Top 10+ Best Free Linux and Windows VPS Providers [2020]


What’s up Guys! Are you looking for free VPS Providers? If yes, then don’t worry Today we will discuss about the Best Free Linux and Windows VPS Providers.

Best Free Linux and Windows VPS Providers

Free VPS is sought after by beginners who want to try using a VPS server. A free VPS (Virtual Private Server) is usually used by someone who wants to build a website for the first time.

But in the future, VPS is very suitable for use by users who prioritize privacy in managing a website.

There are so many functions that can be obtained with the VPS including web hosting, backup servers, file servers, remote desktop servers, host servers, application hosting, development/test environments, and educational outposts.

So you can say the main function of VPS is to make it easier for you to manage the website that you have.

Currently, there are two types of free VPS for Windows and Linux 2016. Both have different uses.

Windows VPS is used for web servers, mt4 forex servers, and other Windows-based application servers. While Linux VPS is used for VPN, proxy, and web server servers.

Based on several literature studies, here are 13 best free Linux and Windows VPS providers and Windows that you should know and one day you can try, including:

10+ Best Free Windows and Linux VPS Providers [2020]

1. DeskTone – VMware Horizon Air

Free Windows and Linux VPS Providers

VMware Horizon Air includes VPS windows which are currently offering a free trial package for 7 days.

The package is a Windows 2008 VPS server package, with server specifications in the form of CPU Cores 1, 2 GB Memory, 25 GB Disk Space, and Windows Server 2008 OS Types.

2. Cloud HP

Free Windows and Linux VPS Providers

The HP Cloud provides a 60-day trial period for developing your website. The HP Cloud uses a Linux-based OS that you can try for free. You can enjoy 90 days of free Windows Linux VPS.


Best Free Linux and Windows VPS Providers

You can get a VPS for 3 months for free. is equipped with Windows Linux VPS and Linux and Windows type OS.


4. Zettagrid

Best Free Linux and Windows VPS Providers

You can enjoy a free VPS trial for 60 days from Zettagrid. Zettagrid can be used for various purposes on a virtual server.

The features are 2 GB RAM, 2 CPUs, 100 GB size, and 1 TB Bandwidth. Another advantage that you get is that you can cancel the contract before the trial period runs out.


Best Free Linux and Windows VPS Providers

VPSME is a free server provider for 1 year that can be upgraded to VPS premium whenever you want. Another convenience that you can get is that you will get premium assistance after upgrading.

As for free VPS, you can only get it through the forum. VPSME also provides a free storage capacity of 5 Gb and a free RAM capacity of 384 Mb.

6. Atum VPS

Best Free Linux and Windows VPS Providers

Atum VPS provides a free trial period for VPS for 15 days. You are given enough time to do some experiments and VPS tests from

You only need to register and fill out the form provided by Atum very easily. The facilities are available in the form of the free storage capacity of 50 Gb and a RAM capacity of 2 GB.



Elastichosts provides free VPS with a free storage capacity of 20 GB, 2000 core-MHz CPU, 1 GB RAM capacity, 30 GB HDD, and 5 GB SSD.

But the trial period at Elastichosts only lasts 5 days, so make the best use of the opportunity to build your website.

But when the trial period ends, you are not immediately told to pay and your stored data is still safe.

8. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure released a free Azure VPS server with a large enough capacity, which is a free storage capacity of 150 GB, RAM capacity of 1.75 GB.

You can also make more than 4 VPS at the same time, where the validity period of VPS is 1 month free.

Microsoft Azure is very flexible because you can use it for any purpose and this server can also be installed on web applications, virtual machines, and SQL servers.

9. Aws Amazon

Aws Amazon

Free Amazon Web Services (AWS) is designed for your website needs so you can gain experience with AWS Cloud Services. AWS is free to provide free level services that are valid for 12 months after you register for AWS.

The Amazon AWS trial period is free for longer than other free VPS providers, for 12 months (1 year).

During this time, the automatic additional service will remain valid, which includes the free storage capacity of 5 GB, RAM capacity of 613 MB, and Burst RAM of 613 MB.

10. Open hosting

Open hosting

The free trial period provided by Operhosting is only 5 days. This is the same as another premium VPS. When the free period has expired, you will not be charged automatically.

The advantage, you will get a licensed Windows server with a large enough storage capacity, including 4 GB of RAM capacity, free storage capacity of 50 GB SSD, and equipped with a 4 GHz speed CPU.

11. Stratogen


Stratogen is one of the VPS providers from 13 other providers that provide up to 100% uptime guarantee. This free Stratogen VPS registration process is also very fast.

Because in seconds after completing registration, you can use the free VPS server forever (without any restrictions). Another plus is unlimited storage space.

12. Aruba Cloud

Aruba Cloud

Aruba Cloud has a VPS trial period of 60 days. Within that time, you were given the opportunity to explore and test Aruba Cloud products and services for free which are equipped with quality VMware technology.

13. RSA Web


RSA Web provides a VPS trial period for you for 7 days, and there is no obligation to pay after the free contract runs out.

The services provided are in the form of 2GB RAM, 1vCPU, 50GB Storage, 1GB of Traffic, and Windows or Linux OS for free.

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Thus 13 Free Linux VPS providers and Windows have successfully built websites for a number of users. The thirteen are free Indonesian VPS that you can try by registering one by one.

If you are lucky, the VPS will really help you, including beginners who want to learn to use VPS, set up VPS and install VPS applications.

Don’t be afraid to try things for free, because there will be a lot of services that you can get and not be charge with anything. Good luck!



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