10 Best Free Lightest Android Emulator (2021)


The Lightest Android Emulator is definitely a choice by some people, especially for those of you who really like the games from Android.

Because by using the android emulator, we can install special android applications on a PC or laptop such as games or other applications.

This is of course by using some of the lightest Android emulators that are available for now, some Android emulators also offer a number of interesting features that we can use.

By using the Android emulator we can also be more comfortable and convenient because the screen is wider and more clearly defined.

Android emulator is the main choice for some people who are not satisfied with the android phone screen size.

So all of you can operate on a PC or laptop, but you also need to know some of the lightest Android emulators so you don’t eat too many files.

So that all of you can fill with some software that you need like some of the best video cutting software if you often make videos.

Because we can also make videos not only with DSLR cameras, for now, many smartphones are capable of producing videos with resolutions that are almost the same as DSLR cameras.

Are you looking for the lightest android emulator? well, here we will discuss this topic.

Such things are very reasonable indeed, considering that for now, the development of technology is progressing.

For example, just for an Android smartphone that comes with a number of advantages, because of that there are so many Android applications that we can download like game applications and more.

With so many android applications popping up, making users more spoiled with several applications.

Even cooler for now there are several online games that can play together and certainly can communicate to accomplish a mission.

Top 22 and Best Lightest Android Emulator for PC

Therefore there is the lightest Android emulator that we can use on a PC to run several Android applications that cannot be used on a PC or laptop.

Because on the PC or laptop, what advantages are there when compared to a smartphone? Then for the memory is also very large, can be filled with a lot of software and even you can also fill out the karaoke application for PC.

The application will be very well suited for those of you who love and love singing. Now to find out more fully, you can see just the lightest Android emulator that we have prepared below.

Lightest and Best Free Android Emulator

The Lightest and Best Free Android Emulator

1. MEmu

The lightest Android emulator is MEmu, in this one software, it is proven that its ability is very optimal.

Therefore there are so many users who use MEmu more, besides having a very optimal performance MEmu is also very light.

Besides that, it also supports the most recent OS, for now, to install MEmu software does not eat large RAM, suitable for PCs with AMD and Nvidia chipsets and support for playing Android games.


2. Leapdroid

Leapdroid android emulator

The next Android emulator software is Leapdroid, in this one emulator indeed many have used it.

Because the Leapdroid android emulator has very optimal performance, it’s just that Leapdroid only supports the OS to KitKat android only.

By using this Android emulator, you can play some of the crowded Android games and many users like COC and many more.


3. GenyMotion


As we have already said to all of you, for now, there are a lot of the lightest Android emulator software you can try, namely GenyMotion.

On this one Android emulator is also very well suited for Android developers who want to try the application that is played with several devices at the same time.

The advantages of this one Android emulator have been supporting with the latest Android OS, there are periodic updates.


4. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is the lightest Android emulator that you can use to play Android games on your PC all of them.

In this software, it has very optimal performance, so it will be perfect for all of you who want to play Android games with a large screen.

In the android emulator Remix, OS Player has the advantage of mapping that is suitable for, mouse and keyboard, it’s just the base of Android OS marshmallow.


5. Droid4X


Surely all Android emulators are the lightest there will be advantages and disadvantages, as well as with this one Android emulator.

Where Droid4X has advantages that will certainly be very smooth and light, besides that it also supports Windows and MAC systems.

As for the shortcomings in this one software, there are still quite a lot of bugs, but overall it’s okay.

Of course, it would be very suitable for those of you who just want to play games on the PC.


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6. Andy

Andy lightest android emulator

The lightest Android emulator, the next is Andy, on this one Android emulator it is very good indeed.

Besides having a very optimal performance, you can also download this software for free.

Moreover, the Android emulator has quite a lot of advantages such as supporting the operating system windows and MAC, has a UI like an Android smartphone and the last feature is very complete.


7. NOX


Besides being the lightest Android emulator, NOX is also the best Android emulator. The article for this one software has been supported with several sticky features and has very optimal performance.

Even more amazing, by using NOX we can play android games on a PC using a joystick and also a mouse or keyboard.

In addition, it also still has several other advantages such as going smoothly to play games, support Windows systems and Macs.


8. Windroye


Windroye is the lightest Android emulator that can be said to have been around for a long time to make it easier for us to play Android games on a PC.

Although it can already be said to be an old school, there are still many people who use this software.

Because on Windroye it will be very well suited for PCs whose specifications are very low, so many people use this one emulator more.


9. KoPlayer


KoPlayer is the lightest Android emulator, and as a new Android emulator, it is really okay.

Because it has very optimal performance, besides that it can also run quite a lot of the latest Android games.

In addition, there are also many advantages that exist in this Android emulator, which will be very suitable for gamers.

Besides that it also supports Intel and AMD processors, the settings are very easy.


10. Bluestacks

Bluestacks android emulator

For the lightest android emulator, the last one is Bluestacks, on the Android emulator, this one is the main choice for most people.

Because Bluestacks is able to install on a PC with 2GB of RAM, so many people use it. In addition, the Android emulator also has very fast, smooth and stable performance.

In fact, there are quite a lot of advantages and features with the support of Android OS nogat, the user interface is okay.



The lightest Android emulator is an alternative for gamers to play Android games on a PC. Because by using the Android emulator, we can play some Android games with a wider screen.

Even some of the lightest Android emulators have very optimal performance, besides that, they don’t take up a lot of RAM.

So that on the PC we can install some software such as mathematical applications that can be installed not only on PCs but also on Android and iOS.

That is what we can say, hopefully, the lightest Android emulator reviews like the above can be useful for all of you.


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