30+ Best Chinese Anime Recommendations [2021]


Best Chinese Anime Recommendations

Best Chinese Anime Recommendations – Although always synonymous with Japan, anime is now gradually being produced by other countries. The one that looks the most intense is China.

In addition to the tourist destinations and the row of box offices they have, slowly but surely they have begun producing films or animated series.

Noted there are several Chinese anime titles that have been thrown into the market. Not inferior to Japanese anime, Chinese anime also presents a good concept, theme, plot, and premise into their anime production.

Although there are not as many as Japanese anime, Chinese anime is able to prove that they also have quality.

Cultural differences are certainly one of the distinguishing factors of Japanese anime and Chinese anime. For those of you who are looking for recommendations on the best Chinese anime.

You are in the right place because we will present several Chinese anime titles that are worth watching. Without much ado, let’s refer to the review!

30+ Best Chinese Anime That You Should Check Out

1. Anime China “Zhang Da Wei Ba De Tu Zi”

Anime China “Zhang Da Wei Ba De Tu Zi”

In the first place, you’ll find the best Chinese anime that carries a simple premise in it. Yes, Zhang Da Wei Ba De Tu Zi is an animated children’s story, friend. It’s perfect for young children to watch and certainly anyone because of its safe content.

Zhang Da Wei Ba De Tu Zi tells the story of a rabbit who feels insecure about his appearance. This is because he is often ridiculed by other forest-dwelling creatures. So what will the rabbit do next?

For those of you who are lazy to watch anime with the format of the series, Zhang Da Wei Ba De Tu Zi who comes with this movie format is appropriate for you to see.

Number of episodes: 1 (Movie)

Our score is 6.2 / 10

2. Anime China “Xiao Yeyou”

Anime China “Xiao Yeyou”

One of the best Chinese anime that is synonymous with children but this time uses a deeper story theme coming from Xiao Yeyou who has a distinctive animated character.

At the heart of Chinese culture, Xiao Yeyou tells of a Chinese mythological creature named Yeyou who looks like a child figure and wanders around at night. Then the story will take you to see the footsteps of one of the little Yeyou who is often ridiculed.

Still the same as the previous title, Xiao Yeyou is not an anime or TV series or series that certainly doesn’t take long to watch.

Number of episodes: 1 (Movie)

Our score is 6.3 / 10

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3. Anime China “Storm Rider: Clash of the Evils”

Chinese Anime “Storm Rider: Clash of the Evils”

Not only Japanese anime, but Chinese anime also presents anime with the superpower, buddy. Combined with Chinese history, Storm Rider: Clash of the Evils gives you a new experience watching superpower anime. Following the review.

Storm Rider: Clash of the Evils tells the story of a fictional city called Sword-Wordshiping Manor which was slaughtered to death because of accusations of rebellion against the government. It was Ngou Kuet, the young master from the palace who was the only survivor. With strong anger, he was determined to take revenge.

With the concept of a fairly heavy story style anime Isekai, my friend can see Storm Rider: Clash of the Evils who have visuals not much different from Japanese anime.

Number of episodes: 1 (Movie)

Our score: 6.4 / 10

4. Anime China “Jiaoao de Jiangjun”

Chineses Anime“Jiaoao de Jiangjun”

With the historical theme of China in the past, Jiaoao de Jiangjun, which has been broadcast for a very long time, presents you what the Chinese government was like in the past. For friends who need
educational shows, Jiaoao de Jiangjun can be your choice.

Tells about the era of China in which a general proclaims the victory of China and its allies because of being overly arrogant, the general who is now living wildly and casually after victory does not know that the danger of his people will soon arrive.

Number of episodes: 1 (Movie)

Our score: 6.4 / 10

5. Anime China “Shanshui Qing”

Chinese Anime Shanshui-Qing

In the next sequence, my friend can find the best Chinese anime that is also thick with Chinese culture through Shanshui Qing who uses the concept of watercolor in his visuals. Unique impression, following a brief review.

Broadly speaking, Shanshui Qing, which aired in 1988, tells the story of a young girl who voluntarily cared for an old scholar in exchange for valuable lessons the old scholar would give.

Even though it seems normal, you can see how beautiful the watercolor concept is applied to anime production, buddy. Please take your time to watch it.

Number of episodes: 1 (Movie)

Our score: 6.5 / 10

6. Anime China “Mang Huang Ji”

Chinese Anime Mang-Huang-Ji

Mang Huang Ji has cool visuals that make my friend feel like they are in the story. For you lovers of fantasy anime, then Mang Huang Ji, who has a powerful magical concept, deserves your inclusion in the list, friend.

Mang Huang Ji tells the story of the main character named Ji Ning who during his life was always weak because of the illness. When he died, he woke up and now he was present in a new world that seemed to always give him luck that was inversely proportional to his previous life.

Number of episodes: 19

Our score is 6.6 / 10

7. Anime China “Zentrix”


Using the sci-fi theme, make sure you watch Zentrix that is not inferior to Japanese anime with similar themes. Zentrix is ​​another reference for those of you who have watched Japanese sci-fi anime quite often.

Zentrix tells about a fictitious city called Zentrix where in this city technology is very sophisticated. Is a scientist named Emperor Jarad who is the brain behind the sophistication of this Zentrik.

Jarad realized that the technology he created would become the ruler above him. So what did he do to prevent that from happening? With a line of super-sophisticated robots, Zentrix is ​​one of the best Chinese anime worth watching.

Number of episodes: 26

Our score is 6.7 / 10

8. Anime China “Stitch & Ai”


For those of you who are familiar with western animations, Lilo & Stich, then don’t forget to watch the Chinese version, buddy. With the whole setting in China, Stitch & Ai is another version of Stitch & Ai that is present like a sequel.

Stitch & Ai tells about Stitch who was kidnapped to be used in an experiment. Successfully escaped, he is now lost in China. Fortunately, he met a girl named Jiejie who was having problems with her family.

From this meeting, the two of them helped one another. Stitch & Ai is an alternative production from Lilo & Stitch with an Asian approach, friend.

Number of episodes: 13

Our score: 6.8 / 10

9. Anime China “The Legend of Qin”


Another number from the best Chinese anime that presents a historical Chinese theme comes from The Legend of Qin, which uses the Qin Dynasty setting in storytelling.

The Legend of Qin tells about the era of China where at that time the Qin Empire was in power. This power struggle is somewhat cruel, friend.

Then the story will bring you to get acquainted with Tianming, the boy who is being chased by Emperor Qin because of the knowledge he has. Together with his friends, Tianming will change China’s history.

Number of episodes: 10

Our score: 6.9 / 10

10. Anime China “Tu Xia Chuanqi”


Who doesn’t know Kung Fu? You can find defensive techniques from the bamboo curtain country through one of the best Chinese anime entitled Tu Xia Chuanqi. At first, glance, watching Tu Xia Chuanqi will remind you of Kung Fu Panda, buddy.

Tu Xia Chuanqi tells of Fu, a stupid rabbit who inherited strength and the Kung Fu technique of Shifu, a martial artist after helping him. The story will tell the story of Fu and the friends he met on the journey and the conflicts Fu will encounter.

Number of episodes: 1

Our score: 7/10

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11. Anime China “Yu Bang Xiang Zheng”


With a bit of a historical theme, Yu Bang Xiang Zheng presents an anime which tells the story of two fishermen who are fishing for fish. With a relatively rare theme, it might take a long time for my friend to like Yu Bang Xiang Zheng.

Yu Bang Xiang Zheng tells the story of fishermen and fishermen who are both at sea to hunt fish. With different fishing lures, you will see how the technique of catching fish through this anime is certainly in accordance with Chinese history.

Number of episodes: 1 (Movie)

Our score: 7/10

12. Anime China “Zinba”


Presenting the ranks of monsters in it, Zinba presents an exciting story of adventure like in a fantasy land that you deserve to see, friend. Especially if you shounen and like the concept of a story like that.

Zinba tells of KAN, a child from the land deported to a kingdom called Toria, where he was attacked by a giant monster named Zinba. Fortunately, he was rescued by Shibuki and Uranus.

Then the story will bring a friend to see KAN who accidentally found Zinba hiding in a cave. What is the next story? You see it yourself, friend.

Number of episodes: 52

Our score: 7.2 / 10

13. Anime China “Duan Nao”


With contemporary visuals, Duan Nao appears fresh as one of the best Chinese anime that my friends miss. Not inferior to typical Japanese anime, Duan Nao displays an interesting array of characters.

Duan Nao tells about the earth that is currently hit by serial killings where you will be invited to find out the secrets in it such as a vicious conspiracy, betrayal between humans, until the war between galaxies.

Full of tense scenes combined with the sci fi theme it carries, Duan Nao is the right choice for you who need Chinese anime in the same class as Japanese anime.

Number of episodes: 16

Our score: 7.3 / 10

14. Anime China “Heibai Wushang”


Using the devil’s premise and daily life, Heibai Wushang is one of the best Chinese anime that you can try to watch next. With a fairly marketable theme, it’s easy for you to enjoy this 2016 anime, buddy.

Broadly speaking, Heibai Wushang tells the story of two young demons who are always lazing around in their second workplace. The second workplace is an organization that aims to balance life between humans and demons.

You’ve probably watched anime a lot with this kind of concept. Therefore, it would be a good idea to include Heibai Wushang on my friend’s watch list.

Number of episodes: 12

Our score: 7.4 / 10

15. Anime China “The King of Fighters: Destiny”


This one has a unique visual, friend, with a character design that looks like a character in an RPG game , you can watch one of the best Chinese anime with anti-mainstream visualization through The King of Fighters: Destiny.

The King of Fighters: Destiny tells the story of a world-famous tournament called KOF that has just begun. Then the story will bring you to get acquainted with one of the participants of the tournament named Kyo.

Number of episodes: 24

Our score: 7.5 / 10

16. Anime China “Wu Geng Ji”


Still the same as the previous title, Wu Geng Ji also presents unique visuals in the style of characters in RPG games. Watch Wu Geng Ji like watching a game, buddy. If you are a game enthusiast, we can be sure that you can easily like Wu Geng Ji

By setting in the Shang Dynasty, Wu Geng Ji tells the story of the great battle between heaven and earth where this battle began with opposition to the cunning leadership of the Shang Dynasty.

You will find many kissing scenes through Wu Geng Ji, you know. Make sure you put one of the best Chinese anime on the list, okay?

Number of episodes: 30

Our score: 7.6 / 10

17. Anime China “Dragon Nest: Warriors’ Dawn”


Present like a fairy tale story, my friend can watch one of the best Chinese anime with a fantasy theme through Dragon Nest: Warriors’ Dawn.

The Chinese anime released in 2014 tells the story of the lives of humans, elves, and evil beasts loyal to the Black Dragon. Then the story will take you to meet a group of humans and fairies who find out about this Black Dragon.

With many elements typical of thick fantasy anime, for my friends who really like this kind of anime, Dragon Nest: Warriors’ Dawn is the right choice for you to add to your list.

Number of episodes: 1 (Movie)

Our score: 7.7 / 10

18. Anime China “Monkey King: Hero Is Back”


Still the same as Dragon Nest: Warrior’s Dawn, through one of the best Chinese anime titled Monkey King: Hero Is Back, my friend will be presented with fantasy anime filled with magical things.

Monkey King: Hero Is Back tells the story of the Monkey King who must be jailed for hundreds of years because it has angered the Gods. 500 years later, a child hiding in the mountains found the Monkey King and opened the seal.

The Monkey King who is now free is ready to help the child and the surrounding population from the threat of evil monsters. Monkey King: Hero Is Back is a very interesting fantasy spectacle for all of you see.

Number of episodes: 1 (Movie)

Our score: 7.8 / 10

19. Anime China “Yaoguai Mingdan”


If most of the best Chinese anime titles above present a fantasy story set in another world, then through Yaoguai Mingdan you will be presented with a more down to earth story and closely related to the slice of life.

Yaoguai Mingdan tells about Feng Xi’s adventure to protect the world from the threat of strange misty tree demons that must be near those who are actually beautiful girls is a blessing.

With the ecchi theme, it is certain that my friend will find many fanservice through Yaoguai Mingdan. Look carefully at the content before watching this anime.

Number of episodes: 18

Our score: 8/10

20. Anime China “School Shock”


Despite using the school’s appendage in the title, in fact, School Shock actually shows scenes that almost revolve around the premise of weapons and battlefields. What’s the synopsis like?

School Shock tells the story of a fantasy world where the use of weapons is common and often contested in that world. Then you will be invited to get to know the newest and most recent weapon called Vanguards.

It was Liu Li, a veteran warfighter who was about to retire by completing his final mission using these Vanguards.

Number of episodes: 6

Our score: 8.2 / 10

21. Anime China “Guomin Laogong Dai Huijia”

Chinese Anime Guomin-Laogong-Dai-Huijia

It’s quite difficult to find a Chinese anime that has a romance genre. But don’t worry, because we have one of the best Chinese anime titles in the genre of romance that is certainly worthy of you guys to watch.

This time came from Guomin Laogong Dai Huijia who told about married life that was not based on love at all. You will be invited to get acquainted with the two main characters named Lu Jin Nian and Qiao An Hao.

The relationship between the two is somewhat strange like a bond of marriage which is done by force. For those of you who like anime romance with themes that tend to be mature like this, then Guomin Laogong Dai Huijia is suitable for you to make a reference.

Number of episodes: 12

Our score: 8.4 / 10

22. Anime China “Rakshasa Street”

Chinese Anime Rakshasa-Street

Using the supernatural concept, make sure you don’t miss Rakshasa Street, which presents stories between spirits and humans. With shounen’s market share, we can be sure that many of you will love this Chinese anime.

Rakshasa Street tells the story of a life where spirits and humans co-exist. However, to be able to enter the area inhabited by spirits, you cannot be careless, friend.

Then the story will bring you to get acquainted with Xia Ling, an ordinary student who has the opportunity to enter the area of ​​the spirits called Requiem Street. With the majority of evil spirits inhabiting Requiem Street, how did Xia Ling survive?

Number of episodes: 24

Our score: 8.5 / 10

23. Anime China “Big Fish & Begonia”

Chinese Anime Big-Fish-Begonia

For those of you who like the typical Japanese anime produced by Ghibli, please take your time to watch Big Fish & Begonia who are present like the anime produced by Ghibli, friend. With great visualization, get the experience of watching a magnificent concept of anime through Big Fish & Begonia.

Big Fish & Begonia tells about supernatural beings capable of controlling the waves and changing seasons. One of these passages later coveted human life. It then transforms into a dolphin.

He realized that he was in danger now. Fortunately, a boy managed to help him. Then the story continues by displaying the creature and the boy.

Number of episodes: 1 (Movie)

Our score: 8.6 / 10

24. Anime China “Huyao Xiao Hongniang”

Chinese Anime Huyao-Xiao-Hongniang

With the theme of romance, prepare yourself to see Huyao Xiao Hongniang who is thick with elements of romance and fantasy.

By not playing in the world at large, Huyao Xiao Hongniang tells the story of a life where humans and spirits can coexist and love each other. Spirit life expectancy is somewhat higher than humans.

Full of romance stories to reclaim lost memories and regain love, Huyao Xiao Hongniang is well worth watching.

Number of episodes: 24

Our score: 8.7 / 10

25. Anime China “Mo Dao Zu Shi”

Chinese Anime Mo-Dao-Zu-Shi

Mo Dao Zu Shi is one of the best Chinese anime that has often been discussed in various forums including a special forum for anime fans. With stunning visuals and of course contemporary, Mo Dao Zu Shi is worth watching.

Broadly speaking, Mo Dao Zu Shi tells about the complexity of supernatural life. Friend will be invited to get acquainted with the figure of Wei WuXian, the grandmaster who founded the Sect of Devils who must be killed and his spirit penetrated the body of a madman.

With so many unique themes, it is no wonder that Mo Dao Zu Shi has become the talk of many. Make some friends to watch Mo Dao Zu Shi, yes.

Number of episodes: 15

Our score: 8.9 / 10

26. Anime China “Aishen Qiaokeli-ing…”

Chinese Anime Aishen-Qiaokeli-ing...

Let’s leave for a moment the ranks of the best Chinese anime that use the premise of supernatural life because through Aishen Qiaokeli-ing …, you will be presented with a more normal and lighter story, friend.

Aishen Qiaokeli-ing… tells of Jiang Hao Yi, a normal and normal high school student who never expected to be King of Harem. She was later criticized by the girls at her school and even expressed her affection.

Looking at the synopsis above, we can be sure that this anime is full of harem themes, a sub-genre commonly used in Japanese anime production. For you who like a harem, please watch Aishen Qiaokeli-ing …

Number of episodes: 15

Our score: 9/10

27. Anime China “Spiritpact”

Chinese Anime Spiritpact

Quite often discussed on anime fan forums, Spiritpact is one of the best Chinese anime that is well known to the public.

Tells about You Keika, an heir who falls into poverty after the death of his parents. Then he meets Tanmoku Ri, an exorcist. Unfortunately, you had to die because he was hit by a car after the meeting.

After You died, Tanmoku Ri then appeared and offered him cooperation to fight the Evil Spirits together. Begins the story of his second journey.

Number of episodes: 10

Our score: 9.2 / 10

28. Anime China “Spiritpact: Bond of The Underworld”

Chinese Anime Spiritpact-Bond-of-The-Underworld

Spiritpact: Bond of the Underworld is a follow-up season to Spiritpact, one of the best Chinese anime whose names have been talked about quite often.

In this second season, Spiritpact: Bond of the Underworld tells about the continuation of the Tanmoku Ri and You adventure, which they now face a dilemma: are they really exorcists or mere ghostly spirits?

With a more complex story, Spiritpact: Bond of the Underworld presents you with a strong conflict of friendship between two exorcists who are looking for their true identity.

Number of episodes: 12

Our score: 9.3 / 10

29. Anime China “Quanzhi Fashi”

Chinese Anime Quanzhi-Fashi

Heading to the top, you can watch one of the best Chinese anime that makes the concept and execution of a magnificent story. It’s incomplete to talk about the best Chinese anime if you don’t put Quanzhi Fashi in it.

Quanzhi Fashi tells about the world where the left schools teach magic to her students. Meanwhile, outside there are many mystical animals that prey on humans. Can humanity eradicate the animals with the magic power they have?

Number of episodes: 12

Our score: 9.4 / 10

30. Anime China “Quan Zhi Gao Shou”

Chinese Anime Quan-Zhi-Gao-Shou-300x169

At the top, there is Quan Zhi Gao Shou who once brought the theme of RPG games as a Chinese anime that seems to be the best Chinese anime.

Quan Zhi Gao Shou tells the story of Glori, a master who must fall and release his master’s degree. Now he works at an internet cafe and is once again given the opportunity to play games from scratch again.

With a game concept that feels right to be juxtaposed with Japanese anime such as Sword Art Online, Quan Zhi Gao Shou who has a good story execution is definitely worthy of your friends to watch.

Number of episodes: 12

Our score: 9.6 / 10


That was my 30+ short review friend. The best Chinese Anime recommendations we have presented to you guys who are looking for new references from anime production. We summarize the titles above based on the concept of the story that we deem appropriate for you to watch.

Chinese anime is no less interesting than Japanese anime. For friends who are looking for alternative shows, please enter the titles above in your list. If you find this article useful, don’t forget to share with your closest friends, yes!


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