12 Best GoGoAnime Alternatives [100% Working]

GoGoAnime is considered to be a high-quality online streaming website that specializes in Japanese Anime. This website offers numerous anime in various resolutions and if the browser supports HTML 5 then it works in all those browsers.

12 Best GoGoAnime Alternatives [100% Working]

Many shows are even dubbed in English so that many anime watchers don’t find it difficult to watch the action along with the subtitles below. But GoGoAnime is blocked in various countries where it used to be shown on television.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t watch your favorite anime series online. We hereby recommend 12 best sites like GoGoAnime where you can stream anime as an alternative to GoGoAnime. Those are mentioned respectively below;

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Top 12 Best GogoAnime Alternatives [2020] Watch Anime Online, Watch Anime in English for Free

1. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven Best GOGOAnime Alternatives

It usually takes a long time to access Anime Heaven, but it has a nice red and black color palette. There is a very well organized interface with slides to watch the latest anime series.

On the home screen, you can stay updated on all new versions. The designers chose the details very carefully where the subject can become dark.

2. Anime Freak

Anime Freak is a gogoanime alternatives

Anime Freak has a huge database of HD anime movies and series where viewing is completely free. The collection of movies and series can be found through categories.

The easy use and navigability make the website one of the best GoGoAnime alternatives.

There are millions of users who are looking through Android and iOS devices. Their service is impeccable.

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3. 9Anime

9 Anime is a gogoanime alternaives

The quality and design of this website can be considered as the best of this website. It has the ability to deliver synchronized subclass content with an appropriate color palette, simplicity, and seaworthiness.

You have the wide privilege of searching movies and series generically where no ads are shown.

Users can view the latest episodes and receive notifications for downloaded and broadcast episodes.

4. Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet Best GoGoAnime Alternatives

There is no other Anime-Planet alternative if you are looking for a legal website. It can be considered much more than a streaming site where there are more than 45,000 movies and series with a completely free package.

Registration is optional here, but registered users can create their own anime playlists. Users can connect and share with each other. This is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives for GoGoAnime.

5. Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime Best GoGoAnime Alternatives

KissAnime has a well-known reputation for being a popular stream of online series and movies. It offers a global collection of views.

Users feel compatible with KissAnime and, together with them, they can download various content with good quality and resolution.

The user interface turns out to be very simple and easy. Various genres are available on this site. Surely it can be counted as the best and one of the best GoGoAnime alternatives.

6. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll Best GoGoAnime Alternatives

Crunchyroll is recognized as an American distributor, publisher, and licensing organization that specializes in providing continuous anime series. Contains the largest library yet with legal streaming anime content.

There are a total of 45 million registered users and over 2 million subscribers. The services available are free and there are no ads either.

7. Anime Frenzy

Anime Frenzy has remarkable features. The online chat feature helps users to communicate and share within themselves. Although the site has no advertising, it depends on the donation of its users. It also allows users to stream cartoons along with options to watch Hollywood and hentai movies.

The user can read and download manga for free along with they can also view the content on the main screen through a grid or list.

8. Chia-Anime


Chia-Anime is one of the best anime streaming sites because of its unconditional availability to download and play manga, listen to anime soundtracks, and watch animated dramas.

The service provided is absolutely free where users can enjoy the entire experience on their smartphones. On this site, you can stream cartoons along with access options to all databases. It can be a competitor and a good alternative to GoGoAnime.

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9. AnimeLast


AnimeUltima is the perfect place to stream and watch anime, as well as having friends to share daily actions. Some of the items are here for the chat feature and some for display.

AnimeUltima has a more prosperous community where the user can optimize the chat, watch and share cartoons. The site is best known for the opportunity to give you the option to browse the database by gender, year, and type.

It also provides users with an anime calendar to see the appearance of new shows and the broadcast of new episodes.

10. AnimeShow


AnimeShow has a fairly large database with the latest synchronized and subdivided programs. The user interface is a little tight as it appears on the screens.

The navigation bar is not very functional but usable. What’s unusual is that there is a random cartoon button that can take you to random anime within the site.

Features are the best and best views when you plan on making a GoGoAnime alternative.

11. AnimeLand

The best feature of AnimeLand is that it comes in multiple languages. The user can filter and browse anime series very easily and alphabetically. The quality is of the highest integrity and is better than that of GoGoAnime.

There are various scripts that are performed on this site, which makes the site a little slower. It is undoubtedly one of the best Gogoanime alternatives.

12. Kuroani

Kuroani can undoubtedly be considered the king of all anime sites right after GoGoAnime. The site is easy to use for mobile devices.

When you generally visit the site, you can see an exceptional navigation bar with all the feature options. That is both fun and surprising.

It has a chat function along with the option to choose, search and filter.


We have tried our best to provide the most famous GoGoAnime alternatives where you can watch anime movies online with English subtitles or watch dubbed anime movies and download high-quality anime movies.

Perhaps, this guide can help you more and you can choose to choose the platform that you like and that suits you best.


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