (2015)


Best Horror Movies- Crimpson Peak is one of the horror films awaited by fans of horror films. This film is a film by Guillermo Del Toro, the maestro who is very skilled in horror films.

The film was also based on the true story of Gullermo himself. The Crimpson Peak film tells of a daughter named Edith Cushing. Edith Cushing is the daughter of a famous businessman.

One day Edith Cushing met her mother’s spirit. His mother whispered to him to be careful with Crimpson Peak. Edith actually did not understand and wondered what the mother meant.

One time Edith was introduced to Thomas Sharpe who was a nobleman who owned a house named Crimpson Peak. Who would have thought that Crimpson Peak was what the soul of Edith’s mother meant?

Edith then stayed with Thomas and his sister in this house and many terrible things happened.

25. WE ARE STILL HERE (2015)

Best Horror Movies

We are still here is a horror film directed by Ted Geoghegan. This film tells a family that is haunted by scary events.

This film has a setting with the old school style in the era of the 70s which adds a very scary effect in this film.

Best Horror Movies – Anne and Paul’s family decided to move to a new home in New England. This was done by Anne and Paul to get rid of sadness after his son named Bobby died in an accident.

However, during their stay in a new home, Anne always felt Bobby’s presence even though Paul didn’t believe it.

It turned out that strange events were also experienced by people around his house. Anne who became even more uneasy then decided to ask for help from her friend who could drive away evil spirits.

Unexpectedly this would actually add to the strange events that happened even more creepy.

We are still here this is the best family-themed horror film that will make you feel the tension. You will be taken to a creepy plot since the initial scene.

The story in this film continues to be scary until the end of the story. So, do you dare to watch it?

26. CREEP (2015)

Best Horror Movies

Best Horror Movies – Creep is a found footage movie that is very capable of getting attention for horror movie lovers.

Unlike other found footage films that are quite boring, it turns out Creep is a film that is quite liked by horror movie lovers.

This film is packed in a neat and creepy storyline and not cheap even though the cost of making this film is practically cheap. This film is 82 minutes long.

The story of the Creep movie begins with the great desire of Aaron who wants to get $ 1,000 in fees to make a film.

This work is a very mysterious job at a considerable cost, Josef, an advertisement sender who wants his daily activities to be recorded to be shown to his unborn child.

If you haven’t watched this film, surely you are wondering who is the real culprit and who is the victim.

After watching this film you will also be invited to think of different perceptions to determine who is wrong and who is right. You will be surprised by the scary stories in this film.

27. EVIL DEAD (2013)

Best Horror Film Best Horror Movies

Best Horror Movies – Evil dead which was released in 2013 was the best horror film which was the result of a remake of the classic horror film by Sam Raimi in 1981.

This film remake was successful in making horror movie lovers feel satisfied because it was no less interesting than the past horror films. Even this film is packed to be better than the classic film.

The horror film Evil Dead tells the story of a girl who was possessed by a demon and chased in the forest. People tried to arrest him and then tied him to the pole.

The girl’s father tried to help her child by convincing people that her child was fine and not possessed by demons.

One time the girl lost self-control. His father who could not stand it suddenly burned his son and shot his son’s head. The girl finally died miserably because he was killed by his father.

One time there was a group of people who met in a cabin. At first, they aim to help a friend named Mia to overcome heroin addiction. From here the acts of terror begin.

A group of people then smelled a strange smell from the bottom of the floor then they followed it until they reached a hidden room.

There they found rotting animals, firearms, and a book called Naturom Demonto. It turns out this book caused scary stories to occur.


How? Are you interested in watching the films above? What movie will you watch first? Best Horror Movies films above are certainly very stressful and can make the hair on your neck stand.

Especially watching it with friends surely the horror movie you watch will be even more exciting.

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