10 Best Free ePub Reader for Windows [2020]

Today we bring you a theme with the 10  best free ePub reader for Windows 10/8/7.

Electronic publishing (abbreviated as EPUB) is a popular format for accessing, reading, and editing electronic books.

And although there are dedicated tablets developed to read books in ePub format.

Best Free ePub Reader for Windows

What is Epub?

Epub is one of the standard publications on the internet. Epub is an abbreviation of electronic publication. E-pub extension is usually used for free electrical/e-book publications.

The epub standard was first introduced by IDPF, the International Digital Publishing Forum. An international digital publication forum.

What is an ePub Reader?

ePUB Reader for Windows is an amazing program that allows you to search for electronic publications and allows you to view them.

Although this software is quite simple and the concept is very basic, it is an effective tool for reading comics, digital books, electronic books (e-books), and various documents.

How to open ePub files?

ePUB Reader for Windows includes the option to convert your ePUB books or documents to PDF, giving the possibility for greater flexibility.

Once you open a document in ePUB Reader, you will see the contents appear on the right while the table of contents will appear on the left side of the interface.

This allows you to search for specific chapters or sections that you might want to see first. You can even zoom in on your display using the 400% program magnification facility.

ePUB Reader for Windows also has a fast document loading time and you will not experience slowness when sliding down or up between pages.

ePUB Reader for Windows is quite easy to use. There’s not much you have to do except to download and install it.

After the program is installed, what you need to do is right-click on the document you want to view and open it in ePUB Reader. Previously we share the Best eBook Torrent Sites

Here are the 10 Best Free ePub Readers for Windows

This article is intended to serve as a guide for owners of Windows devices looking to read ePub-formatted books,  manga, comics, or similar documents on their tablets, PCs, or laptops.

Since there is no shortage of ePub reader for Windows, each one different from the rest in some way, we’ve listed the top 10 ePub readers that you can download for your device and enjoy reading your favorite books digitally.

1. Caliber

Caliber, an ePub reader that has stood the test of time and has become one of the best eBook reading solutions available today, is a feature-packed app that allows you to not only read ePubs but also create them.

It enables you to download ePubs with commendable ease, manage metadata, transfer books between devices, and convert reading materials from one format to another.

Caliber is best free epub reader for windows

It comes bundled with a  ‘news’ feature that fetches news and information from various websites and presents it in book form.

It’s not limited to just ePubs, as Caliber allows users to read comics, magazines, manga, and more!

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